Sunday, July 3, 2011

Casual Conversations; Work Edition; office chat

I miss posting casual conversations, so here’s one that I really think that’s nice and naughty…

A friend and colleague of mine was so bored that SHE started a chat session. I was surprised that she was an old friend of Sheenah.

Ji : Hi ctc? lol

Vondraye: hahaha!

Ji : sounds family? lol. gimik naman tayo sa elbi(Los Baños)... tayo nina sheenah (Sounds familiar? let's go to Los Baños and have fun with Sheenah)

Vondraye: lol. goodluck, gawa kayo ng pang 8 araw para pwede ako .hahaha!! wala nako rest day eh. (Make an 8th day fo the week so I can be free that day, I don't have any more rest day.)

Ji : ako rin nGa eh. hehehe (Me too)
gusto ko na nga mag-vl... kaso 2 na lang natitirang vl ko. hehehe (I want to go on Vacation Leave, however I only have 2 left.)

Vondraye: ahaha!! sana talaga 8 araw ng linggo at 30 hrs ng isang araw... sigh. (I really wish we have 8 days a week with 30 hours per day)

Ji :  kulang na kulang ang off eh. ahaha (We really lack days off)

Vondraye: i knerr!! dapat may jerjer day talaga! Hehehe (I know, there should be S_x day!)

Ji :  VL = Vanatan Leave. ahaha

Vondraye: aylaveet!!!

Ji : PL = P***** leave. SL = S** Leave .

Vondraye:  hahahahA!! sobrang aylavet!


  1. I was thinking of Mars, but the 30 hour/day requirement would be impossible. Hehehe.