Friday, July 9, 2010

What happened?!

Haven't blogged for the longest time.

So here's what happened in Glee, errr... with me...

Two weekends ago, there was our GAWAD General Assembly and that's where my busy weekend started. After an overnight swimming and catching up, I went straight to St. Therese church in UPLB to thank HIM. I then went home and found the cutest thing in the world; puppies! My aunt gave us one and she was named Princess, though, they ought to change that since one of our niece' name (from my father side)is the same. I suggested to name her Duchess.
I then surfed the net since I haven't checked my mails and thingies for the longest time. It was really hot that morning until after lunch, I was sitting in my bed and felt sleepy. I then went to sleep around 2pm and woke up around 5 since it was raining. I woke up around 11pm since it was then too cold, that my throat was already dry; and I was coughing. Damn, it was like the whole year's weather in one day. My brother who was on his way back to Subic, gave me a ride until Makati, and that's where I kept on sneezing and coughing.


That week was also stressfully sick. There were some updates from work so from our usual 100 accounts per day, we got to work 300+ worked accounts on a Monday shift. Then, come Wednesday, I have to go back to Los Banos, Laguna again since we have a little reunion; my cousin from the US. Since I didn't and wasn't able to file any leave that day, I still have to go to work that night. What killed me more was I found out that the puppy was gone. That Wednesday morning, Duchess was gone. Damn, I was really sad since I wanted to play with her some more...

The week passed and the week's highlight was when husband and I went to Resorts World that Sunday morning and ate our hearts out at their buffet breakfast. It was actually nice since the membership is "free," you just have to register on their online website and go there with your valid government issued ID and presto! You have your membership ID! It comes with two coupons; discount at their buffet breakfast at 88php (exclusive of tax) plus free 100php tokens for slut errr.. slot machines. I lost 200, husband won XXXX php. hehehe.. We then went to Megamall to check out the sale. Damn sale! I was forced to buy glasses, and oven toaster. We dropped by CDR King as well to buy my netbook keyboard protector and fan, and we decided to buy a Vision Board, so we could post what we want to have; The Secret. We went home, he took a nap since he still have work that night while I prepare for MCC mass.

This week was pretty boring since nothing much happened. Since I wasn't able to work out last week due to my cough and colds, I started my Monday with a work out and I mean work out! Husband and I also decided to visit the new gym I was eyeing here in Pasig; the 24/7 Eclipse Gym.

Tomorrow, I'm excited to attend the Threesome; Book Launch of my favorite bloggerettes! too bad husband needs to go to work. pft.


  1. ang cute naman ni duchess. tuluyan na ba siyang nawala? sayang naman.

  2. @Nimmy, pumunta ka ba?parang di kita nakita...

    @Aris, thanks, she is really...REALLY cute... sana lang bumalik sya, di pa nagtetext eh.

  3. may pictures ka ba nung launch? wala akong mahanap eh. or bawal ba kumuha ng pictures?

  4. Hey I was there. I didn't meet you though.

  5. @EX Jason, check my multiply acct. same username.

    @Red the mod. Talaga? Tsk, sayang di kita nameet.

  6. i saw you! ata. hihi

    you were wearing a black polo shirt. tapos nung binuksan nila ung projector, you moved kasi nasa face mo ung image.