Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dreams; the one when you sleep and the other when you’re awake

Dreams; the one when you sleep and the other when you’re awake

Last week (and this week) was quite stressful because I’m on a one on one training with my new manager, plus all the errands I have to attend to.

I forgot when it was, but one of the things I dreamt of was it was a birthday party of my ex-girlfriend in a farm setting. It was actually somewhat like our province in Bulacan where there are farms and all. She had her birthday party in her house, usual bungalow house in Bulacan, but with bamboo trees around her house. It was a typical birthday party of a 10 y/o kid. I was surprised to see my high school classmates there; IN OUR HIGHSCHOOL UNIFORM. It seems that the party was in highschool time and space. She then showed me that she spent only 170php for the party that was in a plastic pack; “ready made party” it said on the label. I examined the pack and it seems pretty legitimate, and it was purple too. They then went outside for the games and they were laughing and playing like real kids again, in their highschool uniform, in a highschool time and setting, but they looked old.

It was still dark, early in the morning and we were outside Gold’s Gym Glorietta. When the glass door opened, I showed my Gold’s gym ID which I confidently showed; even if I haven’t paid for a long time. I just miss Gold’s gym that I want to visit the gym again. I went inside with several people already working out and running on the treadmill. I explored the 3rd floor and was surprised that they have an “improvised” rolling pin that I use at Eclipse for my back; somewhat metallic rolling pin-like. There were a couple of construction worker there who were fixing the boxing ring and were just resting. I then went on to work out at the abs machines and then I saw Carlos Concepcion, and woke up.

The other dream I don’t want to forget (and don't think I'll forget either); ever was dreaming of becoming good friends with Carlos Concepcion. We met before during a photoshoot with Men’s fitness magazine for the men’s fashion section, however, due to his “too young looking” face, the editor decided not to use his pictures for the said magazine. Anyway, we met at the streets and bumped into each other. He was nice enough to apologize and we talked. I opened up about him being the model we had a shoot with before and that’s were the “friendship” started. I also told him that we went to the same gym before and I reminded him that he always put the towel on his waist so low that the gay guys keeps on staring at him, and down there. He was laughing and he asked me if I was starting to, I said no, because I know him already. We sat there and kept on talking and sharing stories and I can remember a car parked near where we were sitting suddenly blew up and there was somewhat a shooting going on and suddenly, we were included in the shooting! Anyway, I’m just glad that in my dreams, I really felt we were really close friends, and that made my day.

On a more important note, I will always be thankful that my dream do came true; becoming a trainer, even if it was just a sub to my ex-manager. It seems everything is falling into place, me replacing her, then having my own class, and now, training our NEW manager. I know I still have a long way to go, I still have to master my competencies, but it’s a different feeling right now. This is also my first time to get the Top Position for the 1st Quarter. Like I said, I was just an average advisor before, and sometimes at the bottom, and I never thought that this dream will actually materialize. Plus, me loving what I do! It may not be like 100% but you feel great! Gaining almost 20lbs! The milk and eggs diet paid off! Then going to different places with husband also gave me a realization that these things are something that I need to be thankful of. Davao, Dos Palmas were just a bunch of letters before, but now, they are names of photo online albums.

Just like a dream, we will wake up eventually, and it’ll end. Sometimes, we wake up falling and sometimes it ends up a nightmare. It’s okay, because those things end up as well, and you just have to wait for the next exciting episode of your dream; whether you’re asleep or awake.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who's your favorite relative and why are they your favorite?

My cousins Pearlee and Sonia; they're the best and they're like Phiper and Prue of CharmeD!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

confused and lost

No, I’ve known I’m gay since way back when; I’m confused of what’s going on; work-wise that is.

My current manager was “promoted” to Cebu as a Team Lead (a "manager" of 3 managers) and they left an opening for her position as a manager. Right now, we have my friend-colleague as an acting manager and everyone actually is happy about him being one. When they started the application process, we were confident that he will be the one promoted because he’s good with the process and managing people; basically “perfect” for the position. We then learned that another manager was given for the position; another person to get along to, another new person, another person to know.

