Thursday, December 2, 2010


It started last week with my magical what if...
Whoala! Baked Corned Tuna with tomatoes and mayo lite.

Because everybody is running, I'm going swimming...

This good man is now an angel.
You'll be forever be remembered Sherman.

June 12, 1975 - November 30, 2010

My (supposedly) profile pic in FB, however, husband posted it first,
so I used his fox mode.

Last Monday, I started training with the instructor at the gym, Chrisitian.
My body ached like hell, but when I saw this last Tuesday, I was happy.
Thanks Christian!


  1. wish i had the same height and body as yours

    drat. wala bang cherifer para sa mga above 20 na ang age :(

  2. Everybody lovers Dennis. Wala man lang nag Alfred (Kuwabara) o kaya Vincent (Hiei) Hehehe

  3. @anteros, im not sure, but yoga helped me grow taller at 25. hehehehe...

    @Mugen, Eh pang becky kasi si Dennis. hahaha!!
    may mga friends ako who likes Vincent (hiei), in a yaoi kind of way.

  4. the baked tuna looks good! :) inggit ako sa swimming! great work out...

  5. @Leo, thanks! yep, nagustuhan naman ni husband, masarap..DAW.ehehehe

  6. paranag an sarap nmn nung baked corned tuna.. =)