Sunday, September 25, 2016

As per request Butterfinger with special screening of Basaan - Short Film (Philippines Drama, Comedy)

I can't do this in 5 sentences as you requested.


Those were one of the best moments in my life;spending time with you. Even if I was having trouble because of my surgery... It felt like the movies, like THAT short film (seen below) that you told me... everytime I'm with you.

I was thinking...

I found this amazing guy; he's friends with straight, friends with gay, friends with Transgenders, and everyone loved him... ( I did/do too). I owe it to my short term memory loss that some of the pain were already forgotten... all those bad times that we had were already forgotten, but that person's smile... the laughter... the "Lalalala" are few of the things  I won't forget. Our McDo dates, Wendys dates, binalot sa dahon dates, the way you taught me DOTA with enthusiasm even if I didn't get it. I may have not gotten your gift of sharp memory, but having THIS... whatever you call THIS... between us is enough for me. Keeping in touch... the phonecalls, the text messages, catching up and most specially, making me feel special. I'm not good with talking but I'm better with words typewritten... or written... I'm good with prayers too that's why you were always mentioned when I talk to HIM, and with that, you will always be...

my BuuuuuuterFiiiinger....

and yes..

Yes, I got jealous by a lot of things. I got jealous when you were living the rich and famous life, when he had a video with you, when everyone else were happy with you and not me, and that's the reason why I stayed in Cebu... to forget the pain, forget this... whatever you call this I'm feeling, but I'm human and I can't choose what to forget or not, and sad to say, I forget this pain and jealousy I feel.

There, all is said and done, but then again, I'm still happy you called and we're still each other's Butterfinger.

(From the scene "Basaan" A Philippine Drama, Comedy short Film)

Christian: I have a boyfriend.

John: Christian...

Christian: Yeah...

What took you so long?

John: I don't now.

I thought...

I figured I'd try to be normal for a change.

Christian: You left and you disappeared.

No calls, no text, no letters. Nothing.

John: I didn't like the person I was becoming, so I hid.


Do you love him?


So What now?

Christian: I know where I'm going. You should look for your sister.

John... It was really good seeing you again.


  1. I've seen this film over a year ago. It was short but well made. I can tell that a lot of time and effort was spent towards the making of this movie... and I can relate too.

  2. yeah, me too. A certain special someone only saw it a couple of months/weeks. lol.

  3. At pinanood ko. Alam mo naman, mahilig ako sa short films with sense :) The best part is, it links to more, yehey!!!

  4. akala ko kasi gwapo. haha!! Glad you enjoyed it and sorry sa super late reply! HAHAHA