Monday, December 27, 2010

UPDATES shmuctdates

I want first of all to apologize to everybody for not being able to blog for weeks. Besides being busy, a couple of personal problem (that I’ll be sharing in a little while) came.

Since pictures tells more than what I type. I'll just let you feast on our shots during our 2nd year Anniv Celebration.

Second, thank you for my readers/followers... I can't believe I'll hit this mark. I owe it all to you guys (and HIM)!

A shot while taking a rest from shopping.

*During the BPI Madness Sale, they have a raffle.
Every 1,000php use of BPI Edge entitles you for a coupon.
Every 30 minutes, they will call a winner and
will get  a prize from the store participating in the said sale.

I got this from Levis
and this.
*Suspicious side note: After we won the Levi's shirt,
we went around and husband bought another pair of jeans. 
So I went back to the BPI booth and one of the male staff said,
"Sir kayo na naman?! ("Sir, it's you again?!"in all smiles )
"Sige na, bunutin nyo na yung kay sir, (Go ahead, just pick his name)
"Sir pirma nalang kayo dito" (Sir, just sign here.)
I was surprised with th turn of events, damn, I now have to go to Adidas
to use the gift cert. I went there and bought myself a nice
swimming trunks.

After that, we celebrated our 2nd year Anniv at

and ate this.

and this.

we then attended the MCCph Christmas Party ala Lady Gaga;
part of our thanskgiving to HIM for our 2 years of strong bond!
More pictures here

*Too late to post, but still worth posting.


  1. Don't worry Von. Once you're linked to our blogs, we wait for your entries.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary to you and your hubby!

    Heehee, may picture na rin kaming dalawa ng Baabaa ko. Nyahahaha!

  2. Ei vondraye. congrats to you and hubby! happy holidays!

  3. @Mugen, hehe..thanks for the link thinge, and the greeting! Yeah, sabi ko nga sa friends ko, take as many pictures as you can. totoo sabi ni Canon commercial, life takes away every second of your time...

    @Sean, thanks for the greeting!

  4. Congrats!

    Another post of overflowing glucose stores! hihi

    Happy New Year!:)

  5. Happy Anniversary sa inyo.

    OP naman ako dito, may jowa din ang mga bumati sayo

  6. @orally, ganyan naman talaga pag dyosa di ba? hindi madaling magkadyowa..

    Happy New Year and Belated Merry Christmas!

  7. @PluripotentNurse, hahaha!! PWede bang magsorrY? Ehehehehe...