Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*in whisper* THE SECRET... THE SECRET...

  • I need to pass a book review this Saturday for my Information Technology Subject. I WILL PASS ONE or my prof will cancel it for another week, she'll be absent, or just forget about it.
  • Aparrently it was extended until March 20, yahoo!

  • We need to pass a Chapter 1 of a Research Project, just like the Chapter 1 of a thesis. Problem is? I don't have a problem. I already sent proposals, all rejected. HE WILL approve one by the end of the week, and I'll get a high grade, let that be a very high grade.
  • He did approve my proposal, stupid me, I looked everywhere and what I really want was in front of me; Gay Bloggers!

  • The Masters in Communication will go to Zambales March 6, 2010. EVERYONE WILL GO! (Hear that Andrea?!)
  • PFT.

  • The Secret... The secret..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

MY biggest "small world case"

*This is the story of our two daddies!!!!

The biggest small world case I’m too much busy thinking of the blog itself that I forgot that the
biggest small world case is my husband. Here goes.

It started around 2006, I was about to graduate and already doing my thesis and about to graduate and during those times, I’m in the middle of my gay college life. I met him through guys4men, he left a message and when I clicked on the photo, my eyebrows raise and went to the highest level. I asked myself, is it possible? Is it really him? I probed for more questions and confirmed it was really him.

Flash back to the 2nd power
MJ was one of my childhood bestfriend, we both have the same first name;MARK, and we shared common interest, I was actually lucky enough because during my childhood days, I’m quite soft and a bit effeminate, but he stayed beside me, even if everyone knows how cool (and straight) he was. He’s one of those cool guys that’s on top of the class, everyone respects, that and all. I first met his older brother when they got into the argument, I went to him and they’re already nearly shouting to each other, after some time, his brother left. MJ’s brother is taller, looks like him, and talks like him.
*Family portrait; MJ-the childhood bestfriend, Tita Madel-their super cool mom. Jeff-my life.

FAST FORWARD (not so distant past)
We exchanged phone numbers, and during those time, he was still staying with his mom at San Pablo while working in Batangas. He said I was familiar to him, and since he was surprised I know A LOT of things about him, he then finally concluded that I was indeed, his younger brother’s childhood bestfriend.

I just came from a 2 guys-one week love affair, so during that time, I was healing my zombiefied heart. We started as friends with 50% MU, we dated, we went to each other’s office/school, I introduced him to my friends/ex-gf(yes, I’m THAT close to my ex-gf that I introduced him to her!), etc. Then later on, we decided to take it to the next level, we became a couple. He accepted my flaws, all and that and I laid out my cards. It went on for almost a year... ALMOST. during our 10th month, he can't bear what I was doing, being the jerk that I was, plus I was falling out of love. I prayed for a sign and HE did gave me one; I'm already hurting him and I need to stop.

*Tita Madel's birthday celebration last year.
FAST FORWARD (present)
Last December 2008, we started seeing each other again, during the Simbang Gabi series, December 17, I received HIS message, I'm the chosen one to make him happy. By that time I already grew up, learned a lot of things from my exes and like I said, a message from HIM. HOW? Through the priest's sermon/ homily.

I owe it a lot to Fr. Jun Sescon of the Greenbelt Chapel. Whenever I feel down, feel bad, or I need a sign/ message from HIM. He answers them through Fr. Jun Sescon.

December 17, 2008, homily. He preached that if we will be bringing the Joseph-Mary love affair to the present date, everyone might raise their eyebrows to Mary. She got pregnant, not with Joseph, and Joseph needs to marry her and needs to take care of the child, that's not his. He accepted that big responsibility of taking care of a child that's not his and taking the shame of being a father to someone that he was just told will be his wife. Imagine that in our present time with a At that point, I realized that Kojie was given to me not because of anything else but to make him happy.

Things changed this time, after we got back, we didn't count how long we've been together, for some reason, we were happier and everyday is like a new day for us. When he moved in to my place, we became happier, and last year, the best time we had was our 1 week date slash Kojie's birthday celebration and vacation at Boracay, when we went to Subic for Ocean Adventure and Zoobic, and of course, when we(our relationship) had been blessed by MCC Philippines and Kojie's mom and aunt, together with our close friends, colleagues, and churchmates went to witness, taking our relationship to the next level.

*Pastor Regen Luna performs the Rite of Blessing.

*What everyone was waiting for; including Jeff's mom who was taking a video of it.

One of Kojie's mom's surprise to me was when she brought out our childhood elementary pictures. During our elementary days field trips, his mom took some pictures and we were really young back then. She also gave me a Christmas gift last year, and that's when I felt, I'm already part of their family. I'm really thankful for her understanding and her sweetness towards Kojie and I, especially when she cooks oh-those-so-heavenly dishes!

