Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Series of Unfortunate Events;on a Weekend

I don’t know if it was due to the stressful Saturday morning of me arranging the training I’ll be holding for my team, or just the lack of sleep the day before, but the weekend just passed really was a total epic fail (and now, included were today’s series of unfortunate events).

I went to the gym to work out and was able to work out more than my usual routine. I was really happy since the “pan de sal” is starting to show, so happy, I took some pictures! I created a theme, geeky hunk (I was wearing glasses while taking the pictures), but I can’t post the pictures, tell you later why. I then met husband after that and decided to eat lunch. We were talking and suddenly, he had a mental block which made me red mad; he forgot where we celebrated/ate after our blessing last year.

We, or rather, I was trying to cool down so we went to Timezone since they were offering 100php for 50php only! So we killed time at this new game (Egyptian themed shooting game) WE took pictures however, I won’t be able to post it here, I’ll tell you why; later.

We then watched The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, I didn’t enjoy the movie that much, and husband loved it, we went out and was surprised to see that it was raining hard. Riding the MRT, I first checked my pockets if everything is complete; wallet-check, sun phone-check, globe phone-check, coin purse-check, Zoden-check. So we squeezed our way in and checked my things again, this time, I just told him “SUN ko” (my sun). Husband thought that I still have my sun, so he was calm, but I reiterated that I “lost” my sun, he kinda panicked. I told him to calm down since we’re inside the MRT. I checked my other pockets and it seems that “snatcher” doesn’t have enough money to go home; he included my coin purse.

I then sent an sms to Migs that I won’t be able to attend his party, I really felt bad, I wanted to go but due to the circumstances of what happened, I don’t think I’ll be able to go, all my energy level went down because of that. I just slept it off and woke up early the next day for my dad’s birthday celebration.

Sunday morning, I snuggled husband to go with me and eat breakfast at KFC at Buendia before I ride the bus to Laguna, add up to the misfortunate events; we ended up fighting and so I waited for him to finish his food, and me, hungry like a gay bear, just went to the bus and experienced the excruciating hunger, not being able to sleep, and feeling very cold and down. After I arrived, good thing my beloved (future) sister in law was there to give me a very bright welcome hug and an enlightening beso. She decided to go with me to church Sunday morning, and after the mass, we went to our local town mall since mom asked us to buy some groceries and I ended up buying ice cream too!We then went to Sun shop to block the number(since mine was on postpaid) and apparently, some stupid agent created another account under my name, and when they pulled up the phone number information, it was still under my dad’s name, plus, who created the rule that nobody else except the owner can call in and block the number… Seriously, it was just a request to block the number!? How can I call them since I don’t have a phone!? I don’t want to argue with them anymore, so they blocked it and I told them that I’ll just be requesting a new SIM once I have a new phone. This is a sign for me to buy a new phone, and that is why I won’t be able to share the pictures I took. We went home, enjoyed dad’s birthday party, went back to Manila with brother and future sister in law, and they visited our new place.
They were happy to see husband and the new place too!

It was quite early, so I still have time to catch the MCC mass as well. On my way there, my rubber shoes soles were already tearing down so I decided to go down at SM Savemore near Mantrade MRT Station to buy some sandals. After I went down to Evangelista, a lady told me I dropped something; my sandals. I went back and good thing I found it nearly taken by someone else. Glad I reached the church safe and sound. After the mass, they feast on the macaroni salad and pansit palabok I brought them, and they were all happy, though, I’m particularly happy since I saw my favorite lesbian couple Sam and Crissy were there! They’re both equally cute, beautiful, goddess-muse like kind of beautiful! We all went home and this, time I was happy that the weekend just ended.

Or so I thought…

On my first day at work, I thought I already got used to receiving escalation; apparently not. There are times when you just feel THE stress, I ended up with a very stressful day, good thing I was meeting husband for breakfast. We went home and slept. Tuesday, another escalation, plus the room I reserved for the training I am conducting was also reserved for training. I was so upset that I just conducted the training using one of my colleague’s computer. I ate my lunch and now, I’m too tired and stressed to give my 100% energy to work.

I’ll just have to mantra this out…

WuuuSsaa!!!! Happy Thoughts… Happy Thoughts… Happy Thoughts…


  1. @Felipe, I know, I was soooooo pissed I wasn't able to attend Migs' party.

  2. those things really happen. good thing you're safe. :)

  3. @Leo, thanks... hehe..
    naiinis lang ako kasi sayang ang pictures ko na nasa Micro SD!