Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Straw

My shoulder hurts as I just finished a gruelling 2 or 3 hours of work out. However, it won’t hurt that much creating this profile for a simple reason; lack of respect. From the start, I didn’t want another social network profile. I’ve had enough. I’m contented with multiply, blogspot, and my mini micro PLU sites.

It was then agreed (since we were “required” by the school for my Masters to have a FB account) that we’ll be creating a couple or rather, a joint account. However, it was the last straw. I MAGICALLY got untagged just because I was sooooooooo little in the picture. We already talked about this before. One event status became MAGICALLY not attending. There were A LOT of previous things that MAGICALLY happen, or disappear without me being informed.

Anyway, it was you who pushed this to be created, and you already know the circumstances and the consequences, I told you, I’m here to make you happy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve changed. I’m still that nice boy if you’re nice, be the opposite and you‘ll know what.

I’ll just make this short since there will be new notes that will come our way. Meantime, this will serve as a warning, and a reminder that I love you, but I have my limit.

You shouldn't worry though, I still will be the one to cook for you as I have promised, make you giggle before you sleep, I'll make sure you're smiling before you close your eyes, and will be doing that until your hair is white. So don't fret.


*This post was posted on my newly opened facebook account. Add up guys...


  1. Hey, keep the fire burning.. Just talk it put and you maybe able to fix it..

    Goodluck with that..


  2. Virex, thanks, don't worry, not that of a big issue..ehehee