Friday, December 11, 2009



With my new account, (and me being sick), I don't have the brain to work ob accounts, I just want to wait for ib calls. Meanwhile, my reports for my MS is beside me, and they're untouched since the start of the shift, maybe I'm just not in the mood to study. Maybe Later.

Roaming around the "valid" net sites my work station can visit, i'll either re-activate one of my lost blog site and blog again, since i'm able to do it here.

I miss blogging, I would like to thank (or curse?) Sheenah, for introducing me to blogging; it helped me in lots of ways more than one. help my brain work out their words and keep them, ideas intact, creativity flourish and memories kept.

Before I found out that I was able to surf some sites, I was actually reading some e-books sent to me by my friend (secretly). It's Darren Shan's
Cirque Du Freak series and I'm now at book 5. In a nutshell, a boy became a half vampire and became an assistant to a real vampire and joined him and undergone "vampire" training.

I'm not able to blog at home anymore since aftershift, I normally go to the gym, before my membership change happened, I was doing 5days gym sessions plus yoga class during weekends.

I'm also fond of listening to Manila Gay Guy's Podcast and found myself laughing/smiling every now and then at certain topics and conversations. Their topics are good! and i found myself nodding with them when they give their piece of ideas.