Friday, April 8, 2011

zeh zsa zsa zaturnnah experienZE!

Guys, my apologies for this uber month late post... I've been busy so I wasn't able to post anything.
Takas post as my trainees are currently not asking any questions.... YET...

March 5, 2011, we were excited to watch Zsazsa Zaturnnah when suddenly, we were informed that the show was cancelled due to technical problems; one of the electric-whatever exploded so they won’t be able to do the show. Instead, they gave us free playbills. Damn.

We then went to Glorietta and (husband) watched “The Adjustment Bureau” and I just slept the whole time was showing.

March 19, 2011, this is it! After a catnap, we then went to CCP for the show, and there in the souvenir booth, was the pretty cute Zsa Zsa Shirts! I was asking husband ala- financial advisor if I can buy one but he won’t let me. We waited for the show and I was excited! There we saw John Lapus and lots of other people in high end clothes. (Later that night, Prince Stephan fb status was he watched the show; damn I wasn’t able to see him!)

I wasn’t able to watch the show for the past 6 Staging as there’s ALWAYS something coming up. This time, I was soooo happy I was able to watch it.

The show started and I can’t stop smiling! I didn’t expect to see too much problems though, but there were a couple. Anyway, everybody (or at least I ) got excited when Rocky Salumbides showed up on his tight orange shirt. The other extras were cute too! I mean literally boytoy cute!

Didi gave a long spiel in gay lingo that there will be a 10 minute break after the first half, he/She/It went back to give an English translation of the spiel. Laugh trip!

I was talking to one of UPLB’s promising playwright Ms. Layeta Bucoy, that Zsa Zsa was somewhat like her play ICEBAG series. The play was hilarious but there were moments that could make you feel “Awww…”

After the play, we took pictures with the cast. YAY!

While waiting... Picture taking!

Zeh Stage!
Ada, Zsa zsa and moi!

Wilma as Dina B. Hahaha!

Si pareng DODONG!

Zeh Final Call!


  1. napanood namin yan last month. bongga ang flower ni zsa zsa! hahahaha

  2. @Nimmy, hahah! yep, super late post, last month pa nga ito. We love her flower too! hehehe

    @Imsonotconio, mahal na rin namin sya, pero mahal ko pa rin si dodong! Hehehehe