Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dead bored sickening bored.

Dead bored sickening bored.

It’s nearly the end of the month, so we’re slacking big time, but it is to our (or rather my) advantage because for some reason, I suddenly didn’t feel well. My mantra last night before going to work was I’m good, I feel good, and I’ m feeling fine. When I arrived at work, I was wearing 3 jackets! Good thing I’m now better, since it wasn’t that busy at work, I was reading Darren Shan’s Cirque Du Freak Book 10 entitled “THE LAKE OF SOULS.” It gets boring on some of the parts so I was skipping that and went on blog hopping. I realized I need to ‘release” these things in my mind.
Last week was actually filled with dreams, from bizarre ones to again; R-18 dreams (details/story at my vaughndraye site), especially after we watched Inception last Monday, I slept the rest of the day in the office and damn I dreamt about inception!

I was to blog those “interesting” dreams from last week, but I didn’t get the time to, since we went back to Manila for my grandmother’s best friend’s birthday party.
I was walking in a village, I think it was near Umali, with my young students and went inside one of my student’s home. They were doing their project while others were just hanging out, watching television. It felt differently; emotionally, since it felt good- bonding with my students, just a bit younger. It was rather cloudy, but no rain, and a couple of minutes, I saw my old high school friends walking. (*That’s the sign I needed to visit Sheenah.)
There were a few details of several dreams that I already forgot.During the weekend, I filed my LOA for my first semester for my masters. I’ll be returning back to school 2nd semester, since I’ll be on a Friday and Saturday off. I was about to go when this groupies in black screamed at me; my classmates! I asked them,”Sino patay? (Whose dead?)” They gave me a puzzled look,and I gave one too. “You’re all in black!” That’s where they all laughed. They were on their way to eat lunch and invited me to join. I so missed them so much! After their lunch, Andrea one of my two best bud went with me to SM Sta. Mesa to create my 2nd personalized shirt with a label “von draye’ in front. She went back while I went to Cubao to buy a couple of “pasalubongs” at Breadtalk; one of the few stores we don’t have in Los BaƱos.
I packed my things and went to Buendia bus station, and dozed off; big time! I just woke up when I was near Sheenah’s place already! I went down, screaming and knocking the door for hours, but no answer, good thing I bumped into Shelani; her younger sister who opened the door for me. There were lots of stories, however, it was cut short since I still have to go home with my mom’s sinampalukang manok waiting for me! I was so excited for the baby to come out!
I ate like the usual “me” and went to sleep. I woke up with a smile on my face, since I miss my bed. That was it; we were to visit grandma’s bestfriend, celebrating her 86th birthday. After all the fuss, they dropped me off at the condo and prepared for mass. I was happy to see an old face, and old friend Khalel, and he brought someone with him too! We need to go earlier than the usual since husband has a shift that night, we ate dinner before his shift and made it our “celebration” but changed our minds; we didn’t enjoy eating at Tokyo Tokyo Bistro, since their veggies were just peas, corn and carrots. We gave our goodbye kiss and parted our ways. I went home, took a good night rest and woke up Monday morning.
My plan to work out didn’t push through since I was still dead sleepy around 6am, 7am and 8am! I was waiting for husband to wake up, but since he’s sound asleep, I didn’t bother waking him up. You know? When there’s this goodlooking guy at your bed, sleeping soundly (no snores!), with that angelic face, hugging his pillow, you can’t stop and smile, and you just have to let him sleep. After 2 hours, he woke up and we prepared to go to SM to buy him new shoes. I was about to go to the gym after that, however, we then suddenly planned to watch Inception. It was sooooooooooooooooo good! We went home, prepared and went back to the office to sleep. That’s when I kept on dreaming about Inception.

