Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Calayan Medical Group Clinic; Be Beautiful Inside Out

I want you to remember two names before I start: Selina Sevilla and Lalen Calayan. Selina is their Head Aesthetician and Lalen, her life-partner is the Business Development Director of Calayan Medical Group Cebu – Oakridge.

These two will make sure that they will provide excellent service to you! Selina and Lalen both came from Manila and just like me, fell in love with Cebu, Cebuanos and Cebuanas alike. In return, Cebu too gave them a warm welcome. That’s why just after they arrived here and opened their clinic last May 2015 and officially opened June of the same year, they were able to capture the hearts of the locals. I myself, got intimidated as I saw a poster of THE Mr. Michel Lhuillier. I learned that he don’t usually model or promote products or services, but he graced his presence to show Cebu that Calayan Medical Group is indeed trustworthy.

I myself experienced top notch service and also experienced how they handled clients, and how their clients and loyal customers responded to their 5-star service (I’m not exaggerating!).

The heart of a true beauty
I asked Selina and Lalen and they both agreed that they focus and prioritize Customer Service AND QUALITY equally. I admire Selina for her passion to help and also service her customers. The day I stayed in their clinic, even if I know she’s tired, it seems like she has this imaginary well of energy, smile, patience, enthusiasm and zest! Believe me when I say when she face her customers and clients like old friends. I was nodding my head thinking I can’t do what she’s doing… Working Mondays to SUNDAYS, even during HOLIDAYS!!! I mean seriously?! I asked her why are they like that and how come, she responded and something I will forever remember, “parang dinudurog puso ko pag nakikita ko silang naghihintay ng matagal, pag hindi naalagaan” (It crushes my heart whenever I see them waiting too long and not serviced properly and not taken care of). That’s one of the things I will never forget, when we were talking about her customers; the way she treats her customers is LOVE by definition.

Let’s get into business
I could talk and talk about how they do customer service and all, but the business side of it, I found out that their clinic has their own Operating Room. The difference? Other clinics (most specially those ones inside the malls) don’t have operating rooms due to regulations and restrictions. So in case you want a procedure done that requires an operation, you’ll have to fly to Manila. I was actually hesitant to undergo their facial treatment simply because all my previous facial treatments end up me having MORE pimples after the treatment. Still, they assured me that they only use the best products in terms of facial cleaning treatments. They even assured me that their cleanser is so safe, it can be used for babies. True to their words, after the facial cleaning procedure, we still went out that night exposed to dust and worst – PUYAT (lack of sleep), but still, the next day without any washing of my face, lo and behold! My skin still remained blemish free and I still feel fresh and no kidding, I still look fresh the next day! Okay fine, it may sound too advertorial but I suggest you rush to their clinic and try their services and you’ll see what I mean! Their beauty products were also formulated to make sure it’s only the best for your skin, whether during facial treatments or creams, believe me, they work magic.

Calayan Medical Group headed by Lalen and Shelina is different from the Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic in SM Seaside. One of the advantages is that they’re situated at Oakridge Business Park which makes their clinic accessible and also makes sure that the vicinity is secure. They’re planning to expand (again, for the love of customers) to reach out to more Cebuanos who are a bit far from their main clinic/branch and they’re also planning to renovate the said clinic to accommodate more.

Aesthetic and Wellness, Dermatology, Laser and Light Treatments, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery. Detailed explanations and procedures can be better explained when you visit their clinic and also they can assess which services would best suit you! You can reference from the image below the services they provide.

You can visit their very beautiful clinic at
2nd floor, block 88 bldg (just above the Rustans Supermarket)
Oakridge Business Park
880 A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City,
6014 Cebu, Philippines

You can reach them and schedule your appointments at
Clinic Landline: (032) 263-7056
Clinic Mobile: 0917-595- 6221

You can also reach them with via social media
Twitter: @calayanmedcebu
Facebook : calayanmedgroup
Instagram: @calayanmedgroup
and their website: www.calayanmedicalgroup.com

 The entrance to their clinic.

 The door entrance.

Ate Receptionist got shy and left! :))

 The pretty hallway to the rooms! :))

 One of their rooms where the magic happens.

 Consultation Room

and look at that gwapong Doctor!

 The poster of  the famous M. Lhuillier

 Kindly be seated while you wait! (They have wifi too!)

 You'll have to change to this very cute "kimono" dress!

