Monday, May 31, 2010

I was moved.

Yep, we were supposed to move in to our new place June 10-13 to give way for proper rest and ample time with the move. However, for some unknown force, which I think you call excitement, we decided to move last weekend. Dad was free that time so we scheduled the move starting Sunday morning.

I was moved.
Last Saturday, it was also a big move for our team since we had our first team bonding with the new comers (*grins) and ate at Gerry’s Grill at MOA and had bowling after that. It was an afternoon filled with fun, laughter and food! Colleague said: “ ‘Di pala magandang kombinasyon ang tawa at busog,”(Full and laughter is not a good combination ), since we were literally laughing our heart out from lunch time to the bowling game. We really had fun and it was nice everyone was happy. After that, I hurriedly went home, while husband and I slept together (since he still has shift that night) and I woke up around 3am, ate breakfast and start packing my things.
I called up dad that morning confirming what time will they arrive. We then took a rest for a while, ate breakfast while watching Naruto Shippuden’s latest episode. Kojie took a catnap since he’s been lacking sleep lately while I arranged some of my stuff and watched the earliest episodes of Naruto Shippuden. We were surprised when we got knocks on the door, we thought it was the landlady; it was one of dad’s helpers. We started packing up and preparing the first batch of the move: Clothes, shoes, our kids dumped in a big toy kingdom plastic bag, bags. We then unloaded first everything and left to megamall to eat lunch and buy some additional home and bathroom needs and to pick up the bed mattress.
I was moved.

I’m not close to my parents, and my family, but that day was quite happy. I’m that guy with spontaneity and humor combined and it quite showed up last weekend, which made my mum and dad laugh more than the usual. There are times when I’ll joke with my mom, holding her hand, “Oh, bawal magturo ha, hawak sa kamay ko baka mawala,” talking to her like a kid, dad gave a couple of laughs.

I was moved.

We dropped by the place, dropped off the mattress and went back to Makati city to transfer everything what’s left. Kojie’s big TV, cabinet and the rest of my “trash.”I was able to catch some catnap on our way back, I was groggy because I took Sinutab which really made me really sleepy. It was around 4pm and bought them snacks, half worried since hubby was still there. I told him to prepare and go so that he still have some time to rest, he then left and they made some measuring since dad will come back to add cabinets,etc. After a while, they left and went back home, while I was left with all the things, still in their plastics, boxes and bags. I took a quick shower and went to Sheenah’s Baby Shower. It was nice to catch up with them, and listening to a pregnant woman tell her stories really made me smile and “at peace.” We were joking like before and were happy that her husband got a new job. I was really thankful that after all the blessings God gave me, He’s now blessing the people I love; my friends.

I was moved.

Monday, it wasn’t the start of the week for me, yet. My week starts at night so we finished unpacking our things, cleaned the place and went off to buy some additional things needed at home. However, we didn’t expect it’ll take that long so we weren’t able to buy the things and just went back. I was so sleepy and asked him to wake me up. He still lack sleep, and since he doesn’t have work tonight, I asked him to wake me up. He woke me up, but I went back to sleep again, and woke up quite late. Good thing I wasn’t late. I still had time to eat “breakfast,” and prepare for my work. It was rather a tiring, but memorable, not to mention exciting weekend for us… oh, not to mentioned I was moved.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Habeebbeerdae Husband!

I was typing “this” post last Tuesday, from another PC (*another story, but to make the long story short; I got caught “typing” a blog entry before so I can’t post more than the usual like before), and I for got to save it. It was my 14th hour work; I OT-ied myself until 10am; my work starts 8pm.

On with the story, I am posting my post birthday weekend blast with husband, and it was rather peculiar since “nothing” surprising to share, but still worth to share.
After my last day’s shift, I was supposed to meet husband’s mom; Tita Madel at Megamall, we arranged that I’ll be waiting for her since I out earlier from work than husband; I finished at 5am and they suggested I sleep first. I declined; because once I get to sleep, good luck waking me up. I just decided to find a store that was open that early and found myself hanging around McDo at Megamall, good thing their WIFI was up and running that time.
I waited for husband and tita at Mcdo, it was rather, unpleasant morning since there were lots of jejemons and emo punks around the seat I took; wearing black and all. Apparently, there was an autograph signing at Oddysey of a band that I don’t know where the hell they came from,. The door opened, and they went screaming like it’s the end of the world. I hope it was for them, call me mean, but if I’ll get a hold of that Deathnote; I’ll start with Jejemons and those emo punks.
On with the story.
We then waited for tita and when she arrived, the Nokia booth said hello and since her phone gave up on her; hello new phone! She then went to EDC (sister company by ESPRIT) and bought some new clothes, while trying on several clothes, Kojie and I tried on several attempts to get a nice shot from the fitting room, but I’m not 100% confident it was good since I look haggard; I ended up taking our pictures with shades on. More pics here.

