Saturday, August 30, 2014

Casual Conversations- Cebu Files and the missing gaydars

It's been a long time since I posted here. I have too many things and people to blame but of course, I have the crown.

Mcvie once told me during their book launch to keep on blogging. I received a sign when I met Cebu bloggers a couple of weeks ago.

Since our I.T. was quick enough to block the "compose page" of Blogspot, I was more discouraged to blog. Add the fact that my netbook was stolen and that really pushed me back farther.

So here I am back to my blog!

In case you can also follow me with my other blog before our I.T. blocks it;

Going back to my story, one of the things that I find amusing with Cebu is their culture towards LGBT. They don't have an active gaydar which don't make them assume if a guy is gay or not.

Unlike in Manila, in either one look, you'll know if the person is gay or not.

Not here in Cebu.

This is my 3rd visit to the salon near my place and they already have an idea that I'm from Manila or the term they use to describe us as Tagalog.

One of the staff seems to remember me and was talking if I know how to speak bisaya.

Me: Bigyan mo pa ako ng isa pang taon ateh (yes there's the "H" at the end to give them a hint... #waley.) marunong na ako magbisaya. (Give me one more year and I'll know how to speak Bisaya.)
Staff: Gusto nyo sir ako na lang magturo sa inyo ng Bisaya?? Joooowkkkeee (Sir, you want me to teach you how to speak Bisaya??? Joookkeee.)
Me: (at the back of my mind) Sure! Then I'd teach you Gaydar 101! So that you'll know I'm gay! #Chusera!!!!

I've lots of experience of girls thinking I'm a straight guy and I don't know how gayer I can be...

Crossdressing is out of the question!

We have a term in Manila called "Layogenic," a term we use to describe guys who are goodlooking when they are far, but once you see them up close, looks totally different.
One of my friends here taught me they call it MP3; Mamang Papalapit ng Papalapit Pumapangit. I guess ours is less harsh.