 While waiting for the facial, me and that gwapo doctor!

 While waiting for my facial treatment! SELFIE!

 Look at that smile!

  Ate doing her magic!

 Closer look on ate doing her magic!

2x Closer look on ate doing her magic!

 Other side!

The suit before getting the treatment!

 Calayan Beauty Products

 Calayan Beauty Products at the Reception

List of their Services
They got featured at Zee Lifestyle magazine!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Cebu Professional Cleaning Services; A Review

It's not that I hate cleaning, but if I'm gonna clean my place, I think it'll take me three days, plus it depends on my mood, I won't be able to arrange my place, clothes properly. That's why when I saw the ad at Facebook by "Cebu Professional Cleaning Services,  I didn't hesitate to contact them right away.

The business owner, let's call him Mr. JM was nice and accommodating, answering all queries. He was very patient and professional too ( I had lots of questions like a pestering kid with the endless WHY) ! When I booked them to clean my unit, they were right on time! They also brought their OWN cleaning materials too! (Which made me worried since I only have soap and some cleaning materials to use) They have acid, garbage bags, soaps, broomsticks and all!

After 2 hours, they were done! with the advertised "promised" bathroom deodorizer, flower and the thank you card!

This made me curious and I interviewed Mr. JM .

I also asked the names of the staff who cleaned my place because they did a good job of cleaning my place! I recommend ate Neressa and Tata. They did a superb job I even gave them "merienda."

Mr. JM said that they are the first ones to "professionalize" it here in Cebu.

Cebu Cleaning Services started last July 2015. However, the business has been conceptualized for almost a year. Mr. JM was hesitant to pursue it because he's not sure with the demand, until such time, he already had lots of inquiries about the service. The business was formed out of his need as he lives in a condo. He realized that he wants his place to be clean always, but in some cases, he's tired cleaning it and if his condo is not clean, it affects his mood (who doesn't?!) . That's why he realized that he needs someone who will clean and maintain the cleanliness of the unit. Since he's very particular in terms of cleanliness, why not make it as business. so from just a concept, it became a reality.

Then I asked with his staff since nowadays, it's hard to find helpers in Cebu, he started getting referrals from his condo maintenance staff and to his laundry shop staff. He asked them to be endorsed to him and then scheduled for interview. He started with small staff in order for him to personally monitor them and of course, train them as well (and I believe in this as when they were done cleaning my place, he inspected EVERY inch, EVERY corner of my room to check if it was indeed clean and ORDERLY). Ate Neressa and Tata asked me what to do with the table, and I asked her not to touch it (since I know the "order" of things, but it was chaotic, and they insisted to arrange and clean it since their "boss" will reprimand them. I was taken aback, because if it was me, I'll just leave it as it is!

I was so happy that I promised MR. JM that i'll blog about it. so here it is!

This was not a paid advertisement since I really just want to share my experience with the said business and hey, I'm helping out the business grow and help the locals get more job most specially since they love what they're doing!

There were no animals hurt during the blogging.

I need to see the difference so I took the picture of the "Before." 

 My bed and please don't judge me...

 My backdoor with all my pants, again, please don't judge me.

Okay, you can judge me on this part.

 ate Neressa and Tata in action!

I don't know what to feel since they turned my room upside down 
and clean every inch of it.

The "After."  

I just have to take a shot of my comfort room. 

The floor! It was white as Snow White!
What is this sorcery?!

Not just flowers, they left a card too! Awww.

You can contact them via FB:  www.facebook.com/Cebu-Professional-Cleaning-Services-for-Condominiums-Apartments-and-Houses-482490291897441/?ref=br_rs
and/or their contact number at 0917-688-0655
(*with permission to post)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Casual Conversations - Cebu Edition - Work work work work work

I can't believe that I have these stories to share and I think it's legal since we don't have that department anymore.

Almost all companies protect their clients/customers and one of which is security verification.

Here are some cases that teaches us that as much as we can, we need to stay alert, awake and most specially ENTHUSIASTIC.

(I ask one of my friends and she obliged that I can post this)
Story 1:

Colleague 1: (Sleepy... no.. make that very...very sleepy) For security, can you please verify for me the whale shark?
Customer: The what?!

Imagine how fast the heartbeat goes of colleague one when she realized this.

