Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vondraye Visits Malapascua

Ticking off from my bucketlist is my recent trip to Malapascua Island.

They're known for the thresher sharks and of course, for their beautiful beach- clear water, white sand, nice hospitable locals! 

The way to go reach Malapascua if you're coming from the airport is a taxi ride to North Bus Terminal.

You will need to ride the bus going to Maya Port or just ask the people there that you wish to go to Malapascua. A/C Ceres Bus ticket that time (August 2016) costs 200 Philippine peso. The bus ride takes aroun 5 hours as we left the terminal around 6:30 and arrived the Port around 11:30 with two stops at Carmen and Bogo. 

Maya Port!

Maya port offers boats going to Malapascua Island and depending on how many passengers will dictate the fare. Since we were only less than a dozen going to the island, we have to pay double to cover the whole boat (200 Php, originally 100php). Travel time to the island is about 30-45 minutes. It would be much better to change to flip flops because once you've reached the island, it's all sand, sand sand!!! and if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, your first step will be beach water! 

We stayed at Little Mermaid Resort as it was one of the nice resorts that's almost in front of the beach front. However, since we're on a budget, and their food were a bit pricey, we toured around and found La Isla Bonita Restaurant at the back of the resort that serves budget friendly, yet delicious meals. 

Their outdoor "sala" 

 Their outdoor "sala"

 Single Bed

 Hot and Cold Shower!

Two Beds

If you're staying longer, and have the budget, you can opt to have a diving lesson with them as Little Mermaid Dive Resort too have a diving center/school inside their resort as well. If you're not certified (like me), you have the option to take the offer of the boatmen locals that will give you snorkeling tour around the island. They will take you to three sites: Coral Reef, Shipwreck and Islets which basically circles the whole island and takes give or take 3 hours. We were a bit tired so we only snorkeled around the Coral Reefs and took a couple of shots from the Shipwreck and Islets (it was also a bit creepy too!) 

Ookay I know I'm corny...

1st Stop = Coral Reef Garden

2nd Stop: The Shipwreck Site

3rd Stop: The Islet Site

Some Videos you might enjoy!

Since it was just an overnight trip and we need to go back to the city earlier than our check out, we didn't get the chance to really tour the place. 

It was also my mistake to book the boatman like a taxi-boat (can accomodate around 2-4) going back because it was a small boat and because the waves were quite big... You know what happened next. 

Going back to the city, Vans offer a trip back, but will depend again on the number of passengers, so we  ought to take the bus instead, you will walk going to their Bus stop which is a block away from the port and leaves almost every 30 minutes. We asked to be dropped off to SM Consolacion since that's much more accessible to ride going home versus coming from North Bus terminal to my place so we only paid 170php. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this :) Now I can sort of plan out a few potential visit after I get through this very "busy" time

    1. Glad to help!!! Hope you can enjoy your trip soon!