Wednesday, December 16, 2009

gift giving? is it really the thought that counts?

gift giving? is it really the thought that counts?

yesterday, kojie and i went on to do our Christmas shopping, (being the kuripot guy I am) because of the wednesday 5% discount on a certain mall. A couple of days before, I already made a list just to make sure I will be able to give the people I need to their respective gifts, and two, not to overbuy again(I buy extra couple of things just in case someone suddenly popped out of my mind). We first bought gifts for his loved ones, relatives to be exact. No gift for friends, nor team mates. After an hour, we were able to complete his list. Several gifts for his relatives, while I, went first to a certain toy store who sells "nice" pillows. One of the generic gifts I buy is pillow, cute, cuddly, and just like the mushy text message goes; something you can cry on, and you can cuddle. This year, several people added to my list; my classmates from my masters in graduate school that I got to build friendship with.
Kojie's eyes widened as he was surprised that I bought almost 15 or 20 small pillows. A couple for my team, a couple from my old colleagues, from my ex-housemates, friends from my hometown org, and a couple more here and there. When I was picking on the pillows, i took the liberty of looking at the messages and checking every now and then just to make sure that the right pillow will go to the right person.

in the middle of the big bags, buying gifts, checking the cheapest of them all, i thought...

is it really the thought that counts? after buying some shirts for a couple of higher/more special person in my heart, is it really th thought or the amount?

It struck me, thinking how will they be able to appreciate the gift if they saw that the tag shows an unfamiliar clothing line, and thinks that it was just bought off from a cheap store. How will you measure their appreciation by their thank you's or smiling face, or the "wow" face when you give them their gifts?

A while ago, I was in a coaching session with my team manager; and i got the answer; funny thing is, it came from me.

People who you know, or knows you, not necessarily close to you, sometimes they are aloof with you, but you just don't have to take notice of it.

just give the gift, it'll make you feel better; the feeling of happiness of gift giving, or giving per se. It's up to them if they'll think you as show off, suspicious, plastic or whatever, but you just shouldn't care anymore.

Since basically, that's the spirit of Christmas right? gift Giving.

Or, you can go with the other saying in a song; "give love on Christmas day."

vondraye, just thinking aloud

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