Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sorry if I haven’t blogged for eons now. The last time I was about to post something was when husband went for a minor surgery last week. I went to Bo’s Coffee to surf and like I said; blog, but I can’t leave the people I was chatting with that time at FB because I rarely go online nowadays unlike before when I was online 24/7; LITERALLY. So I ended up with an empty blog page.

So here goes a roll of what happened to me recently.

One of the reasons probably why I was busy was me getting more serious in the gym, as for the past two weeks, during my gym training during Mondays and Fridays; I’m still doing home exercises at home from Tuesdays until Thursdays; 100 to 120ish push ups and sit ups. (For the upcoming Puerto Prinsesa trip with husband) I already gained almost a kilo every week, and getting bigger and bigger as my colleagues sees my boobs are getting bigger and bigger too.

Since husband is in “forced vacation,” we now have time to bond more; cooking for us and also watching our favorite tv series. Just to let you know guys, we’re watching the latest episodes of Glee, Survivor- Redemption Island, ANTM Cycle 16, and Amazing Race, on the other hand, I’m watching Cougar Town, Bleach, Chuck, and waiting for QAF to finish its download and Modern Family. I’m aiming to download Big Bang Theory too.

I finished training the 4th batch of our new hires for our department. It was rather a nice experience to handle your own class. It’s actually a small group of 4 from the other department, but these were tenured ones who want to transfer to our department due to the less stressful work we do. I was training two girls, and two guys, a dentist, a conservative Chinese girl, a playboy-dad, a starting father. Our training was from 5am to 2pm and the schedule was quite a mix of stressful, yet relaxing; stressful because I don’t get to eat every two hours, but relaxing because I wasn’t doing any calls, plus it’s somewhat considered a day shift already. Since I’m still just any other representative; I don’t have access to any of the training materials in the “training folder.” My manager has to send it to me one by one. Though, I’m glad that I was able to go through the full training experience; alone, from start to end.

Special roll call for the bloggers I met in person recently; Mugen at the gym, London boy at the Zsa Zsa Zatturnah play!

Recently, I’ve encountered a lot of gay couples in Planet Romeo looking for a third party to join them in bed. Then, a friend of mine, who was doing this, broke up with his 9 year-boyfriend just because he “caught” his boyfriend doing this without his permission. I just find it odd and sad at the same time that they’re both doing it with other guys and now that he found about it, they’re breaking up? I’m not close to both of them enough to say something, but I really feel bad that another relationship ended just like that.On the other hand, I found this gay couple who has a point of view that made me smile. One of their profile reads:

"Cheating-is doing something without the consent of the other; breaking trust by entering a deal without the approval of the trustee.

how not to cheat?

-get consent, get approval

. I do hope that for those who keeps on “claiming” that they’re loyal, faithful, etc to their boyfriends, you can stand up for what you said, because sometimes, they are the ones who don’t keep their word.

I’m crossing my fingers for husband. His grandfather then planned to buy him and his younger brother a condo unit somewhere and found a nice 2 bedroom, 2 floor unit. The place was nice and the unit was fully furnished. I just hope his grandfather’s fickle mindedness won’t kick in again just like that last time he was about to buy a unit for them at Makati.

Last week, I went home because there’s a mobile passport processing again at our province. Mom got me a form and I left a copy of my expired passport and ID’s. I missed my room, but I still get feel stressed out; no television, the kitchen was downstairs so whenever I feel hungry, I have to go down. That’s why I’m not a fan of big spaces; I want everything to be accessible, just like in our unit. After you get out of bed, bathroom is just 2 steps away, kitchen is just 5 steps away, exit is one tumbling away and husband is 1 big hug away! Anyway, I attended the mass at the famous St. Therese inside UPLB, ate at the famous Papu’s Siomai and got my haircut at one of the salons. One of the reasons why it’s nice to have a haircut in Los Banos is you can get quality haircut at Php 40, that’s with a glass of iced tea or coffee. I was frightened that the stylist might murder my hair, but it was nice, I gave him a big tip that the people was looking at me while I was exiting the salon. Haha!