Yesterday was one of the weirdest schedules we had; going to work at 4am. We were scheduled for a training at 9am to 1pm. When we checked the place, there were no people. We checked with the organizer, it was cancelled. We logged in and worked for less than an hour and went home. I surprised husband since it was not in the plan for me to go home, because my next shift starts at 1am the next day, and the slow mover that I was, I planned to sleep in the office. Good thing I went home and cuddled and slept holding his hands.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Of husbands and husbands

He was waiting for me in front of Mercury Drug in MRT Ayala. He was wearing the long sleeved polo I bought from Maldita that I haven't used yet, and was about to yesterday since I was conducting a training for my colleagues, but he needed it more that I do, so I ironed the longsleeve and let him wear it. It was all worth it.

After I saw him standing, I went up to him and kissed him; yes we do kiss in public. As usual, I always my peripheral vision for people's reaction. None. Good. I gave my goodbyes to my colleagues and went to our new favorite food hub; Mang Inasal. We walked towards there while holding hands, and after we were seated, he gave me the good news. He was accepted as a trainer. I was happy like hell! Finally, being the top performer (Uh, that didn't sound right. *grins), perfect attendance (no late, no absences for almost 3 years!), and garnering the highest stat in his department; which is one of the hardest department of the company.

He can't broadcast it yet since there's no formal announcement done on their department, but given the fact that the interviewer already gave him this "confirmation," I know they were also happy that he passed. I was teasing him that I'll greet him on his wall. Hahaha!! Naughty me! Since I (hope and) think that nobody on his office reads my blog; I'm just happy to announce it here!

For the past few days I was stressed out and down, but yesterday morning, everything changed. I now feel better and uplifted and I'm just so happy for him, and so proud of my husband!

Before we went home I told him to offer a thanks giving mass on Sunday and of course, we have to celebrate.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

casual conversations; family edition; dad's bloopers

Since it was my dad’s birthday last weekend, I would like to dedicate this post for him.

I’m not really close to my family, most especially to my dad, probably since growing up, I was more close to my grandma, sister and mom, more fond with my girl cousins and aunts. He doesn’t know my favorite food, he doesn’t even know my age at times, or probably I’m being over melo dramatic. What can I say?! I'm his gay son. Hehehe…

My dad grew up on a rice farm, at the back end of San Miguel, Bulacan, literally at the boundary between Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. He was the youngest of the 13, and the most successful of them too, (and yes, I have 12 uncles and aunts) that’s why he “thinks” that he’s always right, probably that’s another reason why we weren’t close; we’re bound by our differences and opinions.

I’d like to share those moments that he really made us(or rather me) smile, despite of his serious aura, he can as funny as (and since he looks like) Jimmy Santos.

When I was a kid, we are to drink 1 big can of Bear Brand milk everyday; that's your key to get out of the house, unless you drink your milk, you can't get out of the house. My dad too, drinks with me and my siblings. One morning,

Dad: Kuha mo nga ako nung teddy bear...

ME : Anong Teddy Bear?

Dad: Ikuha mo ako nung may teddy bear sa kusina...

ME: Bakit naman sa kusina, wala naman teddy bear 'dun?!

Dad: Yung iniinom! ?
*Mom just went out of the kitchen with the brand of milk with a bear as their logo.

Dad: Eto o!?


One of the things I loved to do were read books, during my high school years when I have my allowance made it more addicting, since I have the financial power to buy me one. It was more exciting especially when my cousins in the U.S. sent me Chicken Soup for the soul series. After my 1st year in college at UPLB, I need to transfer to another school. Dad was upset that I have to transfer again, plus it was a private school so the tuition was like 7x with my tution in UPLB. He was driving us homeward bound when he was giving me a sermon when,

DAD: ang mahal mahal ng tuition mo, ang gastos gastos mo pa, bumili ka pa ng recipe book na pagkamahal mahal, 'di mo naman ginagamit!? (He's really upset here,you know)

*I can remember buying a recipe book, becuase during those times, I wanted to learn cooking, the book costs around 60php.

ME: Eh mura lang naman 'yung book, 60php lang yun.

DAD: Anong 60pesos!? 'Yung 700 pesos na book?! 'Di mo naman nagagamit!?

ME: Alin? 'Yung Chicken Soup?

DAD: OO!? Ang mahal mahal nun di ka naman natututong magluto?!

ME: ...

