Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of the month.

Last Sunday was our usual “dead” shift and I was typing when suddenly, I felt sleepy. So we kinda rest for a while and delayed our work load for a bit. Sunday was pretty exciting day after Paul and Appolo’s fight last Saturday. Hehehe. After I stayed at CBTL in MOA, I left for Megamall to attend the Saturday Mass, and went ahead to eat my heart out; literally. Comfort food: tofu steak and ramen. Then, I roamed around for a bit and tired from class, decided to go home around 10pm. I’m still feeling bad and I decided to sleep in my yoga mat on the floor. Next day I was awakened by loud knocks; it was mom with my cute nephew and niece.

Trying out the chairs...

They were there to finish a couple more furnishings at home; our laundry area’s “sampayan” and our foldable dining table. I was surprised to see my sister there, because dad knows how small our studio unit is and still he brought along my sister, my mom, my niece and my nephew and our helper. Oh well, since they were quick to install it, they were finished in no time. I was also praying that mom or dad won’t see the framed “Certificate of Blessing” atop the TV. I forgot they both are blind without their glasses on. We then headed to Megamall to eat brunch, and husband and I were already good. I was already teasing him about what happened yesterday and he can’t stop himself from laughing. I’m trying my best not to grab his hand to since I’m used to holding his hands whenever we do window shopping. I then showed dad the corner cabinet I asked him to do. They went back to Laguna and we went back to sleep since we woke up early that morning, since I still have shift that Sunday night.

Monday morning was something to look forward to because it’s my first day with my trainer at the gym. We started off with warm up exercises and he explained why it is extremely important. I actually don’t do warm up for almost 2 years of my life working out at the gym. He gave me different kind of warm up, like rolling your back and front using a styro roller and a couple of stretchings. I then started with squats, and I was surprised that all these time, what I was doing was wrong, the stances and all. He corrected me and explained (again) why, and was able to understand the logic of things. Since we’re determining my maximum strength that day, he was getting my maximum weigh I can lift. I can’t believe I did it at 115lbs! My bench press was at 145lbs, and he asked me how come I was able to lift that heavier than my squats, I told him I’ve been doing bench press for a year while squats, less than 2 months and that’s with all the wrong moves. We then headed to do dumbbell press and rows, then off to biceps and triceps exercises and last was the abs. I asked if I could do the treadmill but he advised me not to since we’re training to bulk up. He also gave me food tips: 6 meals a day, 6 eggs a day, 1 liter of milk, fish, etc. I asked him if I can do Soy Milk but he said the regular milk is better since Soy has estrogen(?) that might give me manboobs. I went home and ate with husband not knowing that when I woke up, my body ached like hell. I missed that kind of body ache, since I always want to push myself to the limit and the only way to measure that was that; body ache.

Tuesday morning, husband asked me to have breakfast at Megamall; I smiled and told him that he really loves doing “carino brutal.” I told him that it was hard for me to walk since my body aches so bad, that either I look like a newly circumcised boy or been eff’d by a black guy. Lol. Anyway, I don’t want to argue anymore so I agreed and we tried the Secret Recipe. We then went to National bookstore and I realized I miss doing something; surprises. I told him I’ll just wait for him outside, but since there was a flowershop just beside National Bookstore, I bought him one gerbera; I was so hating manong that time since he was so slow, plus he said they don’t have any change for my 100 php bill. SERIOUSLY?! I then checked for 30php in my pocket and good thing there was. I found husband already looking for me, and when he saw me, he was trying not to smile/ laugh. There he was posing one for me. We then decided to drop by at the grocery before going home.

the not so secret place at The Secret Recipe

HE can't stop smiling...

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