Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Calayan Medical Group Clinic; Be Beautiful Inside Out

I want you to remember two names before I start: Selina Sevilla and Lalen Calayan. Selina is their Head Aesthetician and Lalen, her life-partner is the Business Development Director of Calayan Medical Group Cebu – Oakridge.

 The entrance to their clinic.

 The door entrance.

Ate Receptionist got shy and left! :))

These two will make sure that they will provide excellent service to you! Selina and Lalen both came from Manila and just like me, fell in love with Cebu, Cebuanos and Cebuanas alike. In return, Cebu too gave them a warm welcome. That’s why just after they arrived here and opened their clinic last May 2015 and officially opened June of the same year, they were able to capture the hearts of the locals. I myself, got intimidated as I saw a poster of THE Mr. Michel Lhuillier. I learned that he don’t usually model or promote products or services, but he graced his presence to show Cebu that Calayan Medical Group is indeed trustworthy.

 The poster of  the famous M. Lhuillier

I myself experienced top notch service and also experienced how they handled clients, and how their clients and loyal customers responded to their 5-star service (I’m not exaggerating!).

The heart of a true beauty
I asked Selina and Lalen and they both agreed that they focus and prioritize Customer Service AND QUALITY equally. I admire Selina for her passion to help and also service her customers. The day I stayed in their clinic, even if I know she’s tired, it seems like she has this imaginary well of energy, smile, patience, enthusiasm and zest! Believe me when I say when she face her customers and clients like old friends. I was nodding my head thinking I can’t do what she’s doing… Working Mondays to SUNDAYS, even during HOLIDAYS!!! I mean seriously?! I asked her why are they like that and how come, she responded and something I will forever remember, “parang dinudurog puso ko pag nakikita ko silang naghihintay ng matagal, pag hindi naalagaan” (It crushes my heart whenever I see them waiting too long and not serviced properly and not taken care of). That’s one of the things I will never forget, when we were talking about her customers; the way she treats her customers is LOVE by definition.

Let’s get into business
I could talk and talk about how they do customer service and all, but the business side of it, I found out that their clinic has their own Operating Room. The difference? Other clinics (most specially those ones inside the malls) don’t have operating rooms due to regulations and restrictions. So in case you want a procedure done that requires an operation, you’ll have to fly to Manila. I was actually hesitant to undergo their facial treatment simply because all my previous facial treatments end up me having MORE pimples after the treatment. Still, they assured me that they only use the best products in terms of facial cleaning treatments. They even assured me that their cleanser is so safe, it can be used for babies. True to their words, after the facial cleaning procedure, we still went out that night exposed to dust and worst – PUYAT (lack of sleep), but still, the next day without any washing of my face, lo and behold! My skin still remained blemish free and I still feel fresh and no kidding, I still look fresh the next day! Okay fine, it may sound too advertorial but I suggest you rush to their clinic and try their services and you’ll see what I mean! Their beauty products were also formulated to make sure it’s only the best for your skin, whether during facial treatments or creams, believe me, they work magic.

 While waiting for my facial treatment! SELFIE!

 Look at that smile!

  Ate doing her magic!

 Closer look on ate doing her magic!

2x Closer look on ate doing her magic!

 Other side!

The suit before getting the treatment!

 Calayan Beauty Products

 Calayan Beauty Products at the Reception

Calayan Medical Group headed by Lalen and Shelina is different from the Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic in SM Seaside. One of the advantages is that they’re situated at Oakridge Business Park which makes their clinic accessible and also makes sure that the vicinity is secure. They’re planning to expand (again, for the love of customers) to reach out to more Cebuanos who are a bit far from their main clinic/branch and they’re also planning to renovate the said clinic to accommodate more.

Aesthetic and Wellness, Dermatology, Laser and Light Treatments, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery. Detailed explanations and procedures can be better explained when you visit their clinic and also they can assess which services would best suit you! You can reference from the image below the services they provide.

You can visit their very beautiful clinic at
2nd floor, block 88 bldg (just above the Rustans Supermarket)
Oakridge Business Park
880 A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City,
6014 Cebu, Philippines

You can reach them and schedule your appointments at
Clinic Landline: (032) 263-7056
Clinic Mobile: 0917-595- 6221

You can also reach them with via social media
Twitter: @calayanmedcebu
Facebook : calayanmedgroup
Instagram: @calayanmedgroup
and their website: www.calayanmedicalgroup.com

 The pretty hallway to the rooms! :))

 One of their rooms where the magic happens.

 Consultation Room

and look at that gwapong Doctor!

 Kindly be seated while you wait! (They have wifi too!)

 You'll have to change to this very cute "kimono" dress!

 While waiting for the facial, me and that gwapo doctor!

List of their Services
They got featured at Zee Lifestyle magazine!