When we were younger (elementary days younger) there are times when dad will get so mad of all of us getting in trouble, we’ll have this “family meeting,” me, my older sister, eldest brother and mom will gather all our list of naughty, bad and wrong doings and that’s the time we’ll either get spanked or just a long sermon, depends on the gravity of the mistake. One night,

DAD: Nagpapaka hirap akong pag aralin kayo, para naman wala kayong natututunan… Para kayong di tinuturuan ng Good Conduct and Right Manners!?

*Seriously, even mom who was red mad laughed her heart out, my sister who was also mad with my older brother need to keep herself standing and hold to him since they were really laughing out hard.

Other than those top three, we still have our mini moments and "awwww" moments with dad.

Right now, we're better, (and kinda closer) that I'm not living there anymore, that we were able to buy our own place, that I was able to provide for myself, or is it because I have a gorgeous husband they think is just my buddy buddy?


Series of Unfortunate Events;on a Weekend

I don’t know if it was due to the stressful Saturday morning of me arranging the training I’ll be holding for my team, or just the lack of sleep the day before, but the weekend just passed really was a total epic fail (and now, included were today’s series of unfortunate events).

I went to the gym to work out and was able to work out more than my usual routine. I was really happy since the “pan de sal” is starting to show, so happy, I took some pictures! I created a theme, geeky hunk (I was wearing glasses while taking the pictures), but I can’t post the pictures, tell you later why. I then met husband after that and decided to eat lunch. We were talking and suddenly, he had a mental block which made me red mad; he forgot where we celebrated/ate after our blessing last year.

We, or rather, I was trying to cool down so we went to Timezone since they were offering 100php for 50php only! So we killed time at this new game (Egyptian themed shooting game) WE took pictures however, I won’t be able to post it here, I’ll tell you why; later.

We then watched The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I didn’t enjoy the movie that much, and husband loved it, we went out and was surprised to see that it was raining hard. Riding the MRT, I first checked my pockets if everything is complete; wallet-check, sun phone-check, globe phone-check, coin purse-check, Zoden-check. So we squeezed our way in and checked my things again, this time, I just told him “SUN ko” (my sun). Husband thought that I still have my sun, so he was calm, but I reiterated that I “lost” my sun, he kinda panicked. I told him to calm down since we’re inside the MRT. I checked my other pockets and it seems that “snatcher” doesn’t have enough money to go home; he included my coin purse.

I then sent an sms to Migs that I won’t be able to attend his party, I really felt bad, I wanted to go but due to the circumstances of what happened, I don’t think I’ll be able to go, all my energy level went down because of that. I just slept it off and woke up early the next day for my dad’s birthday celebration.

Sunday morning, I snuggled husband to go with me and eat breakfast at KFC at Buendia before I ride the bus to Laguna, add up to the misfortunate events; we ended up fighting and so I waited for him to finish his food, and me, hungry like a gay bear, just went to the bus and experienced the excruciating hunger, not being able to sleep, and feeling very cold and down. After I arrived, good thing my beloved (future) sister in law was there to give me a very bright welcome hug and an enlightening beso. She decided to go with me to church Sunday morning, and after the mass, we went to our local town mall since mom asked us to buy some groceries and I ended up buying ice cream too!We then went to Sun shop to block the number(since mine was on postpaid) and apparently, some stupid agent created another account under my name, and when they pulled up the phone number information, it was still under my dad’s name, plus, who created the rule that nobody else except the owner can call in and block the number… Seriously, it was just a request to block the number!? How can I call them since I don’t have a phone!? I don’t want to argue with them anymore, so they blocked it and I told them that I’ll just be requesting a new SIM once I have a new phone. This is a sign for me to buy a new phone, and that is why I won’t be able to share the pictures I took. We went home, enjoyed dad’s birthday party, went back to Manila with brother and future sister in law, and they visited our new place.
They were happy to see husband and the new place too!

