Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*in whisper* THE SECRET... THE SECRET...

  • I need to pass a book review this Saturday for my Information Technology Subject. I WILL PASS ONE or my prof will cancel it for another week, she'll be absent, or just forget about it.
  • Aparrently it was extended until March 20, yahoo!

  • We need to pass a Chapter 1 of a Research Project, just like the Chapter 1 of a thesis. Problem is? I don't have a problem. I already sent proposals, all rejected. HE WILL approve one by the end of the week, and I'll get a high grade, let that be a very high grade.
  • He did approve my proposal, stupid me, I looked everywhere and what I really want was in front of me; Gay Bloggers!

  • The Masters in Communication will go to Zambales March 6, 2010. EVERYONE WILL GO! (Hear that Andrea?!)
  • PFT.

  • The Secret... The secret..


  1. I never like the book "The Secret". Or maybe I just didn't get it.

  2. @Queen, I haven't met her I've been absent since last week eh. wahahahA!

    @Menthos, for some reason, it worked for me eh. lots of times already.

    @Dhon. hehehe... yeah... :D
    kaya ko 'to! AJA!

  3. A busy life is a happy life. Well, sometimes. :D

  4. @Victor Gregor, yeah, kasalanan ito ng society!
    ginawa nila akong masokistang hindi sanay ng walang ginagawa or isa lang ginagawa!

    but yeah, sometimes.... busy life is happy life.

  5. at talaga ako lang lang ang pinin-point :D