Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yoga Boy Vondraye joins Yoga For Life

I can say it was actually a God given divine providence that I got to know Yoga for Life. The first time I heard about them was during my first Pride March 2010 when they were introduced onstage, then our pastor commented that they want to try it out, but I wasn’t paying attention.

Last year, our company gave programs for Health and Wellness and free yoga classes were part of it, and of course, since I’ve been doing yoga before and stopped, this was chance to feel the warmth of yoga again. I signed up, even if the class was on the other building, other side of the world. The yoga instructor was surprisingly; BIG. Like Bouncer big, but a model version, not to mention who has a big heart, so I was really like wow! Add the fact that I’m the only guy during that class. Then, I learned that he was doing classes and from what I know, these classes were expensive and all that jazz. Then, he opened up about Yoga for Life and told me the story about it and the rest was history.
  “Yogaforlife class TOMORROW 2pm at ECHOyoga 9/f penthouse 120 century plaza building perea st. Legaspi village Makati city. See you there.”

This text message always makes me smile; reminds me that my weekend’s gonna start. The one thing I love with Yoga for Life Classes are these classes are either fun, or you get to learn something new from other instructors (some were from other countries!) ; for free. Then there’s the community atmosphere, everytime a newbie comes, everybody introduces themselves and will have a warm welcome. True Story.

The one I always attend is the one in Makati during Saturdays at ECHOyoga Studio, Penthouse, Century Plaza Building, 120 Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati City, after you get dropped off at Insular Bldg at Ayala, just cross and it’s Perea! You have a Saturday thingie? You might be free during Wednesday night at Conference Room at 28th flr Medical Plaza Bldg, 25 San Miguel Ave, Ortigas Ctr, Pasig City, just nearly at the back of Shangri la EDSA, near Meralco Bldg. Sunday is your rest day? Then They still have their Sunday morning class at 3D Il Terrazzo at Tomas Morate Ave., cor Scout Madrinian St at 1103 QC. I haven't beent here yet but from what I've heard its divine!

I invited my pastor, brothers and sisters from MCCPh Makati and they loved it. They told me that they slept the night like a kid eats an ice cream; with a smile on their face and woke up so refreshed.

The reason why I stayed with Yoga for Life is the family and friendly atmosphere they give; in short. LOVE.

If you want to know more about Yoga for Life and their Community, visit their website here. or contact the uber gorgeous founder Paulo at 0917-388-9658.