Story 2:
Outside of our workstations are breakout areas where we can watch television, drink coffee,eat,etc.
After watching National Geographic or I think it was Animal Planet, colleague 2 went back to work and still sleepy....
Colleague 2: For security, can you please verify for me the 3 monkeys at the back of the card?
(Remember? Credit cards have the 3 digit security codes at the back of the card?)
Customer: I can't see 3 monkeys here but I see 3 digits.
Colleague 2: kruuu kruuu *Cricket moment*

Story 3:

This is my favorite and was just recent.
I transferred to my new department and I now have new colleagues
I call this HugotQuestion.

Colleague 3: I would like to verify the date that you had yada... yada....
Mr. Customer.. .How past is past???

My manager, some of my other colleagues stood up and we were looking at her...
We can't help it but laugh...

I'll just leave this here (Of rants and depressions- quarterlife crisis, work stress and more)

I can’t believe I didn’t blog about my depression during my college years. I want to feel what I felt that time. All I know is that almost everyday, I feel like I have a Dementor in my backpack, or kissing a Dementor LITERALLY every waking day. I remember going home, dropping by San Antonio church chapel, praying, talking to HIM. However, I can’t remember why. I can rememeber vague snippets but I can’t remember why I was so depressed, down and  was crying at home because of school.

I failed to blog about this last week and I want to this time (blame it to me being “tamad.”) . I want to go back and remember what I felt, why I felt it and what happened after.

Ex was checking up on me since I changed my profile pic in my Facebook account to Sadness of Inside Out. A week or two ago, after I went to Sto. Nino Basilica to attend the mass, it rained and for some odd reason, I don’t know why, I suddenly felt sad. Things started to come into my mind. 8 years and still an advisor/specialist. No promotion, while people who are less than 4years with the company are already managers, one friend from Manila is now two levels higher. I don’t have a home, I gave up my condo, no car, just a couple of savings. Work hasn’t been good to me too since I haven’t been to a weekdays off for the longest time it’s hard to adjust. I’m missing Sunday mass, gym sessions, yoga sessions.

I want to slap my face because honestly, I have lots of things to be thankful for. We may not have weekends off, but our shift/work starts between 3-5 (mine at 4:45) and that time, there’s not too much work (calls) and almost everyone else are at the evening shift where real stress starts. I also look to some of my colleagues in Manila, who are same as me; 8 years and advisor level and they are happy. (Though, I envy them since they’re doing admin/back office and not taking calls) I should be happier since I’m single and they have families and responsibilities, while I get to travel, and use my salary on my own. I want to meet my doppelganger and ask him to slap me, or at least crush my brain and heart so that they would feel that I’m indeed lucky. However, it’s not the case… I still feel bad, REALLY bad… I can’t even describe it. I was absent last Tuesday because I wasn’t feeling well; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. 

I’m a little bit better now thanks to (believe it or not) Supergirl TV series. I just hope this would end fast, because this work related stress, Quarterlife crisis is driving me nuts.

“Life isn’t perfect. I know it can be hard… Pain is part of life, it’s what makes us who we are, it’s what makes you a hero. “
(Supergirl Season 1 episode 13)

I will blog more soon. Patience my dearie.

Monday, November 30, 2015

My Solo Trip to Bantayan

So here I am in the office since I was stupid enough to file for 3 hours of overtime. Anyway, I'm not here to talk about that.

I'm here to talk about my solo trip to Bantayan.

This is to also help out those who are planning to go to Bantayan Island.

People keep on teasing me on why I chose to travel alone, thinking I'm on a trip to find myself yadah yadah. I just want to give myself time to check one of my bucketlist of going on a trip alone, without someone thinking for me and taking care of me. 

I went on a very early Monday morning. I want less people to places I go to. 

I then went to ride a taxi going to North Bus Terminal where all buses going to Bantayan. 

My last trip dated May 25,26, 2015, fare I paid on the bus was 160php which will drop me off from the pier going to Bantayan; the Hagnaya port. I then paid 200hp (est) for the boat ride going to Bantayan Island.

When I reached the beautiful port of Bantayan, you'll walk towards the gate and lots of Habal habal drivers will offer you the ride. It's 30php to which resort you're going to and mind you, they're all nice to check if you already have a hotel or if none, they'll tour you around. 

I checked in to St. Bernard Resort, the reason why is because based on the feedback, they have a nice Customer Service, which I'd rather have rather than good food but having no good customer service, and it was indeed true. 

