Monday, January 31, 2011

Blessings ala La Nina

This is getting weirder and weirder; not that I’m complaining, but blessings from God keeps on pouring in! I thought it was already finished last week, but I was wrong. I just hope everyone gets the high I'm feeling right now; (all those who are deserving of course). I'm still praying to HIM that they experience this "high" of happiness too.

Last week was unproductive; coming from husband’s hometown (to celebrate his mom, aunt cousin’s birthday celebration), and another birthday celebration from our organization’s (GAWAD FT San Luis) founder; I caught a bad case of allergic rhinitis.

When I went back to Manila, I went straight to attend mass at MCC, then to work. Good thing Sunday was another rest day for us so we were able to take a good rest during the shift. Monday morning, since I have 3 days worth of things in my bag, I decided to go home and rest, and wasn’t able to work out; this is my 2nd week that I haven’t visited the gym. I just did push ups and abs exercises not to let my body loose its strength. Then come Tuesday, I tried to work on my financial report for my new business, but due to my obsessive-compulsiveness, I wasn’t able to finish it due to missing data (which until now I haven’t finished yet).

Friday came and I planned to visit the gym, however, my original manager asked me to cover for her in training the newbies. I was like… WOW! Me?! A trainer?! I mean, yeah, it was just for two hours, but come on! I was chosen to train these newbies! I didn’t think that much if I’ll be paid (OT) or not, but I’m just happy that I was the one selected to train them. During the training, it was somewhat pleasant as they gave me the respect and acceptance that their future colleague; is their semi- trainer. They listened and answered my questions. I didn’t hear/saw any bad feedbacks or bad remarks. My predicament between them was that Trainee 2,3 and 4 all came from 1 department and so Trainee 1, feeling OC, paranoid and all somewhat, feels awkward.

Two hours was indeed short and timeless that I didn’t realize we were overtime for 30minutes. I was tired, but I was happy. I was given the chance to be my dream; a trainer for 2 hours. Or so I thought.

Saturday, I had a bad headache because early that morning, husband’s speaker mounted on the wall fell into my forehead. When my acting-supervisor slash colleague called me up and gave me surprising news. Since my original manager, is currently an acting team lead (leading 3 managers in the other department) and training the newbies at the same time, she asked me to do the rest of the training for the remaining days of the week. So this Tuesday until Friday; I will be the one to train them. I was on my way to school, so I wasn’t able to talk to her on what will I be doing, but since I already have their schedule, I have an idea on what to teach. My then bi-polar professor that morning (burst out mad/angry and after 1 hour turned happy and gay) didn’t stop me feeling good.

I then went to Glorietta to meet husband and his mom who was shopping for her DSLR’s bag and accessories. After a while, we dropped her off in Buendia on her bus ride home, and went to Jollibee Harbor square for Sofie (my cousin’s daughter’s) 1st birthday. Mom, dad, sister, Reigne and Icez (her son and daughter) were already there. It was rather weird that it was childern’s party but the children were less than 10. So the games/programs were then directed to “young adults,” I was feeling child at heart that moment so I obliged and pulled husband (who got mad after) with me to join the games. It was all gone when Jollibee and Hetty danced I think a song they called Waka-waka? What made the party more fun was when Hetty asked me to dance with her and the people were pushing me (even husband and my sister; close much?) asked me to dance!! It was hilarious!

Husband and I decided to get a massage and we found one in Park Square 1 in Makati at Mt.Albo. After the massage, there was still time for 1 LSF and then we watched Love and Other drugs starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. Wiki said that the movie was based on the story from the non-fiction book written by Jamie Reidy; Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman. So that explains the Viagra story in the movie. The movie was rather humor driven, I thought it was somewhat “A Walk to Remember,” “The ugly Truth,” and “LiveShow” rolled into one; sex driven, humorous but deep (minus the XXX scenes of course).

Sunday was weird; we went home, bought some chicken (Andok’s; have to give in to our craving), slept, woke up, ate brunch, watched Despicable Me. It was around 20ish minutes before the end, I realized was laughing alone; husband fell asleep. We slept again and woke up to prepare for the mass. I have to skip MCC since I was not feeling well. We just attended the last mass at Megamall and I went straight to work.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

casual conversations; Work Edition; E-mail Fail

For some reason, (probably due to my allergic rhinitis), I was not myself last night starting my shift at 12mn. I received in my inbox a request for a manager call back to a customer complaint and 3 more of almost the same issue. We were almost queueing (receiving calls one after another) that time so I asked my (current acting)manager if the (other soon to be demoted acting) manager can do the call back, since he's also not doing calls.

