Thursday, September 7, 2017

Si M.A., si Vondraye ug si ate Mark; A Review and a Blog about the play: Si Chris, Claire, ug Merci

with the Cast (missing Everild aka Carlos)
thank you Issa Layaog for the photo!

the Play is About to Start!

A Review and a Blog about the play: Si Chris, Claire, ug Merci
Si M.A., si Vondraye ug si ate Mark 

"The only excuse I'm going to accept is if you're dead or dying." 
-My Theatre Mentor

Sweating like a pig, I walked from IT Park to Crossroads Banilad around 3:45 in the afternoon for the 4pm show - Si Chris, Claire, ug Merci. I actually already arrived at 3 in the afternoon but realized I was an hour earlier. Yes, I was THAT excited for that play.

This is the 2nd time I'll be watching a play from Our House, a renowned and proud locally born Cebuano theatre group. Members of the said theatre group are also composed of Cebuanos with a fire inside everyone with the love of and for theatre. If you have watched them perform Love Confessions before, you'd know what I'm talking about. If not, here's your chance to really how Cebuanos, specifically Our House do it. 

Si Chris, Claire, ug Merci features Three Original One-Act Plays written by their own actor Josh Eballe and directed by one of their own actors too, Troy Tomarong. 

I was pretty excited to watch this on their first day, and as expected, they indeed delivered. I guess, not only me, but many people did find and loved their performance. 

Living the Values of Smart, Authentic, Passionate, Collaborative, Professional, and Disciplined, they indeed showcased everything.

Dinhi Nalang Ba Kutob Ang Tanan? (Hanggang Dito na Lang Ba ang Lahat? -Will Everything End Here?)
Play-ception; A play within a play. This is my first reaction when the lights turned on. This tells the story of Chris who wrote a script for a play he's directing as well.  Paul came to rehearse scenes and lines with him, but while rehearsing, it unfolded Chris' inner feelings; Chris' inner TRUE feelings. 
I like most what Paul told Chris - People talk about their problems and not write them on scripts for plays (something like that). Ouch. 

Ang Tulo ka Panagway ni Claire (Ang Tatlong Mukha ni Claire - Claire's Three Faces)
Persona-ception. A persona within a pesona. Claire having her two personalities - Carlos and Cassandra, is in a predicament of who to follow. Forgiveness is a big word, a big issue, and a big discussion. 
She maybe a successful lawyer, but behind closed doors, she's battling herself with Carlos and Cassandra. Ouch strike 2.

Pit Senyor, kay Merci Kini! (Pit Senyor, ito ay para kay Merci! - Pit Senyor, this is for Merci!)
Kilig-ception. You wanna know why? WATCH IT THEN!
Merci, a transwoman, living with her loving father, Tatay Ben, and Jomer who sincerely offers his love to Merci but too much affected by our society's intolerance towards LGBT. This may be a light story, but definitely, tells a story of most of our LGBT's in real life struggling in the eyes of the society.

My Review: The lights, the props, the symbolism used(rubics cube, earrings, alcohol bottle, Flower shop, demolished building) elevated the audience to further feel the emotions. Each play portrayed with their striking lines and scripts that made me close to tears because they did target human emotions and make people realize that these are really happening. I can't speak for others but watching the 3 plays made me think that I was watching alone and my life unfold in front of me and these people portraying and left me thinking... THAT's ME! THAT's MY LIFE! THAT's WHAT THE LIFE I WANT! 

I quite knew these people personally and they did justice in their portrayal of their characters, though I would recommend adlibs because their characters in real life would give more justice giving their own personal lines with the play. I didn't notice adlibs or if there were, good job to them then because I didn't notice it. 

They did justice on making it timely as these are really happening. People throwing their emotions on what they do, People successful on the outside, damaged on the inside, and of course, the LGBT love story. 

I've read some reviews and I myself feel "disappointed" because the script and storyline can still be lengthened, just like the usual TV shows that frustrate you that it ended so fast, you'd want them to have more. However, theatre is something that always tickles your mind, and kills you with suspense, plays with your emotions and like a warfare, you have to think fast, feel fast, and die fast.

I do recommend people to watch this play to give yourself and your inner self a slap of reality that everyone has their story to tell - this is theirs, or you may never know; this might be yours.

Catch the final leg of "Si Chris, Claire, ug Merci" 
this weekend:
September 9 & 10 | 10AM, 1PM, 4PM, 7PM
Artist Hall, Benedicto College
A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue, Cebu

Cassandra vs Carlos

poor Claire

Cassandra is my spirit animal!

everyone needs a Tatay Ben in our life

everyone needs a Jomer MORE in our life! 

I wish I was Merci!!!

Pak! Merci For the WIN!

"Tarung na Tubag sa Tarung na Pangutana"

the love of a Father to his Daughter



the Whole Cast!


with the cast missing Carlos (Everild)


Play Poster