Meanwhile, my parents already have an idea, but since I'm not "that" close to them, no confirmation yet. My cousin asked me to come out at least to my brother and cousins, and so I did, they already met Jeff during my grandmother's 94th birthday, they all loved him (of course!).
*And the two prince lived happily ever after.
Right now, we're enjoying each other's company, getting familiar with each other more and more, and creating the promise of happiness for each other.

yep, it's a small lotsa-lovin' world after all...

*pictures to follow

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Casual Conversations with Classmates -School Edition

Setting: It was during our 3 hour class and we asked for a 15 minute break before the exam.

Guy Classmate : "Labas lang ako, yo-yosi lang." (I'll just go outside to smoke.)

GirLandi Classmate: Sana, pwede rin sabihing "Labas lang ako, manglalalake lang." (I hope, we can also say, "I'll just go outside to flirt with guys)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rent-view (REview for the Rent Musical)

3 stars

3 times the tears

3 memorable characters-Joanne,Angel,and Tom collins!

3 memorable scenes La Vie Boheme, I'll cover you (reprise), Seasons of Love

3 favorite songs: Seasons of love, Will I, Light My Candle

For rent!

My histo-rent came about when an ex-heartbreaker introduced (and sang to) me "light my candle" (too bad not like the way Mimi did). He suggest I watch the movie RENT, and during those times, when Glorietta 2 was still open and there was this store selling cd near the Landmark entrance, I already forgot the name of the store and that's where I saw the CD rent, I bought the said CD and since then, everyday, I'll fast-forward it, if memory serves me right to 01:29; the start of seasons of love.

3 memorable characters-Joanne,Angel,and Tom collins!

I thought, even if a blind man watched the Rent Musical (Feb 7,2010 8pm show that is), he can still pinpoint where Joanne was. Her voice was so powerful, at the same time beautiful that if I'm a 3rd person from myself; I'll see myself automatically smiling whenever Joanne sings. Her character was portrayed well. Too bad for some reason, my mind/spirit/soul wandered off and was not able to catch her during the Take Me, or Leave Me performance. However, I'm happy that I was able to vatch her during her performance in the Seasons of Love, especially her solo part, she made my smile bigger 1 inch wider! The Angel-Tom combo has this chemistry that really blew me off and made me go "Awww..." Even if there's no french kissing involved (which was shown in the movie), you can feel the love between them! They're so sweet together!

3 memorable scenes La Vie Boheme, I'll cover you (reprise), Seasons of Love
Some(blogs,reviews,comments) say that their La Vie Boheme lacks energy, I don't know about them, but in my case, my partner keeps on poking me since I've been dancing with the cast on stage, I keep on nodding my head when they were dancing in their table and loved it especially when they depicted the Last Supper! Haha! I was expecting more dances in the table though, but nergy? I felt it. I'll Cover You was also one of my play favorite, but not my favorite song/ scene in the movie, but I just love how they sang the song to each other as if they really meant it, and I don't need to elaborate more! They did the same Seasons of Love song number in the movie, except that they did that in the middle of the program, after the first break, they did the line up, dark background, lights on casts theme. aylaveeet! err.. ehem.. I loved it!

3 favorite songs: Seasons of Love, Will I, I'll cover you (Reprise)

They were able to give justice to their version of Seasons of Love and Kudos to Joanne! Damn, she made me cry! Good thing it was dark, even my hubbie wasn't able to see that I was already crying! Even with "Will I", they sang the song with much sadness and feelings. I can't express more how much I love those songs! I just do! I'll cover you (Reprise) when Angel died was also one of those songs that made my tears trail down. Tom Collins did a good job letting us feel what we SHOULD feel.

3 FAILS? Roger,Mimi,Maureen

Like I said, this is just my personal opinion. I was expecting more from these three main characters. I don't know if I expected to much, or I was expecting them to copy the original ones in the movies, but for me, these three are the reasons why my smile faded once in a while when I was watching them sing. I can remember Maureen expecting people to "mooo" with her, but when I look around, it seems no one's convinced. I was expecting her (or the audience) to moo. With Roger and Mimi, I don't know, they just don't seem to capture my taste. I was looking forward to see their performance with Light My Candle and.. rather not talk about it. Anyway, just sharing.

Why 3 Stars?

WORDS. There are times when some of them were eating their words so I can't decipher what they were trying to sing or say. Worse, I already know some of the songs, so my mind already predicted what they were about to say. Worst, there are times when I just can't plainly understand.

EMOTIONS. For the lack of it, for not feeling it, not expressing it and no existing emotions in several scenes and song numbers.

TICKET PRICE? I don't know, I just felt and find it not worth it.