Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of the month.

Last Sunday was our usual “dead” shift and I was typing when suddenly, I felt sleepy. So we kinda rest for a while and delayed our work load for a bit. Sunday was pretty exciting day after Paul and Appolo’s fight last Saturday. Hehehe. After I stayed at CBTL in MOA, I left for Megamall to attend the Saturday Mass, and went ahead to eat my heart out; literally. Comfort food: tofu steak and ramen. Then, I roamed around for a bit and tired from class, decided to go home around 10pm. I’m still feeling bad and I decided to sleep in my yoga mat on the floor. Next day I was awakened by loud knocks; it was mom with my cute nephew and niece.

Trying out the chairs...

They were there to finish a couple more furnishings at home; our laundry area’s “sampayan” and our foldable dining table. I was surprised to see my sister there, because dad knows how small our studio unit is and still he brought along my sister, my mom, my niece and my nephew and our helper. Oh well, since they were quick to install it, they were finished in no time. I was also praying that mom or dad won’t see the framed “Certificate of Blessing” atop the TV. I forgot they both are blind without their glasses on. We then headed to Megamall to eat brunch, and husband and I were already good. I was already teasing him about what happened yesterday and he can’t stop himself from laughing. I’m trying my best not to grab his hand to since I’m used to holding his hands whenever we do window shopping. I then showed dad the corner cabinet I asked him to do. They went back to Laguna and we went back to sleep since we woke up early that morning, since I still have shift that Sunday night.

Monday morning was something to look forward to because it’s my first day with my trainer at the gym. We started off with warm up exercises and he explained why it is extremely important. I actually don’t do warm up for almost 2 years of my life working out at the gym. He gave me different kind of warm up, like rolling your back and front using a styro roller and a couple of stretchings. I then started with squats, and I was surprised that all these time, what I was doing was wrong, the stances and all. He corrected me and explained (again) why, and was able to understand the logic of things. Since we’re determining my maximum strength that day, he was getting my maximum weigh I can lift. I can’t believe I did it at 115lbs! My bench press was at 145lbs, and he asked me how come I was able to lift that heavier than my squats, I told him I’ve been doing bench press for a year while squats, less than 2 months and that’s with all the wrong moves. We then headed to do dumbbell press and rows, then off to biceps and triceps exercises and last was the abs. I asked if I could do the treadmill but he advised me not to since we’re training to bulk up. He also gave me food tips: 6 meals a day, 6 eggs a day, 1 liter of milk, fish, etc. I asked him if I can do Soy Milk but he said the regular milk is better since Soy has estrogen(?) that might give me manboobs. I went home and ate with husband not knowing that when I woke up, my body ached like hell. I missed that kind of body ache, since I always want to push myself to the limit and the only way to measure that was that; body ache.

Tuesday morning, husband asked me to have breakfast at Megamall; I smiled and told him that he really loves doing “carino brutal.” I told him that it was hard for me to walk since my body aches so bad, that either I look like a newly circumcised boy or been eff’d by a black guy. Lol. Anyway, I don’t want to argue anymore so I agreed and we tried the Secret Recipe. We then went to National bookstore and I realized I miss doing something; surprises. I told him I’ll just wait for him outside, but since there was a flowershop just beside National Bookstore, I bought him one gerbera; I was so hating manong that time since he was so slow, plus he said they don’t have any change for my 100 php bill. SERIOUSLY?! I then checked for 30php in my pocket and good thing there was. I found husband already looking for me, and when he saw me, he was trying not to smile/ laugh. There he was posing one for me. We then decided to drop by at the grocery before going home.

the not so secret place at The Secret Recipe

HE can't stop smiling...

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Best(yes) Man(weh?!) speech

*I just fondled in my Dashborad and saw this. I haven't posted this yet. A friend of mine told me to post it anyway since I wasn't able to say this during my brother's wedding. It was frustrating enough for me not to be able to do my Best Man's Toast, so I don't want to add more frustration by not posting this, so here goes.

When kuya told me that I will be his bestman, naging Pilipino ako; nanlaki ang mata ko. After ilang seconds, Intsik na ulit ako.

