Tuesday, January 25, 2011

casual conversations; Work Edition; E-mail Fail

For some reason, (probably due to my allergic rhinitis), I was not myself last night starting my shift at 12mn. I received in my inbox a request for a manager call back to a customer complaint and 3 more of almost the same issue. We were almost queueing (receiving calls one after another) that time so I asked my (current acting)manager if the (other soon to be demoted acting) manager can do the call back, since he's also not doing calls.

Hey boss,

Since it’s queueing since the start of the shift, I’ll be requesting for Joseph to kindly do the ob(outbound) sup call (aka manager call back) since we’ve been queueing almost since the start of the shift.

Thank you.

He then forwarded this e-mail to my close friends and they started to start a e-mail chat thread, and later I realized why...
I wanna slap myself that time; really.

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