Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10-25-2010 is my Brother's (wedding)

*Long wordy post guys... Just a head's up.


My parents and sister already went to Olongapo Saturday to spend the weekend there, while I need to enroll for my subjects this 2nd semester. I’m going back to school, as per my mom’s request. It was rather, hard decision since I was supposed to be with husband at Glorietta for the opening of Nokia store for the releasing of Nokia N8. However, we were informed that our chair person/ adviser will only be there until 2pm, so I’m sad not being able to go with husband since he was really excited with the phone.

Sunday, we decided to catch a mass first at Megamall, then I went to Cubao to catch a bus at Victory Liner. It was rather a bad moment for me since the Victory Liner I went to was only servicing a route to Cagayan. The ticket officer told me that the bus to Olongapo was on the other side; walking distance. Thanks to my instinct to ask another guy, he said I need to take a bus. True enough it was walking distance; if you’re a giant. I was then relieved that I was able to take the 4:30 trip and good thing that mom’s prediction of the bus stations being crowded; not true. I wasn’t able to sleep so I just watched Bleach series.

Their famous tacos and we tried the enchilada.

When I arrived , my sister and family friends picked me up and went to The Coffee Shop (too original) house of the biggest (not to mention delicious) Tacos in Olongapo. We then went back to the hotel where they were staying and took a rest. Thank God for they have WIFI so I was able to do some net surfing.

I took a warm bath and slept in a nice cuddly bed with a cuddly comforter. I wish husband was there. Sigh. Oh, husband can’t attend the wedding because when they have a class; they can’t file leaves.

Next day, without washing our faces, even combing our hair, we went to the cafe and ate our breakfast; while taking our pictures. My brother and I then went to the barber shop for a nice clean shave. We then went back to the hotel for lunch, and photo shoot. It was rather nice to see my brother and my parent’s photo shoot. I joined in and then joined with the en

tourage. We were not informed that we need to bring shades, because the photographer has this theme “Men in Barong.” Other relatives and family friends from Laguna came around 2pm and went inside; it was raining. A couple of photoshoots here and there and merienda of espasol from Bulacan and Los Banos Buko Pie for them. Around 3:30, the immediate family members were called for the family portrait. I was really thinking of “Nanay” that time and I jokingly asked where she was.

*Sisters? Haha!

First Family? LOL.

Inside the Van. EMOTE!

Around 3:30ish, we then prepared going to the chapel where the wedding will be held. It was really, literally jam packed! The chapel was literally small, just the size of almost 2 classrooms. IT was nice though, intimate, and the decorations is really “Ate Thet” style. What made my eyes widened next was what the wedding coordinator told me; “You’ll be the first to walk.” I thank my dad and mum for sharing their kapal muks genes. I then started to

walk, as they said, not to fast, not to slow. I then waited for dad, mom and kuya in front of the altar. I was taking pictures/video in front, too bad for the wedding photographers, they were having a hard time taking pictures with me TAKING pictures as well at the same time with husband’s digicam. Hahaha!!

The advantage of the Best Man; up close and personal with the Bride and Groom!

After the mass and the ceremony ended, I got pissed with my nephew who then again in his bratty mode. He won’t go in front for the pictorial. I went to brother in law and told him to get Icez in front and gave him, you-D*%K-who-don’t-know-how to-raise-your-own-kid look. I was soooooo pissed! Since husband wasn’t there, I just focused on being the BEST Man I can be, and did my job.

The Convention Center

We then went to the Convention Center and took a rest on our table; Table #3, which later was announced that the number will be called on who will eat first! Wahoo!! The food was wahoo!! The program started hosted by Ate Thet's friend. I felt bad because the script for the program was programmed in a way that there are music that will be played when a word/cue was mentioned, but they weren't listening so the hosts have to SAY OUT LOUD the track number just for the sound system people to play the track. Epic Fail!

My plate.

the cake with the cupcake giveaways. Yes, its a big LV bag,and the cup cake designs were little LVbags too!

The program went on and I forgot all about the Best Man’s toast! I just asked the wedding coordinator and said I just need to wish them the usual happiness blah blah’s. There were videos of their childhood, then the video during the wedding to the reception and the cinematography was nice! I wish I could get a copy of the video right there and then, but of course. I can’t. I was then preparing myself since the speeches were starting and when my brother already started thanking people and everyone else, that gave me a sign that I won’t be giving my speech. A bit disapointed yes, but I'm happy that husband loved my speech and my sister and family friend Charmie gave me a thumb's up too.

Another highlight of the event was for the Single Men and Ladies to do the Garter and Bouquet thingie. There was actually a twist; to win the "garter," you need to consume/drink a baby bottle filled with water and the first one who drinks the most wins. Meanwhile, Kuya played a trick that as he was getting the garter from Ate Thet, he pulled out a red bikini! Everybody laughed as Kuya always plays pranks like that. Then, it was time for the ladies. What interested them was the one who will win the contest; will get an original LV bag. I wish I was one of those! LOL. It was actually not so fun, because there were 5 ribbons tied in the bouquet and they just need to pull it. Whoever has the last ribbon still tied to the bouquet wins. The pranks didn't stop there. The guy who won in the contest was blindfolded and the girl was replaced by my brother's bestfriend. The guy was surprised that he was about to kiss another guy!

I was surprised when I went to the men's comfort room to see this inside. It's so Ate Thet!

The give away for primary sponsors and entourage.

After the program, I got a couple of cupcakes and LV mini cakes and waited for their signal to go home. I was a bit pissed (again) because mom told me to look after the Wedding gifts (there were times before, when a couple of waiters took some of their own), but then, they will call me and asked me to join them for the photo booth shots. Anyway, it ended well, and went home, but my cousin (father side) with her husband and daughter asked me to join them for a cup of coffee.

I need to release these negative vibes so I joined them. I told them the tales about me and Jeff and how my relatives came to know about it. They also shared a couple of gay stories and I offered how many married guys and boys with girlfriends are also into boys now. We ended the night well and went home. I was excited to post the pictures, but the hotel's internet was not able to post everything. I slept for two hours before we went back to Manila.