It was quite early, so I still have time to catch the MCC mass as well. On my way there, my rubber shoes soles were already tearing down so I decided to go down at SM Savemore near Mantrade MRT Station to buy some sandals. After I went down to Evangelista, a lady told me I dropped something; my sandals. I went back and good thing I found it nearly taken by someone else. Glad I reached the church safe and sound. After the mass, they feast on the macaroni salad and pansit palabok I brought them, and they were all happy, though, I’m particularly happy since I saw my favorite lesbian couple Sam and Crissy were there! They’re both equally cute, beautiful, goddess-muse like kind of beautiful! We all went home and this, time I was happy that the weekend just ended.

Or so I thought…

On my first day at work, I thought I already got used to receiving escalation; apparently not. There are times when you just feel THE stress, I ended up with a very stressful day, good thing I was meeting husband for breakfast. We went home and slept. Tuesday, another escalation, plus the room I reserved for the training I am conducting was also reserved for training. I was so upset that I just conducted the training using one of my colleague’s computer. I ate my lunch and now, I’m too tired and stressed to give my 100% energy to work.

I’ll just have to mantra this out…

WuuuSsaa!!!! Happy Thoughts… Happy Thoughts… Happy Thoughts…

Wednesday, July 14, 2010



I posted this last Monday morning in my Meme account, because that's the only site they are able to access at work, I told husband to access it.

Hala!? Kinilig!?

Sorry naman sa background.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Threesome, and a mass on a weekend

I just finished yoga class and attended the Saturday mass at Greenbelt when husband and I decided to go home since he still have work that night, while I still have a Threesome to attend to. Imagine, husband allowing me to go to a threesome event, and mind you, this was announced publicly.Anyway, it was actually a book launch of the cybercelebrities in the blogosphere (not those who have scandals pervs!). Presenting, Mcvie, E, and Migs! The moment I entered theRoom, I hurriedly purchased the book; mahirap nang maubusan.
I was holding my bookset and was waiting for the program. It was all worth it. The effort, the sleepless day, the money, everything disappeared as the event ended.

The copy of my book; in my hands!



Stella and Moi

The event also exceeded my expectation when they had their respective readings, especially “Stella’s advice” which made me fight not to cry. mL of tears nearly burst but I stopped myself from crying; no wailing. I was really touched by her entry and those kinds of mothers should have their own effigy in Luneta. That made me approached her and talk to her, I just can’t stop asking her things and I wanna hear her thoughts. That’s why I wanna thank you “Stella” for that night; you gave me a big heartfelt inspiration, nto just with my life, with my dreams and aspirations as well. You’ll always be one of those people I’ll be praying for.

A couple of the MGGFF guys.

I came alone since husband has work that night, and being the eccentric loner that I am, add up being a Libran (which they say is supposedly approachable and has the tendency to become the life of the party), I ended up bonding with MGGFF and Londonboy. I wanna thank MGGFF guys that I met at the party, I can’t remember all of your names, but seriously, like what I told Geoff; you’re a bunch of fun! I’m looking forward to meet, and talk (and take your pictures too!) to you guys. For my small world case, I was able to meet Adrian, my old multiply contact. When I saw him, I already thought I’ve seen him somewhere.They invited me to join them for dinner but I don’t have the energy to do so, I walked the Panay st. going back to MRT station and tried to absorb what just happened; but I was too blank to, overwhelmed by what just happened.

I went home and uploaded the pictures and during those times, McVie and Migs were still awake, and we were still exchanging e-mails asking their permission about the pictures I took from the event; I was starstrucked with McVie I forgot to ask his permission. I also sent them their picturesof the said event. I’m just sad I wasn’t able to talk to Nimmy, CC and the other bloggers as well, plus no signature from GIBBS! AARRGHH!! I was really looking forward to meet those three pa naman..

Sunday, I thought my happy moments ended that Saturday, however, my blessing wasn’t over yet. When I attended the MCC mass, I was surprised to see new faces, and it was nice to see that the room was filled with more than 10 people to attend the mass. The good thing about going to this church was its intimate; less people, less noise, it may be a bit unpleasant due to weather conditions, but for some reason, God was making weather changes to suit our needs. After the mass, there was part where everyone will share a piece of blessing they have that happened to them within the week. It was nice to hear God's blessing working to all of them. I went home happy since there were more people than I expected, more blessings I have heard.


