Monday, April 19, 2010

Casual conversations, Bed Time Stories GP

Sunday night, rather midnight, err.. mid morning, after a “stressful” day, of shopping, mass, groceries, pigging out, fixing ala tech support his PC, router and my new laptop, we went to bed for our Mon-day. It was around 3am, cold mid morning, sleeping together the night away. Suddenly, the door opened and there was this huge guy tiptoed on his way nearing our bed. I can’t move!? Fear?! I’ve always overcome my fear, but why can’t I effin' move!? He got his hands into husband’s iPhone, what the hell is that iPhone doing near our feet?! Husband ALWAYS put his iPhone under his pillows!! He got his hands on the iPhone as my heart started beating faster, I shook him; No reaction, I tried to scream, it was hard, no sound, no words; still shaking him up and after a couple of attempts, it worked! He woke up, sat up and shooed him away, the guy left, and he went back to sleep.


I can’t believe he just shooed him away and went back to sleep!? Seriously!? I can still feel my
heart beating so fast, and that’s it, with all my might, I tried to scream, there are a couple of moans that left my mouth (moans of fear! Seriously?!), then, after a couple of seconds, he shook me.

I woke up...

Upset, he told me why I was so noisy and to keep quiet.

Can I say sorry that I’m having nightmares!? He just kept quiet, guilty, and make-up-hugged me.

I was crazy enough, because of the stress that day, (and because the gay couple Kuya vinz and Kuya Egay, and my churchmates at MCC advised me to be more understanding.), I just let it pass, I just joked about it and told him what happened, and we slept...

Now, the hug got a bit tighter and warmer.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Casual Conversations; Work Edition- Laugh Trip

It's Wednesday and we've already finished the job for the day, no more files to work on, still waiting for work to show up in our screen... None.

Then these came in. Laugh Trip in less than 30 minutes.

Scene 1

They were talking about things, and one of which, is one of my Girl Officemate 01's dream; piggery. Yes, that's the only reason why she's working right now, to save up for a piggery. She already has an idea on how it works, and amazed in awe, some of our colleagues asked her.

Guy Colleague: So how long before you get your earnings?
Girl Officemate 01: (Long Explanation)
Guy Colleague 01: If that doesn't include this and that and those.... How long before you get your earnings?
Girl Officemate 01: (Same Long Explanation again)
Guy Colleague 01: Okay, but what if.... (I'm not able to listen to his question anymore).
Girl Officemate 01: *Scrathes her hair irritated* Hay nako, P&!%^*NG INA! Kanina pako dito nagpapaliwanag, ayoko na!? (Mother F*KCer ! I've already explained it to you, I don't want to explain anymore!)

Everybody laughed; one, her curse was loud enough, two, everybody felt HER sincerity.

Scene 2

Guy Colleague 03: Gay Colleague 01, I have a knock knock joke...
Gay Colleague 01: Okay! Knock knock!
Everybody: Laughs.

Sigh, I love my colleagues.

Mag twitter kayo! Magmememe ako!

First, I admit the concept of twitter of microblogging interests me, since you can post short notices and let everyone knows about that; of those who follow you or not.

Unlike blogging, microblogging is more used with updating people of what you're doing right now.

Due to my short term memory loss, I need a "program" to where I can post these "reminders" for the day. However, certain lots of sites are blocked, of course, since its more of personal use. Twitter, together with Facebook are known to be social networking, personal page sites, and one of those categories that gets blocked.

Plus, I don't go with the bandwagon; I don't have a personal facebook account just because everybody has one, I actually have a semi account with hubby just because one of our professors asked us to have one explaining we're communicators and should have access to all means of media...blah blah... Still, I'm not into those things just because. I'm still loyal to MULTIPLY, and of course, my "other" sites... nyehehehe!! (Evil laugh)

I was browsing some things and stumbled upon the yahoo site, I was able to find a convenient, (almost same as twitter) way of micro blogging; their version called Meme.

I'm not asking you guys to open one, of follow me, just letting you know that Vondraye IS and can be found in Meme.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Small World Case; Work Edition

Friday; aka boring day.
And because of that, I “promised” myself I’ll do a small world; work edition blog.
So here goes.

After a few months here in my present company I’m working for, I found some “interesting” people that surprised me when I learned that we’re working in the same company; different department.