You can also rent motorcycles for a day for 300php exluding gasoline. I filled up mine for 120php; that's equivalent of 2 bottles of gasoline. You just need to provide an ID to them. 

On my first day, i just took a long sleep/rest and woke up in the evening for dinner. In the town proper, there's lots of restaurants where you can dine and the food was seriously delicious. Given my appetite, the meal was good enough to fill me up.

I then went back and took a rest again. I woke up early morning for breakfast, toured around the town proper, bought some souvenirs and prepared to visit their oldest church. GPS helped a lot given that I don't have any idea where to go, but still, I got lost. Good thing they were nice enough to tell me how to reach the said oldest church- St. Peter and Paul Parish. It was rather a breath of fresh air to travel alone, listening to music while riding my motorcycle (see video below) since there were few vehicles there. 

I wasn't able to visit the famous Virgin island and worse, I wasn't able to take a dip at the beach. Such a loser right?! I just took home a bag of sand, since I'm collecting sands of beaches I visited and the staff notified me that it was time to go. 

I went back to return the motorcycle,got my I.D. back and went to the pier. I'd definitely go back and this time, take a dip and visit the Virgin Island. 

On the bus, I took a nap and was surprised that it was routing via Consolacion so I asked to be dropped to SM Concolasion since I was dead hungry and there's transpo on my way home, which was just a 12php jeepney ride away from my humble abode. 

Next stop, will be blogging about the Mysterious Simala and how to get there!

Here are some of the pictures I took during my trip! Enjoy!

 goodbye Cebu!

inside the big big boat!

 Bantayan Port!!!!

 so clean, so good.

 riding the habal habal going to my resort

 One of the sought after restaurant in Bantayan town proper.

My breakfast before I toured the island.

 Welcome to Bantayan!

 Town Proper Map

 St. Peter and Paul Church in Bantayan, their oldest church

 St. Peter and Paul Church in Bantayan, their oldest church

 St. Peter and Paul Church in Bantayan, their oldest church

St. Peter and Paul Church in Bantayan, their oldest church

no Photoshop, this is how clear their water is.

be sure to wear your sunblock lotion or else... THIS!

This is to show how the water is sparkling clean 
while walking in the Bantayan Port...

Those stupid moments; 
I took a video of me riding my motorcycle 
and didn't realize my phone was taking videos upside down

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

laid back update

I received an e-mail from a dear reader that he was enthralled with my blog. Whoever you are, I dedicate this blog to you. Today is a Canadian Holiday (Canada Day), just like our June 12’s holiday. So we have less work today.

I’ve mentioned that I think I have a fairy blogmother that gave me the chance to have a work around with my blog and here I am now.

I  just decided to keep this blog and not make a new one. I’m here at work, (ghad, I hope they don’t get to record this blog, or I’m dead.)

My 3rd home.  It was not actually planned for me to transfer here, however, stress was getting into me, that I decided to move and even if some people don’t believe in “talking to your connections,” health comes first.
So, here I am now going two years this September on my life becoming a “Cebuano.” Last year, I went back to Manila once in a while, plane tickets, most specially pre booked months before were a bit cheaper, but last March 2014 was my last. Kapoy (Nakakapagod, tiring). It’s a bit tiring to go back and forth from Cebu to Manila, and carrying my very big Dora backpack around Manila as well, takes toll on my mortal body. Whenever friends visits me here, I try my best, if I’m free to meet them, however, there are times that I wasn’t able to, and I owe you one Manilagayguy and Mcvie. Sorry kaayo. I’ll make bawi next time. 

Less (to no) heavy flow of traffic (except for certain times), great food (for someone who has a peculiar taste buds), low-cost living, cheap food (for someone who has metabolism problems), and appreciates laid-back life. I’m not saying it’s perfect here, I still miss, lots of things in Manila, and Laguna. I could list them in a Manila paper, font size 11 and still get another paper, however, I get to appreciate things easily, and true enough, some friends/ old colleagues (from my previous department)  who visited me here last September 2013 loved it here, they too that they decided to move here with me. I don’t know if I’m able to sell it to them, or the effortless beauty of the Queen City of the South made them lesbians enough to love Cebu to apply and move here with me.