Hey boss,

Since it’s queueing since the start of the shift, I’ll be requesting for Joseph to kindly do the ob(outbound) sup call (aka manager call back) since we’ve been queueing almost since the start of the shift.

Thank you.

He then forwarded this e-mail to my close friends and they started to start a e-mail chat thread, and later I realized why...
I wanna slap myself that time; really.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sigh, just like MGG, I was hit by the new sickness; procrastination in terms of blogging. I had lots of blog ideas during the pre New Year and New Year and post New Year, and a week after New Year but I still can’t keep my hands typing on my keyboard.

I just now had a time thanks to my short term memory loss, I left my report at the office so I have no choice but to utilize the free internet and turn it into something useful.

I’m thankful for the past two weeks; God has been good to me showering me with blessings. To start off was I spent my Christmas and New Year with Jeff’s family and clan, and before going back to Manila, Jeff’s mom wanted to have a Tagaytay getaway to practice her photography skills, and since I haven't been to Nuvali yet, we also dropped by there for me to see the place, I soooooooooooo love her!

Thanks to my readers and followers as well as they are the ones who gets to push me to write here, my muse for pumping inspiration to me more than I need.

So let's get started with the photos first! Presenting... Chrissy!

Tita Pinky (Jeff's aunt) brought Chrissy
during the New Year Celebration at their grandma's place.
She's such perfect, not waking up, even if I transferred her to husband's lap.

Shots with husband and future mother-in-law. hehehhe

They gather around the sala and Joey (husband's niece) distributes the gifts!
I got one from Jeff's mom and Tita Pinky! Yay!!!!!

My childhood bestfriend; husband's younger brother goofing around Jeff's tablet.

From L-R: Tita Madel, MJ, Jaq(brother's girlfriend), husband Kojie!

Sweet poses...

Two Holy Unions; Two Lovely Holy Unions

Last Friday, January 7, 2011 then the second one was January 13, 2011.
Gina and Xedric and AC and Quinn's holy union, with their permission to post these pics.

Krissy and Sam my lesbian crushes!

Then January 13, 2011 held at Taste Asia at MOA, was Quinn and AC's Holy Union. This one's a unique one since Quinn's parents were there to witness their holy union!

Thanksgiving to HIM! For all these blessings (and updates too!)
I’m thankful for being one of the top 3 for the 4th Quarter in our team. I still can’t believe I’m one of the top three who made it! I’m really not that “that” good; however, it seems the Secret indeed works.

New manager, new management!
January, after 6 months of being a relief (mischief) manager, let’s name him J, finished his relief team manager program and is now replaced by friend K as the new relief manager. I’m happy because J really doesn’t know how to… do ANYTHING… Anyway, I’m happy that a REAL soon-to-be manager is in position.

New game; Farm Frenzy
Out of nowhere, I went to yahoo games, and I saw this Farm Frenzy, it seems cute, just like Plants vs. Zombies in the picture so I played it for a while; until I got addicted. I searched for Torrent for their full program and BINGO! I got the three versions!

Improved on my coaching skills
One of my dilemma last year was my coaching skills; wrong… I mean literally WRONG use of words… My friends, colleagues and people tell me I’m mean and sometimes too blunt. However, I’m able to send e-mails, talk to my colleagues and receive feedback that they’d want me to apply as a Relief Team Manager, because of the way I coach them. I was like…. WHOAA?! Out of the question!

New business and is on a successful start!
I really don’t intend to start that business, but the Secret gave a sign for me to do so, and so I did. I didn’t expect It’ll work for me. When I was in college, my loading prepaid phones were a blast, especially since I know a lot of people. Now, I’m gonna make it sell like that when I was in college! Money money money come to PAPA!!

Financial status is not bugging me no more!
I’m just glad that the pressure’s over! Thanks The Secret!!

Recommendation for relief trainer was one of the things that made me smile this 2011.

And I'm singing...

"These are the few of my favorite things!"


Spread the love guys! God Bless!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011