*Tita, hubby and me.

*Waiting for tita try out her wardrobes.

We were so hungry that time, that we ate at Cabalen, and tried their eat all you can, we were so full, and continued walking around, his mom continued shopping for a couple of essentials, and it was fun making the sales ladies talk about us; 2 guys walking around, lady in front, two guys HOLDING HANDS. We kept being mushy and from my peripheral vision, sales ladies kept on whispering to each other, and pointing at us. Haha!!! I wanna take a picture of their faces, priceless! When tita was about to try some clothes on, we were talking and these 3 ladies lined up in front of her on the other side, they were about to take her place and the lady managing the line asked who was next, I loudly told her its tita, I saw the third fat lady, who seems to be buying the cheapest blouse that was available, do some facial expressions, Husband then came into the scene and asked in a loud voice, “may naningit ba?” They all looked behind and saw him towering at them, and shut up. Haha!! Don’t mess up with two tall GAY guys! It was really a funny scene and tita was walking like a queen with two prince behind him. Haha!We ended the day and I then went straight to the office for my Rest day OT, while tita went home to San Pablo City,Laguna.*Hubby, a techie boy, teaching his mom explore her new phone.

Sunday, I went home and slept, woke up around brunch time, ate brunch with him at Chowking and went to prepare for our own date. Our original plan was to have dinner at Resorts World for their famous (at least for my workplace) buffet meal, however, since he was sleepy, we ended up eating at Wendys, it was fun because sitting beside us were 2 boxes of newly bought rubber shoes. We attended the mass at Greenbelt chapel, before…

*My birthday gift to him; I let him buy me a new pair of shoes, the white Nike one.

Remember I shoes issues? Here’s my birthday gift to him; I agreed to let him buy me a new pair of shoes. I chose the most inexpensive one since he’ll be buying one for himself as well, so on his birthday; we both have new pair of shoes. That’s before watching Shrek –Happily Ever After. We ended the day and went home, it was indeed a fun and memorable; in many ways than one.

(Not to mention the catastrophe that happened in his facebook because of that.)
Short story: his Facebook became our couple account; 1 account with both of our names on it, my friends thought it was my birthday so there were lots of wallpost greeting ME; and he’ll reply “It’s not his birthday, his birthday is on ….)

Habeeeerday Husband!

Casual Conversations; Work Edition; Laugh Trip

I'm still that straight looking guy at the office, polo shirt, slacks, walks like a guy that kind and all. I tend to speak flambouyant at times, but there are also times that I talk and sound like a real guy, thus the confusion with some ladies thinking I like them. TSE!

However, during work, we do a couple of call outs to our clients and at times, I do sound like a real man; deep voiced and all.

That's why...

Straight Colleague 1: Kaya mo ba yung katulad ng boses ni mark? Yung parang lalake? Yung mababa? (Can you mimic Mark’s voice? Like true straight guy? Deep voice?)

Gay Colleague 1: Ayoko, masakit sa lalamunan… (I don’t want, it hurts my throat)


Monday, May 24, 2010

Casual conversations; Work Edition; Laugh Trip

My colleague is getting married in a couple of weeks; literally.

Story 1:
My colleague-soon-to-be-wed brought the wedding invitation for the team, it was actually nice for an inexpensive price. However, while we were browsing the invitation, I was surprised to see at the last page, patches of “corrections” covering the incorrect time and dates. One reads: Registration will be open at 2:30 in the afternoon. The party starts at 3:00 in the evening. So don’t be late your presence is crucial, because it just won’t be the same without a special guest like you…”

Story 2:
My supervisor is also getting married by the end of the year, and she chose some of us as her ushers. While reading my colleagues invitation, they went to the RSVP part and said,

Supervisor: Employee 1, I’ll assign you to be in charge of contacting my visitors and informing them RSVP.
Employee 1: What’s RSVP?
Supervisor: (Looking for words) You know, that they need to respond…
Employee1: Like “In case of emergency?”

Epic fail.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Casual Conversations; Husband Edition-Laugh Trip

Kojie's mom went here to join us celebrate Kojie's birthday celebration today (tomorrow is his birthday). Tita Madz then went to EDC; Esprit's sister clothing company and was shopping for clothes. I've been here since around 7am since I don't want to sleep, and I can't sleep 'coz if I do; I won't wake up. So I was kinda hungry and my stomach is already grumbling.

Kojie keeps on teasing me, poking me, and all those child-like teasing that they do. I asked him to stop because its creating some kind of reaction in my stomach, and its hurting mo.

