Wednesday, September 29, 2010

weekend retreat and weekend date

Last weekend (Sept 26,27,2010) was rather, an experience to remember. It was my first time to join the MCCPH Retreat that was held at Pansol Calamba City, Laguna. I actually didn’t know to expect, and that made me really excited. Since my churchmates were my old housemates and people who are familiar with AKik’s (a 24 hour gotohan in PRC; where they serve delicious silog meals!), since it will be my first time to taste their pansit, I bought 2 pansit bihon, 2pansit canton and 1 pansit miki bihon. I then reached the destination after a couple of hours travel and to my surprise I saw straight guys, black sando, cooking, what seems to be our breakfast. I asked IPL (Interim Pastor Leader) Egay who they were and said the guys were their seamen that are waiting to be boarded, so they’re helping with the cooking, since they’re doing nothing yet. Wahahahha!! No comment.

I went to look for my ex housemate Jed and found that he’s preparing for the first activity. The usual routine for seminars, knowing thyself, knowing others, knowing the group, etc. started the retreat, and what made me smile was the group activity where we need to do puzzles. I LOVE puzzles! I already completed a 1000 pcs jigsaw puzzles before with Tommy! And from then on, I got addicted! Since I don’t have the budget (yet) for new ones, I’m saving up for a box (okay, I’m digressing). Anyway, our group was the first one to finish our piece, since Gina, my groupmate was also fond of puzzles, plus our ever-intelligent Ptr. Regen realized that some of the pieces were missing, and we found our pieces from other groups. We helped them out to finish their puzzles and look for the missing ones.

The meal was super! Diet was a taboo that weekend, we ate, no, we slobbed our way through the meals! They ate like me! Haha! When the sun came down, it was time to discuss the history of the MCC Church and share the “history.” I already have a background of what happened, but I never got the clear idea on what REALLY happened. Starting with Fr. Mickley until today, I was able to hear everything on what happened. That night, a couple of students came and Jed gave them a crash course on what we did during the day. He hated me and Roy for sleeping through the activity! Haha! Roy and I were dead tired and didn’t notice we were already zombiefied and walked through our rooms and slept.

That morning, thank GOD I got my daily dose of protein from TAHO! I forgot to bring my Soya milk so I gulped 2 glasses of hot warm TAHO! Breakfast was served and again, I just told myself I’ll run double this week at the gym! Hehe…

It was now time to discuss about Homosexuality and the Bible. I already have an idea on what was the issue during my previous membership class before joining MCC, but this time was better since we were able to dissect the issues of Homosexuality not being a sin or a sickness. What I love about Ptr. Regen’s discussion was the research done.

There were a couple of verses that were discussed and per group; they will have to answer why it was incorrect. The participants were surprised how one word can change the history. I’ll just then post a separate entry about this one. NOSEBLEED.

After the discussion, we then prepared for lunch and the Worship service. It was a surprise to us the old members that we were just expecting 4 members, but lo and behold; in front of us are 11 –ONSE –LABING ISA - ELEVEN new members that wanted to join our family. Everything’s falling into place, this was one of those “the secret” moments I was thinking before. We were happy preparing for our trip back to Manila.

I then went to meet Kojie at Glorietta for a date. It was a long time before we enjoyed each other’s company. We decided to watch Legend of the Guardians, and bought our signature pre film watching meal: World Chicken, 1 order of Potdog Fried Siomai, Biggie Iced tea! We used to buy frosty as well, but this time, we decided to try Beard Papa’s cream puff . Scale of 1 to 5, it’s a 3. It was still early so we roam around the mall, window shopping, and decided to stay at Timezone for a couple of games. It was rather odd since there weren’t that much people on a Sunday evening. I was able to play this:

Kojie was teasing me since I was struggling with the screen since it was my first time, thanks to my bestfriend BALUGA for introducing me this game! It was fun and not to mention the music was nice! I wanna download them!It was then his turn to play, concentrating, he wasn't able to stop me from taking his pic. Aminin nyo, cute sya dito!

After the movie, we went home, and ended the night with a kiss, a hug closed eyes and cuddled to slumber while holding hands.


  1. Lugaw at PRC, da best! Dun lang kami kumakain pag nagkatamaran magluto dati. PRC brings a lot of good memories, pati si Roy (I miss Roy) and your housemates. :)

    Andami ko nang namimiss sa Timezone ah. Oras na para pudpurin ang powercard! Sana may Timezone sa SM San Pablo. :)

  2. Hehe, I know right?!
    yeah, memories, kaya nga para akong tangang kuha ng kuha ng pics/// hehehe

    HAHA!! Yeah, dami bagong games sa Timezone!