From what I can remember, best man are supposed to be the one who is close to the groom; and its not me. I was expecting either a cousin, his bestfriend or my dog to be the best man, but I was surprised that he got me.

I then asked a friend who was a wedding coordinator what a best man does…Best Man's Toast for the groom and a speech.


He doesn’t deserve to be my brother, I don’t deserve to be in front of you giving you this speech. Moreover, Ate Thet doesn’t deserve to marry my brother, he doesn’t deserve to be mom and dad’s son, and my ate’s elder brother. He doesn’t deserve to be a pilot and he doesn’t deserve to be happy. I was thinking of stopping the wedding a while ago, pero naisip ko "Ang ganda ng mommy ko at ng mother in law ko, di pwede masira ang make up… (I thought "My mom and my mother in law were both beautiful, it might ruin their make up.")

Let me tell you about my brother; he was a player before; I’m not sure if the rumors were true, but I think it was 3 girls a month was his rule. While I was in a long term relationship with my then girlfriend, what I saw in him was simply unacceptable. He was also always out while I stared at the television and when he arrives, he’ll grab the remote from either me or my sister and would watch his OWN favourite show leaving me and my sister no choice; either watch what he was watching or leave. IF there were treats given to us whether chocolates or goodies, he doesn’t care if we already ate or not; he’ll just eat them all.

That’s my brother. WAS my brother.

When I was growing up, I studied tae kwon do so one day, I wish I could beat him up, that didn’t happen. I grew up with angst, hatred and fear from my brother, that’s how we grew up.

I grew up thinking life is unfair because everything was almost in his favour. He never had any problem on his studies. He passed Rural High School while effortlessly passing his grades and could’ve passed UP, but since he was a kid, it was already his dream to be a pilot. He also attended it without any effort. While me and my sister were struggling which course to take, struggling to college life, passing our grades and me dreaming of studying in a prestigious school in Manila, ended up graduating in a college in Calamba City.

When he was in highschool, he already knows how to roam Manila, while even in college, that’s when I just started roaming Calamba City. He effortlessly do his responsibilities like waking up in the morning and doing his morning rituals ¼ the time me and my sister did.

I think I can give him the dictionary definition of smooth criminal.

He gets away of almost anything, and that’s why I hated and envy him so much.

That’s until she met Ate Thet.

Or rather we met her.

I’m not good with dates, and I have trouble with my memory. However, this specific moment when my brother introduced Ate Thet to us was rather peculiar. Hindi ko sya nakausap (I didn't get the chance to talk to her), he just introduced her like any other girls he had before, yun nga lang, mas nauna ako sa pagdala sa bahay ng girlfriend ko… na ngayon may iba nang asawa. (thing is, I was the first one to bring a girlfriend at home... who now has her own family.)

I can still remember, it was Kisses chocolates a bag and a Body Shop soap was left as a gift. Sabi ko may sumpa talaga ang pamilya namin, nung nagka girlfriend ako, ako rin ang niregaluhan… bakit kami ang nililigawan??? I was about to ask dad pero ‘di ko na tinanong… Tama na yung kaming dalawa nalang nakaka alam.

Anyway, I can still remember, thinking that time, kawawang babae (pity girl), bumyahe ng olongapo to los banos, para sa 3 weeks na kalokohan. Lumaki ulit mata ko kasi occasion after occasion sya ng sya na nakikita ko. Naka ilang serious relationship nako, sila pa rin ni kuya! And that was the time, siguro dahil matanda na kami, nagkabati na kami ng brother ko…

I graduated and sila pa rin?! Nagkatrabaho nako, at may dumagdag na sa listahan ng mga reregaluhan ko sa pasko!? Little by little that’s when I knew Ate Thet more. There were times when I resigned at work and my brother was the one who supported my masters and my living, he’ll invite me to join them to eat outside. They’ll take me to fancy restaurants that I could only dream of eating, and that’s when I saw na pumuti na ang uwak, in love na nga talaga ang kuya ko, and I guess everyone already witnessed that in front of God, he gave his solemn promise that he’ll love Ate Thet, but I was concerned kasi sa pagkaka alam ko, nagpromise si kuya na hindi na sya mambababae, but I forgot to tell her tinanong mo ba sya kung hindi sya manlalalake?