I’m not sure if it’s me or I’m just paranoid, but I felt the silent discrimination in Manila. I also had bad experiences of getting bullied by our fellow LGBT whenever I walk at night and these people will mock me will sneeze as if I’m a walking black pepper (Paminta), and will say that out loud enough for me to hear. I’ve heard of gay guys being uncomfortable of lesbians and vice versa. I’ve experienced a church wanting gay guys to turn straight. Oh, the list is endless. I’ve read in the news that there were a few of them happening here, but personally, I’ve seen a different perspective on my end. I get to be friends with Trans, straight guys, even our foreign (straight) boss went out to a “date” with a trans who invited him to watch Queen of Cebu and it wasn’t an issue. Anyway, some of the issues are almost personal, but I’d rather point out the good ones instead. MCC wants me to start up MCC Cebu but it’d be a very very big responsibility. A few people know why I can’t stand that much responsibility but I’m happy that spiritual wise, the LGBT are a bit spiritual here and don’t need to go straight as they are accepted. I was surprised to see a gay highschool couple holding hands with the other guy’s mom going to Sto. NiƱo Basilica church altogether, a priest giving a sermon about their acceptance of the LGBT and “that” church who embraced the LGBT without asking them to go straight. So I guess I did judged “that” church group.

However, I still have to say, I’ve been struggling with my Spiritual life here as MCC has a different approach. BAKLA…. Yes, you’ve heard it right. MCC Makati’s way of mass is bakla, our pastor, our beloved pastor makes it a point that our homily won’t be boring, but will also let you learn lessons. I also love the fact that we just don’t study the bible; we go back ancient times. We go back to Hebrew and Greek definitions of the terms, which some of the churches lack since they just study the Bible per se. I just feel not Spiritually healthy here unlike when I was in Manila, though, enough to survive.

When we were still on our training days, same schedules on weekends off, we had planned an island tour in Mactan, and we were surprised how inexpensive it was! It followed more travel for me and my friends which I will create a separate blog for.

That’s it for now guys and update you soon! Amping! (Take Care!)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nibalik nako! (I'm back!!!!) Casual Conversations and Updates

Is there such thing as fairy Blog mother? If there is, I think I have one.

I must admit, hands down to our IT personnel of our company. They were able to literally change the settings of our software, system, access so we can have limited access, and I can’t blame them; we work for  one of the biggest bank in the world (plus the fact AT &T's recent data beach here in the Philippines). Almost five years ago, when I can still blog from where I was and it was suddenly removed, there's also the...uhm “NSFW” blogsites were also getting blocked one by one.  I can still access the blogspot site it but I can’t post anything anymore.  I was sooooo amazed... Then, add up that my netbook got stolen here in Cebu, and I thought I would say goodbye to blogging. I’m actually saving for one since a friend of mine was very amused of my ideas of a "Tagalog” gay guy’s views and experience here in Cebu. Lots of ideas came to mind, but for sure, one of my topmost is my inspiration; ManilaGayGuy’s blog, and of course, I also dedicate this to the one who kept on pushing me to blog- Mcvie. I thought of re-creating his blog; Bisaya style. So I thought of couple of names; there was BayotMANgyudMi.blogspot.com (however, if it doesn’t look good with the man_gyud since it’ll become mang), I am still on the process of recreating another blog, another side of my (gay)life here in Cebu since I think that’s one of the things missing here. We have iluvcebu.com, lamikaayo.com, finlust.blogspot.com, and Cebu Fitness Blog are some. I have met a couple of bloggers here and would like to really get into the blogging life back again.

Anyway, so the reason why I think I have a fairy blog mother...

I found out a way to blog from the office computer... After Four years... I think I'm blessed with technology magic or something. Whatever you call it.

Anyway, going back to my Casual Conversations Series, here’s one about me getting a tattoo in my chest.

ME: I would like to get a tattoo in my chest with a famous Bisaya quote that I’ve heard a lot of times and it seems to be of an important part of Cebuanos and Cebuanas alike. 

PEOPLE: Amazed…

ME: It seems that this quote is believed to be of faith almost by everyone on a daily basis; that’s how important this quote is to almost all people of Cebu …

PEOPLE: Getting More Amazed… "What is it?"

ME: Sinsilyo lang sa buntag.” (Barya lang sa Umaga) (Loose Coins only in the Morning)

Lastly, a couple of updates on how I look like now...
(Apologies for any incorrect/wrong grammar punctuation, etc... Why? Don't ask. lol)

November 2014 - Office Shoot
December 2014- Team Christmas Party