Sunday, October 23, 2011

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I haven’t posted here for the longest time, a while ago, while waiting for my name to get called for a check up, I was typing something, but then again, it was too soon.

July 3 was my last post and from what my record shows, July 10 was an unfinished blog entry where I was about to post the 1 year anniversary celebration of the book launch for Migs, E and Mcvie (rhyme!)

Anyway, this post will be a very long one, my apologies, but I just want everything to be here when I go back to reminisce when I’m old. So please bear with me, my long post and grammatical lapses(even if I know you’ve been bearing my long posts… hehehe).

Let me start where I left off; July. Other than the mentioned above, July was also the month where I was stressed out with our new teacher (yes, I won’t EVER call him professor) in my Graduate School where he was a total…. I don’t even want to put *THAT* term here. I decided to drop his subject and one day, when I woke up, decided to stop my school and look for another one; another Graduate School that’s not that *toot* as my current one.

I was able to celebrate my friend's despedida by watching with him a concert Dos Bravissimos concert by UST Singers and APZ Tone Tomsic or rather we call the University who we can't name! Haha!!

Reeka, Me and Rick

One of the foreign singers. BENTA si KUYA!

The only highlight that happened during the month of August was my allergy kicked in again, in which case any medicine or strong antibiotics (the 500 per box 3pcs kind) won't do. I was then scheduled for hospitalization around 3rd week and what  I love about my doctor was he also listens to the patients. Everybody was worried why I need to be admitted but for me; it was the perfect way to have a vacation. Thanks to our hometown hospital with WIFI, I wasn't bored. IT was the perfect vacation, that didn't end well; my netbook then got busted. When I got back to work, it was again my first day last day. Thursday night, I checked my mails and smiled widely with what I saw...

A fine dandy e-mail to kill burnout.

September was one heaven and hell month for me. Heaven because I was able to do training again for the 5th batch or aka Wave 5 for our department. This time, 3 girls and a guy. Oh the hell part. I haven’t blogged/posted anything about the scam that our condo building was doing with us. This time, for 3 months and more, there were NO electricity and water. Electricity was only provided at night, and you have to pay 50php for the generator, plus, it only provides around 4-6 hours of electricity and that goes for the water too, it was only available also at night. Husband was a bit lucky since he’s able to experience electricity at home, while I don’t get the chance to. People were wondering where I stayed, lucky for me, my company has shower area that’s available for use. I was wondering if the manong guards are suspicious why I’m ALMOST 24/7 at the office and seen only with changed clothes. One of the advantages of “living” in the office was I don’t get late, my savings were big since I don’t have to go ANYWHERE, and I have more time to rest and prepare since being a trainer, you have to at least come before your shift an hour earlier to prepare. Then every other day, I went home to change and bring clothes. I was actually teasing my colleagues whenever they ask me where am I going and where I came from; I’ll point to our sleeping quarters and tell them “My room.”

One of the good things about September was the photoshoot for Love Yourself Project. Husband actually don’t want to go as it was beyond our budget, but I asked him as a favor for my birthday that I want to. I also would like to thank Ian since I was just actually asking fro 2 couple shots, but they still managed to do separate shots and extra couple shots! I was literally screaming like a girl when I saw the pictures. This was to give way for our title “Husband and Houseband” caption. I also was happy since they were professional enough to follow the deadline they set.

Winner sa Caption!

Another was the 20th anniversary of our Church MCCPH-Makati that was held in Grand Opera Hotel near Doroteo Jose LRT Station. I was surprised to see lots of celebrities and important people in the LGBT industry (too bad I wasn’t one of the officers as I could’ve asked an invitation for the bloggers) . I also was looking forward for boy Abunda to be there but he wasn’t.I heard that the invitation came to him late.

The gorgeous couple Sam and Krissy with another errr.. couple Koie and Me!

Another celebration that happened was our 2nd year Anniversary from our work at Canada-Fraud. I can't believe time went by just like yesterday and it was already two years that went by. Some already left, some stayed, some joined, but whatever happens... We will always be the team that everybody longs for! Haha!


I can’t believe this will be my birth month and I’ll hate this month. I thought that September was the worst, but I was wrong. The first 2 weeeks was hell. I was just out of my mind. First there were the overbreaks, then there were sick leaves, and no more bonus for the month and “failed” stats for September.

Moving on, I’d rather be smiling with the happy moments during this month. My nephew’s christening from my playboy brother; Maverick Allan. The trip going to Sto Domingo Church, QC wasn’t pleasant either as I had a petty fight with my mom. In the end, it went well with the Buffet at the Reception and trip to Trinoma with my cousin.
Maverick Allan
Sorry for the blurry pic...

Then, for the past few days, MCC and TLF were giving seminars and I was able to attend some of those since TLF’s topic was about Sexuality and Spirituality, then a week after for MCC, where they have their Elders from the US came here and gave seminars about Leadership Retreat for two days (checked in at Holiday Inn, Ortigas! Yebah!), and last Tuesday, Sexuality and Spirituality too. The said seminars were led by Rev. Ken Martin, REv. Stedney Phillips and Ptr. Terri Echelberger. MCCPH-Makati, MCC Metro Baguio and MCC QC participated in the said event.A friend of mine was inviting me to join the “Love Yourself Project” movement, but before I do, I’d like to make sure I’m equipped with the knowledge, information and wisdom, not just to help out in counseling but also to provide spiritual counseling as well.
MCCPH-Makati with the elders.

There! That summarizes around 3months of no blog...

I’m still looking forward for the next couple of months before the year ends. There were lots of things to celebrate, even if there are lots of things to be sad about. There is a need to change in mindframe and this one needs a big CHANGE.

In addition, I might post more pictures, less details, more like a photoblog inspired by Nimmy! Ang dyosa ng photoblog! hehehe and Raha who created her own photoblog.


  1. You're back!
    That's a rollercoaster ride for three months! haha

    Oh, and what a beautiful couple! :P

  2. natawa ako sa email reply mo.. ehehe!

    at ang phot blog ko ay:


    miss you friend!