Wednesday, July 1, 2015

laid back update

I received an e-mail from a dear reader that he was enthralled with my blog. Whoever you are, I dedicate this blog to you. Today is a Canadian Holiday (Canada Day), just like our June 12’s holiday. So we have less work today.

I’ve mentioned that I think I have a fairy blogmother that gave me the chance to have a work around with my blog and here I am now.

I  just decided to keep this blog and not make a new one. I’m here at work, (ghad, I hope they don’t get to record this blog, or I’m dead.)

My 3rd home.  It was not actually planned for me to transfer here, however, stress was getting into me, that I decided to move and even if some people don’t believe in “talking to your connections,” health comes first.
So, here I am now going two years this September on my life becoming a “Cebuano.” Last year, I went back to Manila once in a while, plane tickets, most specially pre booked months before were a bit cheaper, but last March 2014 was my last. Kapoy (Nakakapagod, tiring). It’s a bit tiring to go back and forth from Cebu to Manila, and carrying my very big Dora backpack around Manila as well, takes toll on my mortal body. Whenever friends visits me here, I try my best, if I’m free to meet them, however, there are times that I wasn’t able to, and I owe you one Manilagayguy and Mcvie. Sorry kaayo. I’ll make bawi next time. 

Less (to no) heavy flow of traffic (except for certain times), great food (for someone who has a peculiar taste buds), low-cost living, cheap food (for someone who has metabolism problems), and appreciates laid-back life. I’m not saying it’s perfect here, I still miss, lots of things in Manila, and Laguna. I could list them in a Manila paper, font size 11 and still get another paper, however, I get to appreciate things easily, and true enough, some friends/ old colleagues (from my previous department)  who visited me here last September 2013 loved it here, they too that they decided to move here with me. I don’t know if I’m able to sell it to them, or the effortless beauty of the Queen City of the South made them lesbians enough to love Cebu to apply and move here with me.

I’m not sure if it’s me or I’m just paranoid, but I felt the silent discrimination in Manila. I also had bad experiences of getting bullied by our fellow LGBT whenever I walk at night and these people will mock me will sneeze as if I’m a walking black pepper (Paminta), and will say that out loud enough for me to hear. I’ve heard of gay guys being uncomfortable of lesbians and vice versa. I’ve experienced a church wanting gay guys to turn straight. Oh, the list is endless. I’ve read in the news that there were a few of them happening here, but personally, I’ve seen a different perspective on my end. I get to be friends with Trans, straight guys, even our foreign (straight) boss went out to a “date” with a trans who invited him to watch Queen of Cebu and it wasn’t an issue. Anyway, some of the issues are almost personal, but I’d rather point out the good ones instead. MCC wants me to start up MCC Cebu but it’d be a very very big responsibility. A few people know why I can’t stand that much responsibility but I’m happy that spiritual wise, the LGBT are a bit spiritual here and don’t need to go straight as they are accepted. I was surprised to see a gay highschool couple holding hands with the other guy’s mom going to Sto. NiƱo Basilica church altogether, a priest giving a sermon about their acceptance of the LGBT and “that” church who embraced the LGBT without asking them to go straight. So I guess I did judged “that” church group.

However, I still have to say, I’ve been struggling with my Spiritual life here as MCC has a different approach. BAKLA…. Yes, you’ve heard it right. MCC Makati’s way of mass is bakla, our pastor, our beloved pastor makes it a point that our homily won’t be boring, but will also let you learn lessons. I also love the fact that we just don’t study the bible; we go back ancient times. We go back to Hebrew and Greek definitions of the terms, which some of the churches lack since they just study the Bible per se. I just feel not Spiritually healthy here unlike when I was in Manila, though, enough to survive.

When we were still on our training days, same schedules on weekends off, we had planned an island tour in Mactan, and we were surprised how inexpensive it was! It followed more travel for me and my friends which I will create a separate blog for.

That’s it for now guys and update you soon! Amping! (Take Care!)