There goes my happy weekend; a threesome and a mass.

Friday, July 9, 2010

What happened?!

Haven't blogged for the longest time.

So here's what happened in Glee, errr... with me...

Two weekends ago, there was our GAWAD General Assembly and that's where my busy weekend started. After an overnight swimming and catching up, I went straight to St. Therese church in UPLB to thank HIM. I then went home and found the cutest thing in the world; puppies! My aunt gave us one and she was named Princess, though, they ought to change that since one of our niece' name (from my father side)is the same. I suggested to name her Duchess.
I then surfed the net since I haven't checked my mails and thingies for the longest time. It was really hot that morning until after lunch, I was sitting in my bed and felt sleepy. I then went to sleep around 2pm and woke up around 5 since it was raining. I woke up around 11pm since it was then too cold, that my throat was already dry; and I was coughing. Damn, it was like the whole year's weather in one day. My brother who was on his way back to Subic, gave me a ride until Makati, and that's where I kept on sneezing and coughing.


That week was also stressfully sick. There were some updates from work so from our usual 100 accounts per day, we got to work 300+ worked accounts on a Monday shift. Then, come Wednesday, I have to go back to Los Banos, Laguna again since we have a little reunion; my cousin from the US. Since I didn't and wasn't able to file any leave that day, I still have to go to work that night. What killed me more was I found out that the puppy was gone. That Wednesday morning, Duchess was gone. Damn, I was really sad since I wanted to play with her some more...

The week passed and the week's highlight was when husband and I went to Resorts World that Sunday morning and ate our hearts out at their buffet breakfast. It was actually nice since the membership is "free," you just have to register on their online website and go there with your valid government issued ID and presto! You have your membership ID! It comes with two coupons; discount at their buffet breakfast at 88php (exclusive of tax) plus free 100php tokens for slut errr.. slot machines. I lost 200, husband won XXXX php. hehehe.. We then went to Megamall to check out the sale. Damn sale! I was forced to buy glasses, and oven toaster. We dropped by CDR King as well to buy my netbook keyboard protector and fan, and we decided to buy a Vision Board, so we could post what we want to have; The Secret. We went home, he took a nap since he still have work that night while I prepare for MCC mass.

This week was pretty boring since nothing much happened. Since I wasn't able to work out last week due to my cough and colds, I started my Monday with a work out and I mean work out! Husband and I also decided to visit the new gym I was eyeing here in Pasig; the 24/7 Eclipse Gym.

Tomorrow, I'm excited to attend the Threesome; Book Launch of my favorite bloggerettes! too bad husband needs to go to work. pft.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Casual conversations; Work Edition; Laugh Trip

Sorry guys, haven't posted/updated yet this blog space of mine, was sick, was busy and getting more busy.
Anyway, I would update you guys in a while, I want to share this first with you.

In our line of work, we call our customers to validate if the activities on their account are indeed valid or not. Our company, (and don't quote me on this one) holds security as one of their priorities for their customers. So one of my colleague was talking to a customer when...

Fraud analyst : We're just calling to validate these....
Customer: Can I talk to your supervisor?
Fraud analyst : May I ask why why do you want to talk to my supervisor?
Customer: Because I want to
Fraud analyst: Oh, because we need to introduce the call to our supervisor.
Customer: That's between your supervisor and me. How's that?

One of the reason why I love my job is you just can't ask for a supervisor just like that. We're from the fraud department and escalations are

Our eyes twinkled because me and my colleague will have just had our training to for escalation requests from our customers.

Fraud analyst : We're just calling to validate these....
Customer: Can I talk to your supervisor?
Fraud analyst : May I ask why why do you want to talk to my supervisor?
Customer: Because I want to
Fraud analyst: Oh, because we need to introduce the call to our supervisor.
Customer: That's between your supervisor and me. How's that?
Fraud analyst: Oh well, just two seconds ago, I just got promoted; I'm NOW the supervisor, how's that?