Monday, February 8, 2010

Rent-view (REview for the Rent Musical)

3 stars

3 times the tears

3 memorable characters-Joanne,Angel,and Tom collins!

3 memorable scenes La Vie Boheme, I'll cover you (reprise), Seasons of Love

3 favorite songs: Seasons of love, Will I, Light My Candle

For rent!

My histo-rent came about when an ex-heartbreaker introduced (and sang to) me "light my candle" (too bad not like the way Mimi did). He suggest I watch the movie RENT, and during those times, when Glorietta 2 was still open and there was this store selling cd near the Landmark entrance, I already forgot the name of the store and that's where I saw the CD rent, I bought the said CD and since then, everyday, I'll fast-forward it, if memory serves me right to 01:29; the start of seasons of love.

3 memorable characters-Joanne,Angel,and Tom collins!

I thought, even if a blind man watched the Rent Musical (Feb 7,2010 8pm show that is), he can still pinpoint where Joanne was. Her voice was so powerful, at the same time beautiful that if I'm a 3rd person from myself; I'll see myself automatically smiling whenever Joanne sings. Her character was portrayed well. Too bad for some reason, my mind/spirit/soul wandered off and was not able to catch her during the Take Me, or Leave Me performance. However, I'm happy that I was able to vatch her during her performance in the Seasons of Love, especially her solo part, she made my smile bigger 1 inch wider! The Angel-Tom combo has this chemistry that really blew me off and made me go "Awww..." Even if there's no french kissing involved (which was shown in the movie), you can feel the love between them! They're so sweet together!

3 memorable scenes La Vie Boheme, I'll cover you (reprise), Seasons of Love
Some(blogs,reviews,comments) say that their La Vie Boheme lacks energy, I don't know about them, but in my case, my partner keeps on poking me since I've been dancing with the cast on stage, I keep on nodding my head when they were dancing in their table and loved it especially when they depicted the Last Supper! Haha! I was expecting more dances in the table though, but nergy? I felt it. I'll Cover You was also one of my play favorite, but not my favorite song/ scene in the movie, but I just love how they sang the song to each other as if they really meant it, and I don't need to elaborate more! They did the same Seasons of Love song number in the movie, except that they did that in the middle of the program, after the first break, they did the line up, dark background, lights on casts theme. aylaveeet! err.. ehem.. I loved it!

3 favorite songs: Seasons of Love, Will I, I'll cover you (Reprise)

They were able to give justice to their version of Seasons of Love and Kudos to Joanne! Damn, she made me cry! Good thing it was dark, even my hubbie wasn't able to see that I was already crying! Even with "Will I", they sang the song with much sadness and feelings. I can't express more how much I love those songs! I just do! I'll cover you (Reprise) when Angel died was also one of those songs that made my tears trail down. Tom Collins did a good job letting us feel what we SHOULD feel.

3 FAILS? Roger,Mimi,Maureen

Like I said, this is just my personal opinion. I was expecting more from these three main characters. I don't know if I expected to much, or I was expecting them to copy the original ones in the movies, but for me, these three are the reasons why my smile faded once in a while when I was watching them sing. I can remember Maureen expecting people to "mooo" with her, but when I look around, it seems no one's convinced. I was expecting her (or the audience) to moo. With Roger and Mimi, I don't know, they just don't seem to capture my taste. I was looking forward to see their performance with Light My Candle and.. rather not talk about it. Anyway, just sharing.

Why 3 Stars?

WORDS. There are times when some of them were eating their words so I can't decipher what they were trying to sing or say. Worse, I already know some of the songs, so my mind already predicted what they were about to say. Worst, there are times when I just can't plainly understand.

EMOTIONS. For the lack of it, for not feeling it, not expressing it and no existing emotions in several scenes and song numbers.

TICKET PRICE? I don't know, I just felt and find it not worth it.


  1. i was never a fan of rent. perhaps my friends just set it up too much. when i finally saw it, i was like this is it? the songs were pretty cool though.

  2. @citybuoy, yeah the music rocks! the ost of the movie, try listening to it...hehehe

  3. i've never seen Rent. The movie. The musical. The anything. I'm vaguely familiar with the story, but was never interested in it. I do love Seasons of Love though.

  4. @engel, i guess you knowing seasons of love is enough for me. hehehe. that's the highlight of the moviE!