Sunday, April 2, 2017

10 Websites To Boost Your Career

"The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive."-Coco Chanel

So I say, why pay for mastery classes if you can get it for free? That’s why I’m sharing with you 10 websites where you can get free online courses to boost your career growth. Here are some websites to quench that thirst for learning, because if there’s something that we want to feed nonstop; it’s our brains.

These 10 websites may look just a number but these websites offer a door to thousands of windows to thousands and millions of courses that can open your mind and boost your career growth!

1. Hubspot Academy  

Wanna boost your career with inbound marketing and sales? This is the place. Hubspot academy will help your career in marketing and sales boost to the top as they are the worldwide leader on this matter.

They already gave out more than 50,000 certifications to their learners and you can add up to that number as they offer free online courses that specialize in marketing and sales. We have team members who already are Hubspot certified and have excelled and enhanced their marketing know-hows.

Whether you have a sales or marketing background, Hubspot will definitely help you with it!

2. Coursera

The website highlights the specializations and subjects available, highlighting Top Specializations, Popular Courses and Top Rated Courses, however, you still have the search box if you need specific course details whether it will be business, marketing or IT, they have courses available for you. This is no joke as they have 150 partners over 29 countries offering 2065 courses; that’s a lot of food for the brain!

On the go? Coursera is available on the App Store for Apple users and Google Play for Android, so whether you’re using a desktop, mobile phone or tablet, you can access them anytime anywhere.

Whether you’re a businessman wanting to learn about IT or on Social Science but wanting to learn about Management, or just want to further enhance what you already know and keep in the loop, this site can offer you such.

The best of all, what’s the proof of your course? You can get a certificate from them too!

3. Codecademy  

Looking into boost your career in coding? Codecademy literally gives you free coding course for FREE. One of Time’s 50 Best Websites will surely bring that uncertainty to serenity, and join other 25 million learners around the globe who already have their fair share of success from this site. Watch their video or read people’s testimonies upfront on the first page to know how their career skyrocketed with Code Academy.

They do have free learning for school or education and also one for business, and for a fee, you get more services from them too.

4. EDX

EDX was founded by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology also known as MIT, so you know you’re getting high-quality learning. This massive open online course provides high-quality courses pairing up with world’s leading universities, nonprofits, and institutions with more than 90 global partners.

They are proud to say that they are established and led by colleges and universities, nonprofit, and open source of online courses.
From Language to Biology, boost your career in marketing, management skills, keep up to date your IT and Programming skills with EDX.
EDX provides a certificate of your achievement once you’ve finished the course. What’s more, they also offer specialized programs for a more advanced learning to further progress your career.

5. MIT Open Courseware 

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is one of the founding father of EDX and they too, have their own version of free web-based online courses for your career growth. They boast 200 million visitors with 2340 courses to choose from and you can be added to their statistics as they publish all their course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.

6. Udemy 

Udemy website may sound intimidating onset of the page because of the prices, but this site offers free courses that you can take as well. Just search via the search button and there are dozens of free online courses to choose from to boost your career.
Their site offers different categories from Level, Language, Features and Price and sort from most relevant, most reviewed, highest rated, newest, from the highest price to lowest and vice versa.

7. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania  

The Kutztown University of Pennsylvania – Small Business Development Center offers Online Learning programs to start off your career in entrepreneur, business, management, marketing and so on. They have a wide range of courses to choose from, and a long list of over 90 free on-demand online programs and they keep adding more.

More than the free online courses, they also offer consultation services, workshops, and business planning in case you have that extra funds that you can spend on.

8. Harvard University Online Learning 

Free.Online.Harvard.Courses. Yes, you read it right, I don’t know why you won’t visit this, it’s Harvard! FOR FREE! There’s a pool of free courses that you can access on their website that you can take mostly done online they also have paid online courses if you opt for a more in depth more specific learning. The search button is helpful to search and the filter section is also a big help narrowing down your search criteria.

9. Open 2 study 

Open 2 study lets you access courses on the Free courses page and what’s more is that they also provide free certificate of successful completion of it. What makes the site interesting is that once you’ve created your account either from scratch or using your social media- Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, you can connect to people and it works like a classroom having classmates; make that, cyber classmates, or you can invite your friends to join too.
This website will help you with your career as they have a wide range of courses to choose from. You can search by Level of Study, Category, or Free Course in their Accredited Course tab.
This will definitely boost your career and further improve on your chosen field and give that career growth an edge.

10. inLearning of LinkedIn 

This is a bit tricky as they do provide free learning for a month, however, they need a credit card, the payment will take place after a month. I took as many learning as I can within a month and there were just too many interesting and helpful courses to take so I just took the most important. They will e-mail you and it is also helpful to keep a reminder to unsubscribe after 29 days so that they will not charge your credit card. It was indeed a hassle to monitor the date, but all the learnings were all worth it. What I love about this is that it automatically records your courses and attach it to your Linkedin profile. The courses have a video and transcript available for you to view.

You can choose from a wide range of courses to boost your career, even change careers from business to IT, adult learning to management, whatever career path you choose, they have a course for you. I know, because my team members did!

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