Friday, March 4, 2011

im sorry....

..coz I haven't posted for a long time.

These were the things that happened last Valentines Week,

From Feb 14 until 18, we were in the beautiful and clean city of DAVAO!

We spent the first day and roamed around SM Davao and the famous Crocodile Farm since our hotel was just across the said mall. Day 2, husband took an e-tour services in Davao. We had our City Tour and learned A LOT about Davao. Day 3 was White River Rafting Day! Day 4 was supposed to be going somewhere else but thanks to the rainy weather, we just stayed at SM Davao; loser huh. We watched Just go with it and it was hilarious! Friday was pack up and went back to Manila.

I was excited the following week because we were supposed to either watch Zsa Zsa Zaturnah or me and my bestfriend will watch SUJU but since I was busy that time, I wasn't able to process the request for the free tickets from BPI. Loser me.

Saturday was our Alumni Homecoming, I was pretty excited to see old faces and how the people were doing then. When I was about to get my yearbook, this quite killed the night.

I thought it was a joke, but apparently it wasn't.


  1. ano naman yang open after 3 days... suspense yta...

  2. @Ronnie, it is, kaso malas namin kasi hindi masyadong malakas alon, so 3 lang ata tumumba from the raft.

    @Prop, apparently, our batch was the last one to be binded so after 3 days pa para di masira ang bind..

  3. natawa ako sa reason nung 3 days. akala ko may surprise or kung ano man. literal pala na hindi pwedeng buksan for three days.

  4. @nishiboy, IKR?!
    When they handed me the yearbook, I thought there was a surprise of something. hindi pala.