Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Casual Conversations - Cebu Edition - Work work work work work

I can't believe that I have these stories to share and I think it's legal since we don't have that department anymore.

Almost all companies protect their clients/customers and one of which is security verification.

Here are some cases that teaches us that as much as we can, we need to stay alert, awake and most specially ENTHUSIASTIC.

(I ask one of my friends and she obliged that I can post this)
Story 1:

Colleague 1: (Sleepy... no.. make that very...very sleepy) For security, can you please verify for me the whale shark?
Customer: The what?!

Imagine how fast the heartbeat goes of colleague one when she realized this.

Story 2:
Outside of our workstations are breakout areas where we can watch television, drink coffee,eat,etc.
After watching National Geographic or I think it was Animal Planet, colleague 2 went back to work and still sleepy....
Colleague 2: For security, can you please verify for me the 3 monkeys at the back of the card?
(Remember? Credit cards have the 3 digit security codes at the back of the card?)
Customer: I can't see 3 monkeys here but I see 3 digits.
Colleague 2: kruuu kruuu *Cricket moment*

Story 3:

This is my favorite and was just recent.
I transferred to my new department and I now have new colleagues
I call this HugotQuestion.

Colleague 3: I would like to verify the date that you had yada... yada....
Mr. Customer.. .How past is past???

My manager, some of my other colleagues stood up and we were looking at her...
We can't help it but laugh...


  1. This sort of reminds me when I had my short stint at a call center all the awkward moments of silence over the phone with the customer haha. :) Great blog

  2. Hoping to read more from you soon :) Your blog has been sort of like a stress reliever to me for the past few hours.. So much good reads

    1. I actually have lot of pending blogs. Hahaha! Thanks. Really appreciate this comment!