Sunday, January 31, 2010

My small world.

Life is full of ironies, coincidences and all that weird stuff, but one of the things that makes my life interesting (besides all the deja vu I encounter almost everyday), is my "it's a small world" moments.

Small World case #1

Back in 2005, I was a die hard fan of Brent javier, my die hard fan moment was it was our photoshoot for our youth-org in Laguna, and our homebase was in Magdalena, Laguna, it's 15 minutes away from Liliw, Laguna, almost 3 hours away from Manila and I went to Megamall that day just to attend his "meet and greet" courtesy of Watsons. I also intend to meet my friend who was also a brent javier fan that day. So we did, took a picture, and was happy and GAY! haha! I was also active in yahoo groups dedicated for his fans.

Fast Forward.

I am now working with a financial company and in our office, teams and schedule change quarterly. I then was able to team up with this gal whose known for having celebrities for friends, and was an agent of basketball players before. One random day, she stood up and asked me if I'm a member of a yahoo group. I told her before I was active but right now its more on personal yahoo groups(my youth org, and school use). She sat down and that's when it dawned at me, I remembered the name that keeps on replying to the fans/members of brentfans yahoo groups; hers.She was Brent's manager. From then on, we became close and was able to meet some of her other celebrity friends., but not Brent, she's not managing him anymore.

*picture with the idol, and yes, it was a film camera, explaining the bad shot.

Small world case # 2

I'm not a party animal, Im more of a home buddy. I'd rather watch tv, dvd, play games in my pc, rather than go to bars. My ex-housemates would blackmail me to go to one when they go out. It was my 2nd visit to a prominent bar in Makati, this goes way back 2007, and as usual, my insecurities heightened as these cute guys dance and lurk around. Im so not used to cute guys around me. Then, there's this cute Lil boy toy who asked a common friend for us to be introduced. I thought "familiar name." Being the "Dory" (read:short term memory loss) that I am, I just let it pass, I know I've heard/read it somewhere but what the hell. He was really cute! I can't stop smiling just by talking and looking at him! He then invited me to go upstairs to talk. We got into the usual get to know each other kind of conversation. I admired him for being a writer and a UP student, and our conversation went on further and I found out who he was; my eyes widened. shit.


One of the perks of the original guys4men site was the forum. Books, music, sex, travel, etc, almost everything was there, in the book section, I found my group of readers. I'm a light reader and whatever is famous and known to everyone; I read. When I saw that there were lots of gay guys reading the book Orosa Nakpil Malate, I bought one and read it.

Flash forward.

I was talking to louie mar. Louie Mar Gangcuangco.

*do I need to explain further?

Small world moment #3

When I was still in high school, I'm already fond of taking pictures, that's to answer my short term memory loss. I tend to forget lots of things, so I get to keep the memories; with pictures. During my college days, I was lucky to be selected to represent our school for Tambayan-on-Air; a radio program dedicated for the youth where members are composed of SK from all over Laguna, and students from different schools. We had our training in one of the resorts owned by our governor that time. During those times, I had a crush with one of the trainers, a student DevComm student from UPLB let's call him Riggs. He has this curly short hair, boy toy look, and always has a smile in his face.

Fast Forward.

When I started working here in Makati City, a friend of mine helped me out getting a bed space in one of the boarding houses here in the metro. He already told me that we're 6 in the room and 3 of them were old UP students; he didn't tell me "Riggs" was one of them. I was sooooo in heaven seeing him topless once in a while. Heee HEE!!

Small world moment #4

During my college days, I had a love affair, let's name him JELO(not his real name). Every now and then, I'd visit JELO in Sta. Rosa, Laguna where he lives. It was summer vacation so I was able to spend time with him. One fo his friends, Gibz, was honest enough to tell me that JELO, while were "dating" has a bf, I was devastated (the usual, crying over the phone, all and that), and like every gay guy that's been heartbroken, eat sleep and next day, move on.


I was the only lucky (gay)guy in our class to have my internship with Summit Media, under Men's Health Magazine. One of the perks I enjoyed was my first ever photoshoot, and my first will be forever a memorable one. I was able to meet the stylist John, and was actually surpised he's almost as young as me. We talked about things, and when he asked where I came from, I told him I'm from Laguna, he told me his partner during that time was also from Laguna, and yes, you guessed it right; JELO.

Small note on my Small World; The make up artist, SABS(lady beside me), is Champ Lui-Pio's close friend, lead vocalist of the band HALE. They just finished their interview from an MTV show that I forgot.

*My first photoshoot at Men's Health.

Thinking aloud

Life indeed is a "small world," it may hurt, it may be a reason to smile, it may surprise you but these are the little things that makes our life interestingly... SMALL. I believe GOD created these small world moments just to make us smile, because the best way to make us smile is when we're caught off guard, when we're not aware, and the least we expect it. I wonder what's your small world moment...


  1. yes, we really have a small world and these little tidbits just strengthens my opinion. re:louie i haven't read his book but i heard it's really good and he's really young. starstruck! haha

  2. @citybuoy, he already have an english version of the book. hehehe.. yes.. he's really young. hehehe

  3. It's indeed a VERY small world. You know me and I know you. Pakibatukan ang kuya mo. Hehe.*grins*

  4. @ TRistan TAN... HAHAHA!! That made me smile!? Wow! Small world!?

    It's easy, we're almost at the same size imagine!?and salamat sa yoga, kahit 25 na, im still growing up bit by bit. ilang batok ba gusto mo? hahaha!!

  5. Haha. Sssshhh, quiet ka lang. Don't worry, losyang na kuya mo, ikaw na lang... Hehe.