Friday, December 2, 2016

Lovey Doggy Dog Cafe

Following the footsteps of the famous dog cafes abroad, comes Lovey Doggy Dog Café, it's easily accessible located at Banilad. You can ride any jeep going to Talamban (13C, 62B, 62C) either from Ayala Terminal or the loading station near Mercedes Benz bldg, the one near Apple One building, across Coffee Bean Ayala, you can be dropped off at the jeepney stop in front of Gaisano Country Mall, just beside University of Cebu (UC) Banilad and then just turn around and you’ll see the said Café! This was the old CNT Lechon Restaurant.

To enter the dog playpen, a minimum of 100 pesos purchase from the café is required. They have coffee, shakes, frappes, cakes and pastas that you can enjoy! For a group, you just need 1 purchase, so if you’re on a budget, you can chip in to buy one drink! Another 100 pesos is required to enter the dog playpen, per person. Keep in mind that they start by the hour, so if you entered the playpen, regardless of the time, you need to exit the playpen when the time is up so make sure that you arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled start time, so that you can enjoy one full hour with the dogs! You can view their schedule below.

Dogs are very sensitive to light, so it is a NO-NO for flash photography. Kindly turn off the flash from your camera phones too. Dogs are dogs and proper care is a must! They too get hurt, get sleepy, and get hungry so be careful when playing with them. I know you can get carried away sometimes because they’re so cute! Just pinch yourself instead! Human food is different with what they eat, you can avail of dog food for minimal price so that you can entice them to come near you, or just feed them. The playpen has plugs on their wall so if your phone’s battery is going low, you can charge them for free, but be careful; you need to be mindful of your belongings both from perpetrators and dogs! If they are able to reach the cables, believe me, it can be very messy! Once they provide the food and drinks, there are tables where you can place them.

Lastly, enjoy their company! Research shows that playing with dogs can alleviate depression and can help ease stress. One hour can be tiring enough playing with them as they can literally exhaust you out if they REALLY wanna play! Check out the videos of me and my friends playing with them!

Before you enter the playpen, they will spray something at the bottom of your shoes, then need to wipe them from the foot rag. What I like about the said café is whenever the dog poop or pee, their staff cleans them RIGHT AWAY, plus the fact that they don’t smell.

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