The transition of what’s happening lately made some of my colleagues discouraged and already gave an idea that they're resigning, one of which already did. “Female Current manager” started off as someone we look up to, we were friends with, cool to be with and all that jazz, but later on, we learned she’s not all that good; she’s actually someone you’d want to kill (I’m just glad she’s quite unacquainted when it comes to these kind of blogsites so I’m sure she won’t know about this.) We learned she’s a back fighter, gossip mongrel and plastic. Good thing we also have our “stupid” colleague who keeps on sharing things to us what she’s saying behind our back. Good thing we KNOW how to deal with these kind of people, we know how to “act” in front of her and we know how to “dance” with her too, it just so sad that our professional, and career lives were affected. “Acting manager-friend” should’ve been promoted, but he wasn’t so everyone was gloomy; we’re just waiting for her to leave next week and that’s it.

Sometimes I wonder; if I accepted the offer my friend gave me last year from another reputable company offering bigger salary, day-shift, office work, and all, and left them, would I be happier? I’m trying to fight off the feeling of regret of not resigning and I’m trying to talk myself out of it because I’ve experienced lots of opportunities here, opportunities that if you look positively, are actually something valuable.The Libra in me again; debating with myself again.

Next week, after the new manager joins us, I was chosen to train her; one on one. I would be off the phones, again, honing my training skills, and will be closer to my new manager. Negativity-wise, again, I will be used by my company, no extra pay as a trainer, and I have to “adjust” my schedule from my “perfect” schedule right now.

This just came in (as in right now), we have a internal job fair where we will have an exhibit per department in showing them what we do and two of my colleagues were asked to come in at 5pm (one is just going home at 9:30am) and fix the dedicated booth for us until 9pm, rest for 1 hour, do calls for 4 more hours and stay at the booth for 4 more hours. That’s so bull.
We just can’t wait for her to leave….

I’ll say again…

Wuuuuuusa!!! Happy Thoughts….

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogging something

When I was in college and started my blog, thanks to Sheenah for encouraging me to open one, I have been blogging about events of my daily activities and recently what’s been happening or what’s new that time. When I opened this second blog of mine, I’ve been wanting to blog life lessons, share inspirational stories, and something that would help anyone read my entry, smile, think about it and create an impact that it’d create a better world; gay world that is. Oh yes, ala Miss Universe!

However, everytime that moment comes, I’m on an unusual place, unusual time, and think “Oh, I’ll be blogging this,” and poof, it’s gone.

Anyway, right now, (blogging) it’s more of a brain work out for me especially for my writing and grammar, since I’m not blessed with a gift in the communication aspect. My colleague who is also a geek (but cooler than me) agreed that the reason why I’m having trouble with English is because I’m more gifted (*grins*) with Math, and creativity because I’m left handed. I read about this in “Left Handers Guide to Life” a book about (and for) Left Handed people. (On the naughty side; I'm ambidextrous when it comes to "that.")

Another battle I’m fighting is my struggle against procrastination. While cramming helps me to pressure myself squeezing out my creative juices and end up in good results. However, cramming vs. procrastination, I’m losing to procrastination especially now during my masters. I already have 3 incomplete subjects; one subject from summer last year, and two last semester, all due to procrastination. My bestfriend was willing to help me out with my report, but whenever we’ll start to do my report, we end up talking for the rest of the day.

Insecurities is one of those I call silent killer. I tend to feel and show confidence, but deep inside, I feel insecure, especially in large gatherings and social parties involving gay guys. I don’t know why I feel “small” whenever I’m around them, and when they project, I feel smaller, that’s why I’m more of a coffee shop or home person.

My contradictive persona is one of my predicament. I tend to debate with myself with almost all things. If I get asked a question, I answer back ALWAYS with it depends, then, I’ll debate myself with the yes and no answer. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a Libra, or just because I have an open mind about everything.

Anyways, these battle are ongoing since I was a kid, and became worse in college and just enjoying life's little bitches now. How about you guys?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Do you have any plans of getting the new white iPhone 4?

None. Unless someone will give me one. Nyahaha!!

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What superstitions do you have?

never.. NEVER remove a ring from someone else's fingers...

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pa embrace!

“Kahit cactus ka pa, titiisin ko ang sakit, mayakap ka lang…”

I think I just did. The series of unfortunate events happened after we got back from our Dos Palmas Escapade last week. It’s Thursday and I’m still expecting a couple of bad news.

