Tuesday, July 20, 2010

casual conversations; family edition; dad's bloopers

Since it was my dad’s birthday last weekend, I would like to dedicate this post for him.

I’m not really close to my family, most especially to my dad, probably since growing up, I was more close to my grandma, sister and mom, more fond with my girl cousins and aunts. He doesn’t know my favorite food, he doesn’t even know my age at times, or probably I’m being over melo dramatic. What can I say?! I'm his gay son. Hehehe…

My dad grew up on a rice farm, at the back end of San Miguel, Bulacan, literally at the boundary between Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. He was the youngest of the 13, and the most successful of them too, (and yes, I have 12 uncles and aunts) that’s why he “thinks” that he’s always right, probably that’s another reason why we weren’t close; we’re bound by our differences and opinions.

I’d like to share those moments that he really made us(or rather me) smile, despite of his serious aura, he can as funny as (and since he looks like) Jimmy Santos.

When I was a kid, we are to drink 1 big can of Bear Brand milk everyday; that's your key to get out of the house, unless you drink your milk, you can't get out of the house. My dad too, drinks with me and my siblings. One morning,

Dad: Kuha mo nga ako nung teddy bear...

ME : Anong Teddy Bear?

Dad: Ikuha mo ako nung may teddy bear sa kusina...

ME: Bakit naman sa kusina, wala naman teddy bear 'dun?!

Dad: Yung iniinom! ?
*Mom just went out of the kitchen with the brand of milk with a bear as their logo.

Dad: Eto o!?


One of the things I loved to do were read books, during my high school years when I have my allowance made it more addicting, since I have the financial power to buy me one. It was more exciting especially when my cousins in the U.S. sent me Chicken Soup for the soul series. After my 1st year in college at UPLB, I need to transfer to another school. Dad was upset that I have to transfer again, plus it was a private school so the tuition was like 7x with my tution in UPLB. He was driving us homeward bound when he was giving me a sermon when,

DAD: ang mahal mahal ng tuition mo, ang gastos gastos mo pa, bumili ka pa ng recipe book na pagkamahal mahal, 'di mo naman ginagamit!? (He's really upset here,you know)

*I can remember buying a recipe book, becuase during those times, I wanted to learn cooking, the book costs around 60php.

ME: Eh mura lang naman 'yung book, 60php lang yun.

DAD: Anong 60pesos!? 'Yung 700 pesos na book?! 'Di mo naman nagagamit!?

ME: Alin? 'Yung Chicken Soup?

DAD: OO!? Ang mahal mahal nun di ka naman natututong magluto?!

ME: ...

When we were younger (elementary days younger) there are times when dad will get so mad of all of us getting in trouble, we’ll have this “family meeting,” me, my older sister, eldest brother and mom will gather all our list of naughty, bad and wrong doings and that’s the time we’ll either get spanked or just a long sermon, depends on the gravity of the mistake. One night,

DAD: Nagpapaka hirap akong pag aralin kayo, para naman wala kayong natututunan… Para kayong di tinuturuan ng Good Conduct and Right Manners!?

*Seriously, even mom who was red mad laughed her heart out, my sister who was also mad with my older brother need to keep herself standing and hold to him since they were really laughing out hard.

Other than those top three, we still have our mini moments and "awwww" moments with dad.

Right now, we're better, (and kinda closer) that I'm not living there anymore, that we were able to buy our own place, that I was able to provide for myself, or is it because I have a gorgeous husband they think is just my buddy buddy?




  2. @Pipo, hahaha!! Ano kaya definition mo ng cute?! Hehehe

    @ Jinjiruks, tnt<---ayan, nagagamit ko na tuloy.