Monday, July 25, 2016

Cebu Professional Cleaning Services; A Review

It's not that I hate cleaning, but if I'm gonna clean my place, I think it'll take me three days, plus it depends on my mood, I won't be able to arrange my place, clothes properly. That's why when I saw the ad at Facebook by "Cebu Professional Cleaning Services,  I didn't hesitate to contact them right away.

The business owner, let's call him Mr. JM was nice and accommodating, answering all queries. He was very patient and professional too ( I had lots of questions like a pestering kid with the endless WHY) ! When I booked them to clean my unit, they were right on time! They also brought their OWN cleaning materials too! (Which made me worried since I only have soap and some cleaning materials to use) They have acid, garbage bags, soaps, broomsticks and all!

After 2 hours, they were done! with the advertised "promised" bathroom deodorizer, flower and the thank you card!

This made me curious and I interviewed Mr. JM .

I also asked the names of the staff who cleaned my place because they did a good job of cleaning my place! I recommend ate Neressa and Tata. They did a superb job I even gave them "merienda."

Mr. JM said that they are the first ones to "professionalize" it here in Cebu.

Cebu Cleaning Services started last July 2015. However, the business has been conceptualized for almost a year. Mr. JM was hesitant to pursue it because he's not sure with the demand, until such time, he already had lots of inquiries about the service. The business was formed out of his need as he lives in a condo. He realized that he wants his place to be clean always, but in some cases, he's tired cleaning it and if his condo is not clean, it affects his mood (who doesn't?!) . That's why he realized that he needs someone who will clean and maintain the cleanliness of the unit. Since he's very particular in terms of cleanliness, why not make it as business. so from just a concept, it became a reality.

Then I asked with his staff since nowadays, it's hard to find helpers in Cebu, he started getting referrals from his condo maintenance staff and to his laundry shop staff. He asked them to be endorsed to him and then scheduled for interview. He started with small staff in order for him to personally monitor them and of course, train them as well (and I believe in this as when they were done cleaning my place, he inspected EVERY inch, EVERY corner of my room to check if it was indeed clean and ORDERLY). Ate Neressa and Tata asked me what to do with the table, and I asked her not to touch it (since I know the "order" of things, but it was chaotic, and they insisted to arrange and clean it since their "boss" will reprimand them. I was taken aback, because if it was me, I'll just leave it as it is!

I was so happy that I promised MR. JM that i'll blog about it. so here it is!

This was not a paid advertisement since I really just want to share my experience with the said business and hey, I'm helping out the business grow and help the locals get more job most specially since they love what they're doing!

There were no animals hurt during the blogging.

I need to see the difference so I took the picture of the "Before." 

 My bed and please don't judge me...

 My backdoor with all my pants, again, please don't judge me.

Okay, you can judge me on this part.

 ate Neressa and Tata in action!

I don't know what to feel since they turned my room upside down 
and clean every inch of it.

The "After."  

I just have to take a shot of my comfort room. 

The floor! It was white as Snow White!
What is this sorcery?!

Not just flowers, they left a card too! Awww.

You can contact them via FB:
and/or their contact number at 0917-688-0655
(*with permission to post)