Monday, February 13, 2017

VA’s are IN (in Cebu)


In the Philippines, Call Centers or BPOs have been bringing in money both for big companies abroad and Filipinos workers as well, however, globalization now introduces a better way for other companies and business to experience the savings that these big companies are getting – Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Assistants are, in a way, taken the employment further than Call Center agents, plus, adding the location of Cebu, it takes a couple of further distance apart from the people of Manila.

How do you feel if your employees look like they just came out of an episode of Walking Dead? The majority of them traveling to work during evenings with all the hundred other people, stuck in traffic, worse if it rains, worst during the holiday season (raining), eating unhealthy food, experiencing sleeping problems, the list seems endless. Many companies try their best to alleviate these by providing shuttle, discounted gym memberships, higher medical insurance, however, this doesn’t generally work, thus business still gets affected, and people nowadays are looking for new ways to earn and ways on how to work “normally” again, Virtual Assistants take it a notch higher for reasons.

One of the predicaments either customers or business owners face is that in call centers, there’s 1 in 1 million to none chance that you’ll be able to reach that person again. Telling the same story again and again and again and again. Since you’re only in touch with specific person or group, VAs have the idea of the whole history of your conversation, issues, problems, solutions that you both talked about.

Cebu may be on the Top 8 list however, many of those who already experienced living (the nightmare) in Manila found solitude and chose to stay in (or went back to)Cebu for a hundred reasons. Expats of big companies did share their stories of being at home and being fond of Cebu more than Manila, their experience on cultural diversity, being one with nature and less pollution makes them see more than what locals see.

Don’t fret the traffic since VA’s aren’t working on a usual 8-5 or 9-6 workforce so your employees are already sitting at their desk working while all the other people-students and other employees are still stuck in traffic. Our location is near, but not in the business district so traffic and pollution are less in our area as well. Opposite timezone? No Problem! We have opened our doors to US clients and while the majority are on their way home, GO-VA employees are passing by the long heavy traffic flow opposite theirs on their way to work. We still have those night owls that are more productive during the night and so we’re here to scout them for you! In addition, unlike the uncanny population in Manila, Cebu’s population is still far away from the busy 2-3 hour travel time to and from work, plus the pollution and smog they inhale every day.

There are call center companies that usually have erratic, if not weekly, monthly changing schedules. Virtual Assistants work as their clients and when they work with their clients real time and work on time sensitive matter.  In addition to that, we also believe in family time- weekends off and having the same schedule- permanently.  Important life events and holidays also play into place as Virtual Assistants spend holidays as their clients’ country. No more staring out the window watching fireworks during New Year or spending Christmas Eve at the office pantry (while your bosses are on leave for a week or two).

The emerging business of Virtual Assistants is on a road rage because people are just tired and stressed of call center work and Virtual Assistants give you the chance to work like a normal day job employee (except for those who still choose the nightshift), but on a global level, competitive tasks, and more than just a job, it’s also a chance to live a normal healthy, happy life as well.


  1. Interesting and very informative topic. Thanks for sharing your ideas, can't wait for another one. Cheers!
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    1. Thank you Prashant for dropping by and you're welcome! Yup, more coming up!