Sunday, July 3, 2011

Casual Conversations; Work Edition; office chat

I miss posting casual conversations, so here’s one that I really think that’s nice and naughty…

A friend and colleague of mine was so bored that SHE started a chat session. I was surprised that she was an old friend of Sheenah.

Ji : Hi ctc? lol

Vondraye: hahaha!

Ji : sounds family? lol. gimik naman tayo sa elbi(Los Baños)... tayo nina sheenah (Sounds familiar? let's go to Los Baños and have fun with Sheenah)

Vondraye: lol. goodluck, gawa kayo ng pang 8 araw para pwede ako .hahaha!! wala nako rest day eh. (Make an 8th day fo the week so I can be free that day, I don't have any more rest day.)

Ji : ako rin nGa eh. hehehe (Me too)
gusto ko na nga mag-vl... kaso 2 na lang natitirang vl ko. hehehe (I want to go on Vacation Leave, however I only have 2 left.)

Vondraye: ahaha!! sana talaga 8 araw ng linggo at 30 hrs ng isang araw... sigh. (I really wish we have 8 days a week with 30 hours per day)

Ji :  kulang na kulang ang off eh. ahaha (We really lack days off)

Vondraye: i knerr!! dapat may jerjer day talaga! Hehehe (I know, there should be S_x day!)

Ji :  VL = Vanatan Leave. ahaha

Vondraye: aylaveet!!!

Ji : PL = P***** leave. SL = S** Leave .

Vondraye:  hahahahA!! sobrang aylavet!
I don’t have the push to post it, whenever I start typing(an entry) during Sundays, I end up blog hopping, reading posts, open Microsoft Word, Type, then sleep, then I’d realize it’s the end of my shift.

I just want to take a moment of this day to at least mention what I learned these past few days.

Friday, after my grueling training at the gym(since I wasn't feeling that well), I went to Megamall for a mass. It was cold; and funny that I got it too. In no time, my nose was like a faucet, dripping like water. I have tissue in my hand to sweep off the watery being in my nose; almost every 30 seconds. I need to take my meds, but I have to eat first, and it was already too late so I just went inside the church, I was surprised because the mass starts at 6,but there was already the priest in front, I was so confused I just sat and listened; there was a celebration of the Sacred Heart, that’s why. After 15 minutes the real mass started. I loved the homily as it was about lifting your burdens to HIM, but on the side, he also shared a story about Catholics being choosy when it comes to priests. HE said that we should be praying for them(priests) too, not choosing the best priest and their homilies. I kinda got inspired because of the recent issues against Same Sex Marriage. I guess WE should be praying for them; for understanding.

I have a report due last Saturday, Chapter 1 of my Case Study and what better way to tickle the minds of my classmate and my professor but to use something they’re not accustomed of; and also timely because of the recent issue, yes, Same Sex Marriage. He just asked me to get a married gay and lesbian story and voila! I got myself a report! It’s always been a scholarly joke in class when you’re starting to come up with a title, a project theme, or a proposal; the problem is, You don’t have a problem. When you have your title and all, you then state your problem; again, same thing. Thank God I'm gay and creativity for us is a bit juicy. The second subject I enrolled was RTV and Directing and our “professor” (quote unquote = font size 70, bold, black) is actually newly grad and just started working in a radio station for a year, and since no one is available to teach our subject, our schoold director asked him or rather forced him to teach the subject. However, what’s happening? Do I see a bratty power tripper? He was asking us to produce this and that, all this and that and more of that… "I know you’re all working so this shouldn’t be a problem." This is how my classmate told me how the new professor put it, good thing I wasn’t there because he’s asking too much! Next Saturday he’ll hear a word.

I’m enjoying my time with my new manager, since she’s working with the Leadership and Development Team of the company, she sure knows how to “develop” employees. Though, I understand she has time limitations, (she’s handling two different departments, and almost 3 different roles) she can really be accomodating. I already told her my intention of applying and undergoing development for a trainer position. She already taught me lots of things and one of which turned out to be a joke.

Just remember 3 C's when writing an e-mail, proposal or letter.(and all these time I thought it was: Clear, Complete and Chort!) Silly me. (I wish though I could apply this in my blogging too)

There was one time that we were both confused why we weren’t connecting; (eg. Me always asking to shadow a trainer during their training sessions) it took us a minute and 30 seconds to understand that my shchoopid ex- manager taught us “10 Things to Advanced Your Career,” in the wrong order. Number 1 was choose a mentor; she said “How can you choose a mentor if you don’t know what they will teach you? You should assess yourself first what skills you want to develop, THEN choose a mentor that will help you develop that skill.” She then gave a sharp look at the frame that that ex manager have near our bay (she had an award); we both have the same thing in mind; she didn’t deserve that. My “promotion” of getting the level III badge is just around the corner, I’m sooooooooo happy. Special mention to CC for his nice post about mentors (which pushed me to post a blog; you're a muse to me!)

Husband and I(in our scamy abode)
A little more sighs and we’re gonna finally leave our current scam-y condo. Last Friday night, after the mass, I went home only to find out that our electricity hasn’t been restored yet (since Thursday). Imagine your condo, the only building that doesn’t have electricity (and water supply), climbing the dark stairs without even emergency lights and what’s worse, ALL the other houses (and squatters) have electricity! I wanted to stay at Megamall longer but since I’m so groggy, walking home, I wanted to lay flat on the street and sleep. I went home and calmed my nerves, lit a candle, opened the windows, played some music and fanned myself to sleep. Husband arrived home and there was already electricity His arms around me, and I making him smile and laugh with my silly games made me forget that entire nightmare. It’ll be in no time until we sleep in our new place. A little bit more… A little bit more.

An interesting story
Here’s an interesting thing that happened. Last month when I enrolled, I saw an ID posted at the cashier’s window, the familiar structure of the ID made me realize it was our company ID. I took down the name and e-mailed that person. HE did respond that he did lost his ID, but what puzzled me was how did it get there? “I really don’t know. Never been there, never studied there” was his exact words. HHHmm.... Oh well, I just told him that I could teach him how to go there and pick it up himself or I could either get it for him, and he chose the latter. In our internal website, we actually have a phone book where it’ll show some general details of the person. You can upload a picture of yourself and update the information; I don’t, he does. I was surprised with the picture though; a semikal version of Chris Tiu to be exact. I “eeeeek-ed” like a little girl and when my two seatmates saw why, they also smiled. To check if my standards are in line with the normal people, I e-mailed my colleagues that if he’ll apply for their department, and they’d be the one to conduct the interview, would he get hired. Then I pasted the link. I was laughing when I received their replies! I told them the story and they asked me for his number so they (my girl colleagues) can date him. Anyway, the one that really threw me off was his last reply;” Thank you again. Is there something that I could do to get back on your kindness?” all their green minds went flying(and replying!). I actually didn’t reply that time, I just replied to him just now and asked for an apology because I was sick last Saturday and wasn’t able to get his ID.