*image taken this morning at edc,
Kojie is getting impatient
while his mom tries
several blouses on.

Vondraye: "Tumigil ka na please? Please lang... May please na oh? please? Nagloloko na tyan ko, please tama na, okay please?" (Serious, upset, snobbish tone)

Kojie:" Huh? Bakit? Anong joke ng tyan mo?"


Seriously, its deadly corny, but my world turned upside down and laughed. He laughed at me LAUGHING hardly at his corny joke.

Maybe its because it was too corny, maybe because his cute smile, or maybe its just because I miss him....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Casual Conversations; Work Edition- MOVIES

Me and my colleagues were talking about movies and here are some of my colleague's bloopers.

Straight Colleague 1: P*%Ta nakakabad trip yung isang movie ni Jim Carey at si Ewan McGregor... yung gay movie nila?! yung I love you Marlboro!

Straight Colleague 2: Ano nga pala yung movie na tungkol sa Pearl Harbor?
Everyone: Eh di, Pearl Harbor!?

I included my colleague's pictures so you can imagine the people I talk to during those boring hours; just like now.

Question is, who am I among those? hehehe

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Casual Conversations; Work Edition - BRIS


When I was in college, it was my dream to enter the College of Dev Comm at UPLB, my grades passed but I was not able to get in the cut off for the 1st semester. However, everything went to ashes when unknowingly, my mom found "ways" inside to get me to 1st sem, and guess what, she enrolled me to AgChem (Agricultural Chemsitry; 5 years, quota course). So there, I was not able to get into Dev Comm for my college.

Flash Forward

My colleague was a Devcomm student and was also a member of the Dev comm Soc, he said...

Colleague1: I hope you were a Dev Comm student and would be my bris.

I asked him again...

VondrayE: whaT?

Colleague1:BRIS; Brother Sis! You're not A "Brod," you're not a "Sis." BRIS!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Casual Conversations; i-shoes issues Edition

I already told you guys, I'm not fond of shoes.

Within the week, husband told me that there was a Nike sale at Planet Sports Store, so before we watched Ironman 2, we window shopped around Glorietta for the sought after shoe sale. As usual, he's the one who became __ years younger and like a kid at Toy Kingdom, he roamed around checking the shoes. I saw a sample shoe at the pool of shoes and it really caught my attention, I don't know what you call my taste, but I want "eye catching" weird designs, and so I want to click the blue link "Like" under it. Hehehe...

My eyes glistened with GLEE! (just like the episode 14! hehehe), and husband was happy that I was able to"like" this shoe. When we turned it around....

*Insert murder background music here...

It's a Velcro-like whatever on the other side, and we both gasped with what we saw. There's no way I'll be wearing that shoe! Syet, and I thought; we thought I will have new pair of shoes that day, but no....

I just have this blog entry.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some things (Kinda wordy; Sorry) updated with PICS!

  • Red the Mod requested a review for the new Samsung N220. During the height of my hunt, I was actually eyeing for the Nokia laptop, since nobody is using that. However, I have to go through all that thingamajig to get that. I need it NOW. So we settle for a little less and finally came up to a decision to buy the Samsung Netbook. The sales clerk was amazing in explaining the features, and from the looks of it, it was pretty remarkable.

I chose the Samsung N220 over the N150 since the N220 works 12 hours vs the 8 hours of N150. It also has the added feature called Hyperspace, no this is not one of those Shaider thing, it’s when booting up, when you press F6, it will go to Hyperspace "Istant On", somewhat the Windows version of Samsung, so even if your Windows Crashed (from what the guy from Samsung explained) you’ll still be able to access Samsung Hyperspace, with almost all the features of Windows; Word, Internet, etc. Samsung also has a program for back up when it crashes, so it’s good. In terms of Service, they are able to provide service for the 1 year warranty but after that, it’s the service center; the service center for Samsung is located at Greenhils; fair enough. Since the netbook runs of 1 G RAM with 250 memory, I’m happy about that, but need to update that soon. I’m quite impatient with slow system. Windows 7 Starter was installed, and husband I talked about upgrading that to Windows 7, however, the guy explained that Starter is the only applicable OS for netbooks due to memory and system issues. (I won’t debate with that)
The netbook works fine, the keyboard is low profile, so it’s kinda easier to type on it, which I like since I’m quite a “typer.” It’s LED display is also useful especially during daytime, and in my case, my class, since it’s too bright in our classroom and since it’s not glass; it doesn’t reflect. The 12 hour promise was put on the test when I was on leave when I stayed on a cafĂ©; without electric plugs. Husband explained to me that WIFI works out your laptop, so I was able to utilize the full battery around 8 hours with WIFI, without music; fair enough. The adapter was so compact that I’m able to carry both in a small shoulder bag; blind from those mongrels around. Due to security risk, any gadget needs to be registered first in our security; which is a bit bothersome. Since the laptop was small enough, for some reason, they can’t manage to “inspect” it.