Another highlight of my visit was computer shops there are getting hi tech as they are now offering fast WiFi services for a fee! Probably they saw that most of the students have laptops so they’re offering WiFi services or LAN connection. You might think that it's quite pathetic now that there are coffee shops offering free WiFi, but the problem is their net connection is sooooooooo slow.

Right now, work is not becoming work; but just like an extra curricular activity. I can’t feel I’m working because of the latest happenings. When I started off with a BPO company, I was just another lower than the average agent. However, right now, I’m feeling it! I’m getting the top spot, mastering our procedures, and still doing refresher courses for my colleagues. Time flies so fast that I can’t believe that we’re already three years in this company! Plus, I have a good development plan ahead of me! It’s actually something I didn’t expect from HIM because he always do something out of the ordinary. I still wish to be a teacher some day but right now, I’m still enjoying this.

In addition, something made us smile as we’re proud to announce that our company performed well in the Fortune Most Admired survey. I get to work for the 23rd most admired company in the world - ahead of Nike, Nestle, Toyota, eBay and Sony.

Plus, for second year in a row, our company was recognized as a 2010 Outstanding Employer of the Year by PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) during the recently concluded PEZA Investors’ Recognition Night held at the World Trade Center. The PEZA Outstanding Employer Award recognizes organizations that generate considerable employment opportunities, highly regard the welfare of their workers, and maintain harmony between workforce and management.

This summer, I’ll try to complete my requirements for my three subjects. I’m getting pissed with their system that I’m having ideas not to finish my masters there anymore. I just hope our adviser will help us about our problem with our professors since they’re not doing their jobs properly. One problem of masters are that we’re already adult enough to know if they’re meant to be professors or just lame teacher that was labeled professors because they’re already too old in the institution.

I found the pictures I was looking for so I can post another “exciting” entry on my other blog, it will be entitled “SK.” I’m still thinking of other nice entries for my other blog site, any ideas?

To end my entry, I would like to share with you guys another blog site here in blogspot that’s making waves in our office. The everythinginbudget site. This blogspot site showcase all the sales, and discounted coupons. This is where husband got our promo for the Puerto Prinsesa trip tomorrow...

God bless all of you guys!

Friday, April 8, 2011

zeh zsa zsa zaturnnah experienZE!

Guys, my apologies for this uber month late post... I've been busy so I wasn't able to post anything.
Takas post as my trainees are currently not asking any questions.... YET...

March 5, 2011, we were excited to watch Zsazsa Zaturnnah when suddenly, we were informed that the show was cancelled due to technical problems; one of the electric-whatever exploded so they won’t be able to do the show. Instead, they gave us free playbills. Damn.

We then went to Glorietta and (husband) watched “The Adjustment Bureau” and I just slept the whole time was showing.

March 19, 2011, this is it! After a catnap, we then went to CCP for the show, and there in the souvenir booth, was the pretty cute Zsa Zsa Shirts! I was asking husband ala- financial advisor if I can buy one but he won’t let me. We waited for the show and I was excited! There we saw John Lapus and lots of other people in high end clothes. (Later that night, Prince Stephan fb status was he watched the show; damn I wasn’t able to see him!)

I wasn’t able to watch the show for the past 6 Staging as there’s ALWAYS something coming up. This time, I was soooo happy I was able to watch it.

The show started and I can’t stop smiling! I didn’t expect to see too much problems though, but there were a couple. Anyway, everybody (or at least I ) got excited when Rocky Salumbides showed up on his tight orange shirt. The other extras were cute too! I mean literally boytoy cute!

Didi gave a long spiel in gay lingo that there will be a 10 minute break after the first half, he/She/It went back to give an English translation of the spiel. Laugh trip!

I was talking to one of UPLB’s promising playwright Ms. Layeta Bucoy, that Zsa Zsa was somewhat like her play ICEBAG series. The play was hilarious but there were moments that could make you feel “Awww…”

After the play, we took pictures with the cast. YAY!

While waiting... Picture taking!

Zeh Stage!
Ada, Zsa zsa and moi!

Wilma as Dina B. Hahaha!

Si pareng DODONG!

Zeh Final Call!