Monday, November 30, 2015

My Solo Trip to Bantayan

So here I am in the office since I was stupid enough to file for 3 hours of overtime. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about that.

I'm here to talk about my solo trip to Bantayan.

This is to also help out those who are planning to go to Bantayan Island.

People keep on teasing me on why I chose to travel alone, thinking I'm on a trip to find myself yadah yadah. I just want to give myself time to check one of my bucketlist of going on a trip alone, without someone thinking for me and taking care of me. 

I went on a very early Monday morning. I want less people to places I go to. 

I then went to ride a taxi going to North Bus Terminal where all buses going to Bantayan. 

My last trip dated May 25,26, 2015, fare I paid on the bus was 160php which will drop me off from the pier going to Bantayan; the Hagnaya port. I then paid 200hp (est) for the boat ride going to Bantayan Island.

When I reached the beautiful port of Bantayan, you'll walk towards the gate and lots of Habal habal drivers will offer you the ride. It's 30php to which resort you're going to and mind you, they're all nice to check if you already have a hotel or if none, they'll tour you around. 

I checked in to St. Bernard Resort, the reason why is because based on the feedback, they have a nice Customer Service, which I'd rather have rather than good food but having no good customer service, and it was indeed true. 

You can also rent motorcycles for a day for 300php exluding gasoline. I filled up mine for 120php; that's equivalent of 2 bottles of gasoline. You just need to provide an ID to them. 

On my first day, i just took a long sleep/rest and woke up in the evening for dinner. In the town proper, there's lots of restaurants where you can dine and the food was seriously delicious. Given my appetite, the meal was good enough to fill me up.

I then went back and took a rest again. I woke up early morning for breakfast, toured around the town proper, bought some souvenirs and prepared to visit their oldest church. GPS helped a lot given that I don't have any idea where to go, but still, I got lost. Good thing they were nice enough to tell me how to reach the said oldest church- St. Peter and Paul Parish. It was rather a breath of fresh air to travel alone, listening to music while riding my motorcycle (see video below) since there were few vehicles there. 

I wasn't able to visit the famous Virgin island and worse, I wasn't able to take a dip at the beach. Such a loser right?! I just took home a bag of sand, since I'm collecting sands of beaches I visited and the staff notified me that it was time to go. 

I went back to return the motorcycle,got my I.D. back and went to the pier. I'd definitely go back and this time, take a dip and visit the Virgin Island. 

On the bus, I took a nap and was surprised that it was routing via Consolacion so I asked to be dropped to SM Concolasion since I was dead hungry and there's transpo on my way home, which was just a 12php jeepney ride away from my humble abode. 

Next stop, will be blogging about the Mysterious Simala and how to get there!

Here are some of the pictures I took during my trip! Enjoy!

 goodbye Cebu!

inside the big big boat!

 Bantayan Port!!!!

 so clean, so good.

 riding the habal habal going to my resort

 One of the sought after restaurant in Bantayan town proper.

My breakfast before I toured the island.

 Welcome to Bantayan!

 Town Proper Map

 St. Peter and Paul Church in Bantayan, their oldest church

 St. Peter and Paul Church in Bantayan, their oldest church

 St. Peter and Paul Church in Bantayan, their oldest church

St. Peter and Paul Church in Bantayan, their oldest church

no Photoshop, this is how clear their water is.

be sure to wear your sunblock lotion or else... THIS!

This is to show how the water is sparkling clean 
while walking in the Bantayan Port...

Those stupid moments; 
I took a video of me riding my motorcycle 
and didn't realize my phone was taking videos upside down