That’s about it, I hope I was able to answer some of your FAQ’s, if you have additional queries, you can shoot me an email!

  • Meanwhile, JR, posted a comment from my last entry, asking if I was busy; Yes I am, and after 2 more saturday classes. I'm!! Thanks btw for dropping a comment; it really meant a lot to me. Don’t worry, will be posting “something” interesting soon! Dedicated for you! P.s. I just read your reflection post; it’s not “walang kwenta.” You’re one of my top 10 bloggers I’m always looking forward to; seriously.
  • The last post I posted was April 23, 2010 with the formula to get a new netbook. Since then, I’ve been quite busy because summer classes are only 6 sessions. I just finished the first part of my report, done my research, and just polishing my campaign. I can’t believe we’ve done a PR Campaign in less than 2 months. The reason why I was quite busy was the inconsistent schedule change; I got upset since the original plan was having our class moved to April 30, Friday. It was perfect! I already filed a leave Thursday night shift. However, Wednesday, they gave us an update that the Saturday class will pursue. I was planning not to attend the class anymore but my classmates/friends were insistent; classmate/friendship won.

  • I was not able to leave early to attend my civic org’s swimming. It was a month long plan so that the oldies aka “Tanders” are able to attend, however, partly, I was blessed not to attend. Only 5 attended the swimming from the original 20ish. After my class, I then took a bus to Sta. Cruz Laguna,that was around 6pm, going to our headquarters “Bi El” (Bahay Laguna), located in Magdalena, Laguna, a couple minutes away from Liliw, Laguna. Yes, it’s that far. It was a weekend, so the line in the bus station was long enough, add traffic in Pansol, Calamba city for those who are having their weekend swimming; the travel was plain grueling. After I reached Sta. Cruz, Laguna, we were already used to ride taxicles (tricycles that you would rent on your own); last year, I can still remember paying 70 php for one trip, I was surprised that they’re asking 200 right now! I was able to find a cheaper one for 150php. Talk about bad-TRIP.
  • I reached mydestination; Bi El aka Bahay Laguna. You can check the pictures here at my Multiply account. I was surprised to see 5 of my friends, in front of the house, in an open area, under the moonlight, with beddings and all; they’re gonna sleep outside. It was actually nice to do something like that for a change, plus, it was hot inside. We waited for our former president,Ate Macris, ate late dinner and did what we like most; bonding. (I'm actually after a different kind of "bonding" though… nyahaha!!) It was really relaxing to catch up with these people. I didn’t sleep since I still have to go to husband’s place that morning, so I just did my report and done some improvements. I woke up Ate Mac, after an hour, since she still has work that morning. We left early morning.

  • I then went to San Pablo City, Laguna and arrived to hsuband’s place, husband washing our clothes and his mom cooking breakfast for us. Took a quick nap, tita woke me up for they will be coming with me, visiting my place for our town fiesta. It’s time to meet the parents; my parents. Nyahahaha!!! When she arrived, she immediately asked my mom if she can still remember her, and mom still does. (*Husband’s younger brother was my childhood bestfriend, and during lunch, both of our moms will visit us for our packed lunch). After we ate, took some pictures and went back to San Pablo, bought groceries and took a good night rest. So I guess it’s wedding next year! Hehe!

  • We’re back to our “old” building and I'm not happy about it. When I got transferred to a new department, we were quite sad because we were just 10 in our team in a whole new building, with other department. However, later we realized it was a blessing; we were able to surf the net, do our own thing (we’re able to eat inside the office, laugh our hearts out,talk about everything, etc), and we’re away from all the stress(ed)ful people of our original department! However, since our team was part of a bigger department, we were asked by our head boss to go back here at the old building. Last Monday was our first day. I chose my desk to be far away from everyone, near the corner. ALAS! Since we all have our extensions, I was transferred where my monitor was facing the public. Now I have to surf the net more discreetly. Pft.
  • I’m able to upgrade my work out plan and diet. Tuna sandwich, PB and J, popcorn (microwavable) and milk diet… ONLY. Yes, I’m only eating those I mentioned for the whole week for breakfast, break and lunch. I’m quite unhealthy during weekends, since during class, we’re already eating lunch and whatever was served; I EAT!
  • Right now, good thing it wasn’t that busy here at work, but I’m not able to do my assignment as well. I finished this blog entry and also my ebook here at work; Darren Shan’s Cirque Du Freak I’m already reading Book 9- Killers of the Dawn. Anyway, that’s it for now, I’ll try to upload some pics later/sooner. Sorry for not updating that much guys…