Monday, October 18, 2010

10-10-10 is MINE

Cannelloni pasta at Eat and Go

I was supposed to print a “personalized shirt” for that, but my creativity only pops up once in a while.

October 10, 2010 is my birthday celebration, 26th celebration to be exact. I never had any “fantastic” celebrations of my birthday that I can remember except now. Since October 10, 2010 is the Loyalty Day of UPLB, during elementary there were no classes, so no celebration at school ever happened.

God is just plain good to me, he made me celebrate my birthday; when I was most financially uptight, and I enjoyed it

Saturday night before my birthday, I celebrated it with my husband and just ate at eat and go at megamall; I was about to order my favourite: Cannelloni, but since I have a discount on their main entrée, I have to change.

We went home and slept early since Sunday will be the day.

I took my family (mom,dad, my brother and sister), future sister in law, brother in law, cousin, uncle, bestfriend Baluga and husband for an eat all you can feast at Resorts World. The catch? Besides the no taking of pictures inside... The eat all you can breakfast was only up until 10am, and kids are a no no. So I owe my niece and nephew a separate treat, plus, they have to be early there since they are first time registrants so there still is the registration process and since me, husband and my elder brother are already members, I have to pay full for our meal; 400php plus per meal. I was teasing husband that I won’t eat anymore since it’s way too expensive if I’ll eat too. He was red mad, and I guess God’s gift to me too; every referral entitles me to a 25 rebate stub. They’re about 12 all in all, so I paid for my meal, almost half. Not bad!

I was also surprised that their honeycured bacon was not there! I was like ?!!?!?!? Jeff was also disappointed because that’s what we were so proud of; the pail of honeycured bacons.. (no kidding!) Anyway, they still did enjoy it and after the meal, they still can’t believe it’s only for 88php (plus tax) per meal. After they ate, they played at the slot machine since their signing up entitles them for a 100 free token at the slot machine. Meanwhile, I was still enjoying feeding the alligator inside me around 4 plates of meals; since my sister ate the other one and since it was already 5 minutes to 10, I got shy. Hihihi!!

After the breakfast, I thought they’ll still go to MOA, but they decided to go home, they left me with the big, no… the huge… no… the gigantic cake from Mernels as a treat for my MCC family and treat to my colleagues.

We also dropped by the St Therese Basilica near that place and we took a quick prayer, a wish and a couple of pictures. Lord, yung promise mo na maging milyonaryo ako, before 30... Wehehehe!!

The basilica; there was a wedding going on..

My future sister in law I love so much!

My husband I love love so much!

My brother who was on his way to Trinoma to run errands for his upcoming wedding (separate post), dropped us by our place with Balugang bestfriend. I was soooooo sleepy that time and took a nap, woke up with a nightmare (I wasn’t able to catch the MCC mass where I’m supposed to give the homily that day). Thank God it was just a dream. We then prepared to go to Trinoma since brother needs me to deliver an invitation for someone in Mandaluyong. We went there, look for Fix Salon and signed up, went to KFC and ate something to feed my alligators in my stomach and met up with brother, left the invitation, and went on ahead to Olongapo. He asked about my speech, I said I already started it, but honestly I haven’t thought of anything that time! I was about to answer him back if I could still make it as a 2nd bridesmaid, wahaha!!

My MCCph Family...

We went back to Mandaluyong; husband went to Megamall to attend the mass while I went home to get the cake, and off I went to MCC mass. I was disheartened to see less than 20 people there, where last week it was a puffing 30 + people. Good thing Francis was back! He’s an old member where I first witnessed their first gay blessing and gay wedding aka Holy Union. The mass started and I was still praying to HIM that I hope what HE told me was correct and what I will share to them was what HE wants me to SAY. Yes my dear friends, my pastor asked me as a birthday tribute; for me to share homily that Sunday. It was rather, an honor for me to have a moment where everybody will listen to what I’m gonna say; to share the WORD of GOD. It was with the theme a grateful stranger from the Bible verse Luke 17:11-19. Thanks to OLIVE TREE .com, I was able to study the bible and pray for it everyday. We then celebrated near the eatery and ate the cake there. It was really heartwarming to see them eat the special choco cake with yema filling inside. Thanks to them, I had a second family that accepted me who I really am, without prejudice and discrimination. Where you can sing ala Mariah and Whitney and no one will give you that raised eyebrows.

After the mass, I went back to Megamall to meet up with husband. We roamed around some more and went home... The day ended well... I thought it was all, but God really surprised me some more...

One of my favorite things!

After the eat all you can, elder brother and future sister in law gave me an original Girbaud wallet, which actually made me smile. One, they know what gifts to give; two, they didn't know I'm not fond of big wallets since I already lost a couple. So husband's eyes brightened since he knows he'll have it. My colleague who just came from Macau gave me chopsticks and another colleague gave me a leather bracelet; she didn't know as well how I love bracelets so much...

Second, you know I'm not fond of shoes, but for some reason, God moved in his own mysterious ways to give me this.

Husband dis approved of me buying the one on the left because he thinks it's "jologs." However, everyone knows how I dress up; anything out of the ordinary, that's why he approved of me buying this as a birthday gift for myself.I took these pictures Saturday after me and my orgmates/colleagues had our breakfast at The Fort. I went to Gilorietta to hunt for this. I took a couple of pictures so I could show my financial adviser husband if I can buy this

and this

When I was trying them on, I noticed there was another one that God gave me... It's not yet finished but it made me smile, my hardwork is paying off bit by bit... Here's OUR gift to you guys... Enjoy... hehehe.. Exclusive to my blog friends...


  1. Ikaw na! Ikaw na ang pinagpala! Happy birthday Von Draye!

  2. Wooot wooot Belated happy birthday, you. :)

  3. @red the mod, lol. ikaw naman, lahat naman tayo pinagpala... hehehehe.. THanks!

    @Tristan, thanks! BTW, ikakasal na si kuya sa monday, di ka ba pupunta? Hahaha!

  4. !belated happy bday and damn, you're hoottttttttt

  5. hey what's up? i think i have visited your blog before pero ngayon lang ulit nagawi dito. you want to know a weird coincidence? my birthday is also 10-10 pero siyempre mas bata ako. nyahahaha. peace. the best talaga pag birthdays no? you can get away with anything... bwahaha. anyway, i hope you don't mind pero i'll be saving your link para aka-balik ako ulit dito. have a great night.

  6. @Mac Callister, thanks for the greeting.. and thanks for the compliment. alam mo naman tayong mga taga LAguna.. haha!!

    @Mr. nightcrawler, hahah! same birthday! ito lang actually yung masasabi kong masayang birthday ko talaga. ehehe...

  7. @Jinjiruks, ikaw na ang nasa office na puro gwapo! Hehehe