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ate Thet for making our family bigger, not by the number but by love. You’re the second sister I never had, a gift from God to our family, a friend I was looking for and an angel to my brother. A textmate whenever I feel sad, and the best of all, may kakwentuhan na ako sa showbiz news.

Like I said before, my brother is not a pig! I mean, he doesn’t deserve all of these, he was mean to me, and he made my childhood a nightmare, he doesn’t deserve Ate
Thet, but when I came to my senses, he proved to everybody that he’s a changed man. And Ate Thet coming into his life, our life changed everthing… He’s not worthy to be her husband. However, I thought, who is more deserving than him? I think none.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pain < Love or Pain > Love ?

Apollo and Paul entered a certain boutique inside the mall. It was an ordinary day for the two. Paul was more eccentric that Apollo so he went straight to what seems to be a cool jacket with lots of zippers in front and a hood. “I don’t see the point of these zippers.” Paul said. Apollo, for some unknown reason replied “That’s what you want right? Pointless eccentric designs just like the polo you bought last time? (One with the button until near the shoulders like a chef ‘s uniform) “Ang yabang nito.” The smile on Pauls’ face disappeared. They went outside the store . When they arrived, they were walking together, Paul now walks like a zombie, trying hard to keep his feelings to himself. Apollo noticed this and asked him what’s wrong, Paul was just silent. He don’ want to talk yet, as he might say something bad again. They reached the other side of the mall near the salon line and they stopped. Apollo once again asked Paul, and he gave in. “The reason why I’m not talking is I might say something pointless again.” He said that in his calmest tone he can. “It wasn’t you that I was referring to, it was the jacket!? What’s happening to you?! Just because of what I said, you’re gonna be like that!” Paul was just silent, Apollo’s voice was raising more and more. Paul then said, “Sorry,” which Apollo thought sounded sarcastic, but Paul was trying to remind Apollo that he should be asking for an apology since he hurt his feelings. “You’re saying sorry and you don’t mean it!? What’s the point?!” Paul felt like a target in a firing range, bullet by bullet he kept on receiving everything and trying not to feel the pain; it hurts so much but he kept the pain to himself, not wanting to burst and get into an argument.


More silence.

“I’ll have my haircut…”

Apollo left and Paul was there, leaning in the railings. First step, second step, third step, he was waiting for Apollo to look back, fourth step, fifth step, still no sign of hesitance. Apollo reached for the door, maybe this time, he’ll look back. No. He entered.

He stood there, waiting, maybe he’ll go out again and wave to me to go.


Paul tried to smile, he did! However, he’s dead inside. It was just in a zombie movie, where a zombie was smiling.

He left.

Time can heal wounds, but the memory is there forever. The pain will go away, but it’ll forever be in your mind. The longer you’re together, the more love you build up, but what happens when your love for each other grows more and more and how great your love is, corresponds to the pain you feel when you’re hurt? Is it worth the pain? If your love is as big as a mountain, overwhelming, wonderful and beautiful… What will you do if that’s also how great the pain you will feel when the time comes? Can you stand the overpowering, vast and tremendous pain it’ll put you through?

Sometimes it takes just one word to overcome that tremendous pain, however, it hurts more that some people doesn't seem to notice that they're already hurting the person who loves them the most.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Casual Conversations, GS Edition, Waiters and "Bill Please"

I’m having a hard time adjusting to this season’s weather as I’m weak when it’s cold. That’s why my mind doesn’t work and wasn’t working properly for the past few days. I told this story to my friend Raha, , and she said to post this as she was just laughing like there’s no tomorrow; and that’s only during our chat conversation.

