Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nibalik nako! (I'm back!!!!) Casual Conversations and Updates

Is there such thing as fairy Blog mother? If there is, I think I have one.

I must admit, hands down to our IT personnel of our company. They were able to literally change the settings of our software, system, access so we can have limited access, and I can’t blame them; we work for  one of the biggest bank in the world (plus the fact AT &T's recent data beach here in the Philippines). Almost five years ago, when I can still blog from where I was and it was suddenly removed, there's also the...uhm “NSFW” blogsites were also getting blocked one by one.  I can still access the blogspot site it but I can’t post anything anymore.  I was sooooo amazed... Then, add up that my netbook got stolen here in Cebu, and I thought I would say goodbye to blogging. I’m actually saving for one since a friend of mine was very amused of my ideas of a "Tagalog” gay guy’s views and experience here in Cebu. Lots of ideas came to mind, but for sure, one of my topmost is my inspiration; ManilaGayGuy’s blog, and of course, I also dedicate this to the one who kept on pushing me to blog- Mcvie. I thought of re-creating his blog; Bisaya style. So I thought of couple of names; there was (however, if it doesn’t look good with the man_gyud since it’ll become mang), I am still on the process of recreating another blog, another side of my (gay)life here in Cebu since I think that’s one of the things missing here. We have,,, and Cebu Fitness Blog are some. I have met a couple of bloggers here and would like to really get into the blogging life back again.

Anyway, so the reason why I think I have a fairy blog mother...

I found out a way to blog from the office computer... After Four years... I think I'm blessed with technology magic or something. Whatever you call it.

Anyway, going back to my Casual Conversations Series, here’s one about me getting a tattoo in my chest.

ME: I would like to get a tattoo in my chest with a famous Bisaya quote that I’ve heard a lot of times and it seems to be of an important part of Cebuanos and Cebuanas alike. 

PEOPLE: Amazed…

ME: It seems that this quote is believed to be of faith almost by everyone on a daily basis; that’s how important this quote is to almost all people of Cebu …

PEOPLE: Getting More Amazed… "What is it?"

ME: Sinsilyo lang sa buntag.” (Barya lang sa Umaga) (Loose Coins only in the Morning)

Lastly, a couple of updates on how I look like now...
(Apologies for any incorrect/wrong grammar punctuation, etc... Why? Don't ask. lol)

November 2014 - Office Shoot
December 2014- Team Christmas Party