Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Casual Conversations, Husband Edition, Laugh Trip at Home

We were about to sleep a while ago when this happened.

The building,for some reason, actually has nice ventilation that i'm still able to use my comforter/ blanket. He was already in bed, and I'm preparing to sleep as well when...

*Vondraye turns the dial on the fan to number 3.

Kojie: I number two mo na lang... (serious tone)(Just switch it to number 2)
Vondraye: 'Di pwede eh, Kelangan 3. (I can't, it needs to be on number 3)
Kojie: (*Already getting upset tone) Baket kelangan 3 pa? ang lakas sa kuryente, malamig naman. (Why does it need to be on number 3? It consumes too much electricity and it's quite cold, so there's no need.)
Vondraye: Kasi, "I love you." (Becuase ,"I love you.")

He literally laughed out and giggled like a highschool girl because of that.

Since we're about to sleep, I might forget "this," so I wrote this and texted it to myself, so here it is guys, some of those little things that keeps us together.


  1. awww sana may 5 para may "very much" pa sa dulo! :D

  2. kainggit ahhha..the sweet little things..hayssst :P

  3. So cheesy idol amputsa hahaha...but thats sweet..simple but sweet! ano, payag ka na maging kabit mo ako? hahhaa

  4. kesong keso!

    same tayo ng style, I LOVE YOU din ang ginagamit ko para tapos agad ang usapan. :)

  5. @desole boy,thanks for dropping by! and the comment!

    @citybuoy, hahaha!! Wish ko rin yan, matagal na....

    @Soltero, yeah, those sweet little moments...Wag kang mainggit,may moment ka din...

    @JR,hahaha!! thanks for dropping by! Kaw talaga, nyahaha!! yaan mo pag uso na cloning, di kita magiging kabit, magiging tayo! lol.

    @Nimmy, hahaha!! nice one!