I’m contradicting my “optimism,” so that I won’t sulk myself to sadness because of what happened for the past few days.

It actually started on our adventure day when Davixz (my Sony Ericson Vivaz) and my HTC went on snorkeling with me and went out; literally. Husband noticed that there was water inside the underwater bag (that was supposed to prevent water going inside the bag)and I quickly checked the phones, and they were both wet. I wasn’t able to use them until the next day. When we were on our way back, they were both working fine, but it seems that the jinx was just starting. I was watching Bleach series in my Vivaz when it stopped working suddenly. I tried everything, but didn't result to anythining. When we reached the Palawan Airport, the flight was delayed… 1 hour… 2 hours... We reached Manila nearly 7pm and we were hungry, and there was no way to cross the NAIA 3 to the other side, where we can see all the restaurants beaming brightly to us. we managed, but it was a bit of a nightmare.

Saturday and we have a scheduled “team building” that time at our manager’s place in Pasig. We were lost going to her place plus the program was just… I can’t even describe how bad it was and poorly made. I managed to survive yet again another day.

Sunday, came and all of a sudden, my HTC broke down; just like that. I was charging my old phone, but it wasn’t charging properly, so I reached at least 1 bar before I left for mass. The next day, husband and I were supposed to go to the service center for HTC which was in the jungle of Greenhills. Husband worked for a telecommunication company before so he knows how to go about the twist and turns of warranty policies, and he told me straight in the face; if it gets wet, warranty is voided and he said the people in the service center knows if the phone got wet or not. He was right, when we reached the HTC Service center, they knew, and that’s why they texted me last Friday night that the piece that needs to be replaced costs 14,000Php and 600 for the service fee. My heart dropped; the phone is just a couple of months old and I still have to pay that for 2 years, and it’s worthless now. Davixz, on the other hand was brought last Tuesday, and said that I should try to back up the data; all my contacts are on my phone. I tried but since the screen wasn’t working, it's not letting me back up because the PC can't detect the phone. I went back last Wednesday, waited for the malls to open, hoping that it’ll be fixed within the day, but said that it’ll take 4 hours. So I just decided to come back last Thursday.

Mini jinxes. Last Monday, we were about to redeem our freebie from Taco Bell for the BPI promo, I was already having a bad case of headache and we were dead hungry and the cashier said that I can’t use the receipt because the receipt shows it was year 2000; FOR SOME REASON. The manager explained that they can't accept the receipt for that reason and since I'm working for a bank; a credit card company to be exact, I should know better, so we left the store (with Jeffrey Hidalgo in it!). We just went to Glorietta and enjoyed our free Blizzard.

Last Tuesday, after I went to Glorietta, and left the phone at the Sony Ericson service Center, I went home and husband then went to Greenhills to buy PS3, I went to sleep but woke up with nightmares (whenever I don’t sleep with husband, I either get nightmares or can’t sleep right), plus I got hungry; it was around 7ish and I still awake and I still have a shift at 11. I tried sleeping but my stomach kept on grumbling. I woke up and ate oatmeal instead.

The whole week, I wasn’t able to go to the gym because of my trips to the service centers and I suddenly have financial difficulties. It was rather harder since gym was the only place I can fight stress.

Almost everyday, I just embraced all those bad experiences and thought this too shall pass... and it paid off. IT DID!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hey guys beware

A call from 0917 310 5020

Hello? Kilala mo ba si (someone random)? 
Ano pangalan mo?
Hindi ko kilala yung hinahanap mo, wrong number ka..
San ka ba nagtatrabaho?
'Di ko sasagutin?! 'Di ko naman kilala tinatanong mo..
Eh bakit kaya ikaw nilagay na reference dito?
Anyway, thank you..BYE!

If this was indeed a true HR rep calling in, she/he would've introduced himself and talk like a professional.
Be careful as this is a possible case of phishing. US and CANADA were already facing a big problem when it comes to identity theft, Philippines is not exempted as we already have few cases here in the Philippines, starting with mobile phone companies.

And believe me.. Some really do disclose their information..

Thursday, May 5, 2011