Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quientry 01

Quientry – Quickie Entry

A fast, short post for my blog with “less” (hopefully) words than the usual; mostly random thoughts.

• I dreamt the other day of a Harry Potter world (again) Dumbledore, from the 1st movie was talking to me asking me to do something and go inside the castle.

• The other day, we were somewhere unfamiliar in Manila with my family and my mom was lined up for something. I asked her what the line is for and asked if it was for her PASSPORT. She said it’s not and when I looked it was. She was so shy of her getting caught lying while I was crying my heart out and turned to my sister and told her crying and screaming at the top of my lungs “Nagisisnungaling si mommy?! (“Mom was lying!”).” Next thing I know was I was with my sister with our things packed in lug gages in a tricycle and we went off. WEIRD

• DA WHO! I asked this guy, “Di mo ba ako namimiss?” he didn’t reply, and was evading me. I bade goodbye and was zombie mode going to the office, hurt by what happened. A couple of hours later I read a text from him, “Of course I missed you.” WAHHHHH!! KILIG!

• I “promised” to write more in my journal and during my lunch, I went to write a couple of entries, and when I was about to start writing something on Jan 1, 2012, I backtracked and started writing on the space of December 26, 2011. Damn, I have to write all the other things that’s happening and I have to do it fast before my short term memory loss strikes again!

• I said to my tweeter friends that I might soon take shots of me topless so that I’ll be able to see the work I’ve done last December where I worked out 3times a week. However, due to lack of funds this week, my wasn’t in good shape so I have to postpone it again.

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