Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ugly Segue

"Last published Sept 07,2010"

Anong petsa na… Di pako nakakakpag sulat ulit ng entry, was it because husband and I fought? (Already kissed and make up), was it because the duties at work? (it’s not that busy,duh), was it because the activities during weekends? (Grandma’s 40 days, Photography workshop, etc).

I guess boredom. One of my predicaments is being “talkative” with my entries. For some reason, I can’t write “just a couple of sentences” when I do my blogs. Actually, it already lessened. I can’t believe I wrote all my college blogs at my old Livejournal when I was still doing my internship at Summit media. Plus, I’m more of a photo person; I’d rather take pictures and them tell my stories that’s why I’m more active (before) at multiply.

Before the internet, I used to write entries in my journal. Informal ones like one liners on what happened that day. However, I tried hard, but for some reason, I can’t sustain it. I’ll start off during January and I’d miss a couple of entries, until on the 3rd or 4th month. On the 5th month, I already left my journal at home.

What drives me to write back? For a not so typical guy like me: emotions. That’s where I get my drive from. Angst, happiness, sadness, excitement, lust, guilt, depression, I use these and more and cook something special to write. For some reason, emotions call upon the words and then will flow out my hands to type here. Add up my living contradiction of an English teacher with lots of grammatical errors, wrong spellings and word usage, voila!?

I’m actually at work typing this and already on my nth account, and I need to release. Not that kind of release green mongrels!? I just calmed my heart down from palpitation. Here’s why.

“You really don’t know how to write formal letters..” A colleague just told me, and its true. I have to re write and think about it like ten thousand times or more. I just finished sending an email to my supervisor, retracting my initiative to coach one of my colleagues who is somewhat slow. Let’s call him SABAW. Sabaw is married and has a daughter, from the start, he’s a good talker, and everyone fell for his cover up. When it was time to hit the floor, after his training, we noticed a slight change.

Same mistakes EVERYDAY, same pathetic, stupid, common sense-ly mistakes. Those kind of mistakes that you’ll really want to strangle him with. Those kind of mistakes that would loose the company thousands… THOUSANDS Of DOLLARS…those kind of mistakes that you (and your team) already told him not to do, will still do anyway, reminded him not to, and still do it some more, and those kind of mistakes that ain’t funny. I’m curious why the hell is he still doing this even if we already sent him coaching opportunities like hundreds everyday, and the same mistakes again and again. But wait, there’s more! It evolves to different sorts; to what looks like manipulating his stats, wreaking havoc to accounts, and by keeping the same accounts and just pending them everyday, so that it will count to his accounts worked.

You see, we’re a small group in our team, and what I love about my team is the open communication between all of us. If one commits a mistake, you can send a coaching opportunity to that person and vice versa, plus, the newbies are already improving. I told my colleagues that whenever I think of him, he reminds me of the song “Everyday’s a new day…” (when you watch at Ayala cinemas before the movie? That song…)

The first day of our coaching session, I asked him what drives him to work; he said it was his daughter. However, I want to know more why he’s not doing his job well, my first step that time was befriend him and try to get to the bottom (Sniggers) why he’s not motivated. Today was supposedly my second coaching to him, but my whistle blew.

He sent me an email reply on why he didn't visit me on my bay.

Here was his reply:
"Our coaching session is 1:30 to 2:00 from the last time we talked if you take a look at your screen shot it would indicate the time.
Next you never mentioned that our coaching is at 1:45 -2:15 you said “mamaya na “

1. Yes you did say that already, I received the email also,
2. Mistake accepted will remember next time
3. I will make notes next time
4. Yes it’s the bay area please to the time we agreed which is 1:30-2:00 please look closely at your screenshot

Yes I made the mistakes could you please double check the dates
“Please adhere to our agreed schedule if you cannot follow the schedule let us coordinate with “supervisor’s name” to re-schedule”

I was red mad...

I replied,
I would like to clarify that this INITIATIVE is to HELP you, but it seems you’re unAPPRECIATIVE and you can’t comprehend what we were trying to say;
If you check the invitation I sent you and READ it in detail, you will see that the Coaching Session will actually start 01:45 to 02:15. I already placed that there because I know you want details. If you check Microsoft Outlook Scheduler, there’s no 01:45 to 02:15 time.
You want notes? Here’s what we’ve talked about.

Sabaw’s Schedule
Every Wednesday
09:45 to 06:45
2345-0000H – 1st break
0145H-0215H - coaching
Sun Monday off

My Schedule
0145H-0215H - coaching

Last Note, it’s not illegal to use common sense

My colleagues were laughing when they saw the e-mail, they told me to change it to:

I’m retracting my initiative to coach Sabaw, I don’t I’m in the best position to coach him at this point.
I’ve already tried but I don’t believe it is working and its becoming unhealthy for both of us.
It would be best to have you as our RTM to continue the coaching sessions with him.

Thank you and I appreciate the opportunity that you’ve given me.


I would like to clarify that this INITIATIVE is to HELP you.

I would like to clarify some things, you told me that …

I never felt angry like this before. My heart was pounding so fast, my hands were trembling and cold, my colleagues were already worried, so one of them asked me to wash my face. It helped, but just for a bit. Supervisor logged me out and asked what happened and relayed the story.

I kept quiet and just let them talk, I just answered when they were asking something, but I was talking or rather screaming in my head...

"YOU Moron!? I did this because I want you to improve?! I'm not paid for this extra work stupid!? I'd rather leave you and do everything I can so boss can fire you!?"

Before the end of the shift, he sent me an apologetic email; I didn’t reply. He then approached me and asked for an apology. I told him this is not the right time to talk, as I’m not emotionally prepared. (Sorry, bakla lang!)

I didn’t finish my quota for today as I’m really driven to pour this out.

Whuuuuusa!!! Happy ThoughtS!

Again, my sincerest apology for that ugly segue, I just need to let my hands do the typing...

Will post something to smile about soon.


  1. @imnotsoconio, if only i have your wit. haha!! baka napagresign ko na siya.btw, naalala na kita..haha!! LO!

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