I just received an internal e-mail from her that she wanted to greet me during lunchtime; she was just across my table, but due to my “wanna be alone” moment during lunchtime with my headset on, she didn’t attempt to, afraid she might be snobbed. Hahaha!! She was a bit close to me during college since she was one of the sergeant at arms and I was one of the officers during during our CAT (Citizen’s Army training), my high school batchmate.

JMM aka “Jinjiruks
I just started blogging back this year since we’re “allowed” to surf the net during our free time, and chanced upon this blogger and saw that we were working for the same company and apparently; just a floor above me. He's my constant chatmate with our internat

It was my break when I received a text message from him “You were wearing __, and went out of the elevator at the 15th floor.” Apparently the door closed so I wasn't able to see him and after I went back to my station, found an email again from him. He was working on the 16th floor, IT department.

He was actually a friend I met online from Men’s Health Forum. I was an intern back then and was asked by my boss to join him on the forum. We started off as a happy bunch but due to my my graduation, without an (everyday) internet access, I wasn't able to monitor the posts and "hang out" again. I visit once in a while but right now, the people there are bunch of newbies and my old friends are slowly removing their posts. Sadness.

Levi Ann
I went back to continue my MA in Communication last October and chanced upon a classmate (and later became one of my closest friend) of mine whose sister works for the same company as I am. Levi works 2 floors above me and apparently, she confessed that she and her friends were "making fun" of me during their "dinner" (that's my first15 minute break), when they see me eat my food; I can consume my rice meal in less than 15 minutes. They'll talk about me for a while and in no time, they'll see me stand up, with my plate finished like there was nothing there. I learned from her sister, my classmate Andrea that they think of me as one of the controversial doctor-actor-model. Hmpf. I don't know if its a compliment or an insult. Hehehe...

Rajsh and Kian
These are my two orgmates from my civic org ni Laguna. Technically speaking, I was the first one who got in, however, I was still with an offshore company, and I learned she transferred at the in-house company last Jan 2007 and I just transferred here last May 2008. I then invited Kian to join my department, knowing how greedy he is with money, after I told him about the performace incentives, he then applied right away. Rajsh was actually a college schoolmate but due to the call of the corporate world, she stopped going to school and joined those undergrads working for their family.Rajsh is one of those girls we adore, even at an undergrad status, she's been working hard, got promoted living her life to the fullest, and helping out others like no other, and she still has time to flip her hair. During weekends, she's devoted her life to HIM and her outreach with her church,and she's actually a blogger herself, sharing her moments with our Creator, and that's with her hubby as well. Her bubbly personality and her wittiness will make you smile when you talk to her. She's not that all goody goody girl, thus the blog name Rajshbratinella, it just so happen she's just bratty with wings! Meanwhile, Kian is more of a showbiz guy, he joined the GMKNB? when Kris was still the host and he was actually the last contestant before it was edu Manzano. Why did he do it? Exposure. After that, winning his pesosesosesoses, he resigned with his company and pursued his passion; showbiz. He then applied with one of the networks but shortlived, not expecting that "that" is their way of life.

There goes my list, I just hope I may add more people here, since that means Referral Incentive...


Casual Conversations; Work Edition

I'm working with a very close team since we're working on a 10 man team, plus we're the only ones in our area, so we talk about EVERYTHING...

and yes, most especially about sex.

Supervisor: Vondraye how often do you boom boom pow? (yes, they ask those kind of questions casually, just like asking if you have a pen) *Mimi, my gay colleague butt in, and said.

Mimi: Lots of time! Look at his neck it now has 6-pack abs!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A repost from a repost; Lesson for this Holy Week

I'm fond of "inspirational" stories; they keep me motivated and uplifted, creates a smile on my lips and a smile for a better day.

This post was taken from via Yahoo Philippines.


It’s Holy Wednesday, time to continue soul-searching.

An anonymous reader found the following inspiring story in the Internet and he/she is requesting Funfare to print it so that, like him/her, they may learn a lesson or two from the ants and the bees.

“Maybe it will inspire those who, up to now, haven’t risen from the ruins where Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng have left them,” said Mr./Miss Anonymous. “It’s Lent and this story should help all of us take stock of things and learn how to look at the silver lining behind the clouds. The story is about how someone unexpected may offer just the right inspirational words at the very moment you need them.” (Note: The sender didn’t say who the author is.)

Read on.

It was one of those days I did not wish to live again. I had been working for weeks to secure a deal that would give me a nice commission. Everything seemed to go perfectly and I had already been joking with co-workers what I would do with the extra income.

