Friday, February 11, 2011

Casual Conversations; School Edition; Meet my Classmate - Viccia

 Today, after our first class, we went to KFC for some break. Here's what happened.

Viccia: 'Yung Snack Box po. (The Snack Box please)
Cashier: Alin po dun? (Which one?)
Viccia: Yun... (pointing at nothing) (That one)
ME: Sira, alin dun, kung hotshots, fun shots or chicken wings! (Crazy girl! Which one from hotshots, fun shots or chicken wings! )
Viccia: 'Di ba lahat yun? (Won't everything be included?)
Me: ....

Episode 2
Viccia: Eh kasi mali nakalagay, dapat "Choice from..." (Because it's wrong, it should be "Choice From..."
ME: ....

She's not beside me, wanting not to post this...
How can't I???


  1. hala ka, sumbong kita sa friend mo, harapharapan mong nililibak hehehe... =D

  2. @Prop, actually when I was posting the entry, katabi ko sya...
    at dahil mahal ko siya, nilink ko din sa facebook nya...

    ang sweet ko..hahaha!!

  3. OMG!!! This is so my sister pagdating sa food. Pero why did you post this??? Tsktsk.