Thursday, February 16, 2017


It may not be the "perfect" company to work for, but in terms of being able to communicate (read: TALK DIRECTLY TO THE CEO) with the owner and share ideas and insights right there and then, I can say I'm happy where I am right now. 

I still have reservations of other people knowing what I've gone through and though close friends knew about it, I'm still not comfortable for them to know what happened (September 2016 shenanigans). 

I'm editing one of my blogs for the company and oh my, my brain is not working for the last hour or so. I tried to pause and talked to my colleagues and still no ideas on how to edit the blog assignment I have for the CEO. 

I'm loving-hating this new work since I'm given a chance to showcase my talent to write/blog, at the same time, on my most active state- evening, plus I have with me colleagues who I love, less people on the evening too.
I'll release these ideas for now as a personal blog to at least to ease the tension in my brain. I'm not the only one who got culture shocked, because most of us came from the BPO industry and coincidentally from the same company, so experiencing these "changes" is literally a happy change for most of us. 

Although there were setbacks, there are still good points that I'd like to focus on. I'm now with the hundreds and thousands of Cebuanos experiencing real non-call center job, and with me are hundred more being a Virtual Assistant. 

One of the things I learned in life is don't expect too much and it was rather a good ammo to have whether in love life, work or life itself. My work title may seem a bit vague but being that someone that has superficial happiness, I'm just happy where I am right now. 

One of which is finally, having my own cubicle/table/station. Papers, notebooks, planners, diary, pens, food, tissue everywhere! My own personal computer that I call my own and no one else is using it. I can literally save files in it, but of course, I don't want to push my luck and take too much advantage of it. Most of the files I place now are work related. I leave my leather shoes at work, charge my phones at my desk, surf the net during my break, and my "other" boss (the CEO -Fiona) teaching me on how to write better. 

I'm thinking and I was like "so this is how real work works," as no more outrageously strict, (and sometimes stupid call center company policies). I work better with music and not just me, but most of the Virtual Assistants are able to work with headsets on playing their favorite music.  

I can post papers, post it notes, inspirational quotes, pictures at my desk which I can't with my previous work. All we can bring was our headset (for taking calls) and spill proof tumbler. I was dumbfounded when I learned we can't even bring blankets in! 

I'm on my first month of work and I'm trying my best to be optimistic/realistic as I can be, but all I can say right now is that, again, I'm not in a perfect company, I don't have a perfect work, and I'm not perfectly happy, but I am partly happy and that's all I care for now. 

In HIS time, when the Universe is ready, I'll be there where I can say, I'm happy again and I don't deserve all of these things. 

my messy station

-vondraye 0123H

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