I picked up the phone and called to the customer to get the deal finalized, only to hear that the recession had hit the company. My customer told me that half of the staff had been let go and that all purchases were put on hold.

I had so concentrated on this deal that I had not worked much on my other customers and knew that instead of getting a big fat check I’d be having one of the smallest ones I had ever received.
I just couldn’t stay at my desk. I got up and went to get some coffee. The cleaning lady was just washing the vending machine. I slumped to a chair and felt awful.

“Bad day?” she asked.

Startled, I looked up. The cleaning lady was looking at me.

“You could say that again,” I sighed.

“What is the matter?” she asked.

She was a motherly type of a woman with kind eyes. I had seen her around for years but I never said a word to her really. And yet I suddenly found myself telling the whole pitiful story to her. She listened intently, finished cleaning the vending machine and nodded.

“Your situation reminds me of my own father,” she said. “He was also a salesman, but not lucky enough to be able to sit in one office. He was a travelling salesman. You know: big suitcases and all. Vanished for weeks sometimes and came back with an empty bag, pay check and a big hug for us kids and mother.”

I looked at her, not knowing where she was going with this.

“There was a time when he also lost a big sale. It was just before Christmas and he had to tell us children that there would be very few presents. We were disappointed, but he gathered us around him and told a story. I shall always remember those inspirational words. First, he asked us which animals we liked best. My answer was cats. My older brother liked dogs and my younger brother loved ponies. Then, he asked if we wanted to know which animals he admired the most and, of course, we did. The bees, the ants and the spiders, he told us.”
I lifted my eyebrows. The cleaning lady smiled.

“Now, of course, we did not agree with him but asked why ever would he like such nuisances. Didn’t they bite or sting or just look plain ugly? He explained to us and his inspirational words have been my guideline ever since.

“He said he liked the bees because if a bear breaks their nest and steals their honey, they keep on building their honeycombs, making more honey. And he liked the ants because if the same bear destroys their nest, they also immediately start building their nest anew, working together for a common goal. And he liked the spiders because if their webs are destroyed, they start repairing the damage right away — or building a whole new, better one.

“He said that the lesson that he had learned from these little insects was that the world may surprise us sometimes by destroying even our most carefully-built plans but if we choose to be ready to start all over again no matter what, eventually we shall achieve great results. We shall just have to start again, one step at a time.”

At that, the cleaning lady nodded to me and pushed her cart out of the room.

I sat there for a while, thinking of what she had said. Then, I got up, walked back to my desk and started to build my next pay check, one customer at a time.

(E-mail reactions at or at - FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo (Philstar News Service,

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Casual Conversations; Holy Week Edition with Husband

Yesterday morning, in celebration of Holy Week, I decided to go home and spend my morning breakfast with husband. We first went to Mercury to buy some loaf of wheat bread for my “penance” this holy week; tuna sandwich diet. We bought a couple of noodles and went home, we enjoyed our noodles and banana cue cooked my our landlady downstairs and watched Naruto.

We were smiling while eating since it felt so homey that day. Breakfast beside each other, watching the latest Naruto Shippuden episode in front of his newly bought 32” LCD TV; it was heaven.

There are times when I brush my teeth, and then eat since after eating, I sleep right away. I know it’s kinda stupid,but I got me doing that years now. Then, I was cuddling him and teasing him and pretend kissing him, then suddenly he laughed; like a kid.

I was curious what made him laugh, was it my newly brushed teeth? something in my face? the smell of fresh breath? I did it again and he giggled like a kid again.

I asked him why and he can’t stop giggling, after a while, he calmed down, still a smile in his face, and said:

“Yung hininga mo amoy tuta naming nung bata kami!”
(Your breath smells like puppies when we were kids!)

I thought it was finished, but wait there’s more!

“Amoy santol! Amoy hininga talaga ng tuta! Awww!! Naalala ko tuloy yung mga tuta namin!”
(Smells like “santol”! Your breath really smells like our childhood puppies! Awww. I miss our puppies.. )

I was like… ... … … OKAY!?

Since we missed each other like that, I didn’t get mad, just gave him a raised eyebrows, and breathe in his nose again. He giggled some more. We finished our food, prepare for bed and went to cuddle some more and went to sleep, as usual , holding hands.

While he was sleeping, I looked at him with an evil eyes, and I told my self; memo to me: blog this tonight.

So here it is.