Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Colleague 01 slash Friend :Lagi na kayong nag aaway these past few days and weeks ng husband mo, lagi nalang kwento mo at sa facebook mo , magkaaway kayo… Ano pa ang kinakatuwa mo sa kanya?


Yeah, these past few days, I’ve observed that husband and I’ve been fighting more than the usual. When he got mad a couple of weeks ago, (jealousy), he was cold to me for a week, and I think that was the reason why both of us weren't able to sleep. Recently, because he failed to get the measurements at home for our cabinets, table and laundry pole that mum was asking us, and he never mentioned that he didn’t understand mum’s text message. The next day, we have our anniversary party for our department and he was asking about it via text. He said I never replied, but I resend the message. I was really red mad that day. Add the fact that Friday morning, I have to take a quick nap at the office due to the work stress and office politics tension and all that jazz. I have to sleep it over and when I woke up, that’s what will wake me up.

Saturday, I went to attend the mass at Greenbelt chapel and was MORE confused, 'coz that’s what I do whenever I’m facing these kinds of dilemma. Through the homily, HE speaks to me, on what to do, however this time, I was confused. What about angels and children as intercessors? I just thanked HIM that I was able to unwind in HIS place, because before I went there, God only knows how many evil plans I have to get my revenge on husband; worse, when I get back, it’s so evil, I know he'll hate me for it. I then went to Coffee Bean to wait for Kian for our anniversary celebration of our department that afternoon and just killed the time surfing the net.

We ate and laughed our hearts out, thanks to my crazy team and all the photos, one liners, and internal jokes, that eased my mind on what happened, and made me miss him… I went home and was surprised he’s gone; I thought he went home to Laguna. I texted him and apparently, he went to the office. I woke up and hugged him and kissed him.

I just miss the old times that even if we’re already a couple, we still gave each other something; just like everyday’s a new day. I’m still thankful though for him being sweet, that whenever we sleep, when we cuddle, you’ll feel the comfort of an angel hugging you, for snoring so softly that it’ll make you smile, for the warm hugs and giggly kisses, for the laughs whenever I make funny sounds and funny faces.

I’m still waiting for that day to come (soon), when we’re both comfortable with each other, enough to say EVERYTHING, just like a bestfriend, when we can bond like brothers and love like a FAMILY.


  1. I melted sa second to the last paragraph. Sarap. <3

  2. usually pag matagal na ata relasyon nagkaka roon ng parang "sawaan" i dont know,my friend is into this 7 yr relationship with his bf and they're bored na with each other..

    or maybe u two talk it out first..sayang naman..its just a phase, lilipas din...

  3. Oh...nawala lang ako sandali - anong nangyayaring kaguluhan ha? ha? - lol..kaya yan idol, lahat ng bagay napapag-usapan ;-)

  4. fren at kakulitan sa OC, alam mo naman ang dapat mong gawin para ma achieve ang dream na iyon eh. nagusap na tayo dyan before.

  5. @Pipo, I know... Thanks for dropping by.

    @Mac CAllister, nagkabalikan na kami ng bf ko, medyo wala na yung sawa issue, ang issue ngayon... nag iba na kami pareho.. Thanks for the advise and the faith...

    @JR, hahaha!! Oo nga eh,hinahanap kita at inaantabayan ang post mo din.. thanks!

    @Jinjiruks, thanks.. .hehehe..