Saturday was school day for me at Graduate School for my Masters. Since my school was near a commercial center where SM Savemore, Pizza and Jollibee were, we tend to stay there and hang out. We chose Pizza Hut to stay so it would be a bit comfy for me since I'll be waiting for them to finish my classmates' Stat Class.
Scene 1:
While we're in the middle of our sumptuous meal, I asked my bestfriend to ask the waiter some ketchup (since she's much nearer to the waiter’s area). I was surprised why she did the "bill please" sign (you know? Like drawing a rectangle using the pointing finger and thumb of your hands?) and asked for the ketchup. So the confused waiter approached us and asked “Ma’am?” I slapped her at the back while saying to the waiter that we need some ketchup. The waiter keeping himself from laughing left and I, nagged at my bestfriend, asking why did she just did that! Even she doesn’t know the answer.

Scene 2:
Sitting on the couch alone, I was watching the other couch consisting of a mom, and 2 teenage guys. I was already concentrating on my report when suddenly, my peripheral vision caught the mother’s hands doing the “bill please” sign. The waiter approached her and asked, “Ma’am Piktyur?” I stopped myself from laughing, and covered my nearing to laugh smile (just like what Edward did at his class when Bella came in and he smelled her).

I really don’t know what’s happening that day. All I know is it’s hilarious day.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Of Zoden and Hayden, of Unstoppables, Armani and Eclipse

The other day, I was preparing to hi t the bed and I was looking for zoden, I knelt on my bed and thinking that under the comforter was just the bed; I knelt the usual way and I knelt on something, it didn’t take me a second to realize that I knelt on Zoden (Creative Zen). I checked and it was still whole, however, when I turned it on; he was already like this:

Good thing he was still working, and kept on playing. I’m still having second thoughts if I’ll replace him or not, especially with the 13th month pay coming, but husband told me that it’ll be a waste of money since Zoden can still play songs and the video is still viewable; with a couple of black spots though.

Yesterday, I was about to go to the gym after my shift, however, since husband needs some uplifting (he was depressed due to some work issues), I decided to surprise him, so I went straight home and we slept together. He invited me to watch Megamind, but there’s no more available slot during the LFS. I was able to check the schedule and BINGO! Unstoppable was available, and apparently, he already forgot that it was the one that we’re waiting for.

We woke up early (which bugs me because if it’s a date or going out, I’m able to get up without any problem, but if its work, I wake up late…), around 6pm, and prepared for our date. After we bought the ticket, dropped his things at work, we then ate dinner at Sbarro, since we were craving for their Cheesecake with toppings; which was not available anymore. I then just ordered the cheesecake with cherry and him, a slice of tiramisu, which we both didn’t enjoy.

We then went to Speedo to check some goggles (I’m coming back to swimming), and didn’t find any “nice” pair. On our way to The Ramp, someone was approaching us, trying to sell something, or trying to SPRAY something… Being the snob people that we are, we just went straight to the Ramp, but a couple of steps away from the entrance, husband stopped me and told me it was Hayden Kho near the Mercury Drug store. “Seriously?!” I checked and it was him! It was now my chance! We went to check it out and it was indeed him! There were two gurls who just finished taking their picture with him and a straight couple buying perfume from him and asking some “business proposal” while we were scanning the store, I was waiting for the chance to ask him for a picture with him, but this salesman already “offered” me the perfumes. Probably due to the pressure, situation, my “kakuriputan” that led me to leave without Hayden and my picture, add the fact that we didn’t find any good finds at The Ramp. We just then headed to A/X since husband was looking for a shoulder bag. The AX’s leather bag just caught my eye and pushed husband to buy it, add the fact that it was the last piece, I won! Yahoo! I tried not to smile, because he’ll know my plan. Wahaha!! When we were on our way to watch the movie, I burst into smile and told him everything! Hahaha!

We enjoyed Unstoppable in such a way that it was breathtakingly suspense filled movie, not the horrific, killer-suspense kind of breath taker movie. The measure of breath taking-ness of a movie to me was my grip with husband’s hand, and his hand was gripped almost 90% of the time. After the movie, he went to work and I gym, thanks to my gym that’s open 24/7. It was rather, peaceful since we were just 5 there.

7-11 say sorry!

After working out, went home to rest, and went straight to school; thus this post.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Team Laman

*While walking at MRT Ayala, my friends and I spotted him....


*Sorry guys for having no updates yet... Will do after I edited somethings... Thanks!